Who is Garand Thumb? Age, Relationship, Career

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If you are a firearm enthusiast, you may have heard about Garand Thumb or watched one of his videos. Officially known as Mike Jones, Garand Thumb is a popular YouTuber, firearm enthusiast, and social media influencer commanding a significant online following. Garand has over 2.8 million YouTube followers, with most of his videos garnering over 1 million views. He uses his platform to educate, engage with and entertain his ardent followers, with most of his videos focusing on combat training, tactical gear, and firearms.

Garand Thumb’s Age And Early Life

Despite his success, Garand is quite young. Several sources reveal that he was born in April 1986 in Tacoma, United States, and later moved to Virginia, which remains his residence. According to Jones, he was interested in firearms from a young age, focusing most of his time hunting and shooting on their family property. It doesn’t, therefore, come as a shocker that he chose his current path.

Garand Thumb’s Career (Military, Social Media, Collaboration)

After attending college, Garand joined the military, acquiring vast firearm and combat training skills. He thrived in the military, moving from a foot soldier to a Special Operations Medic. Garand has never shied away from discussing how his times and experiences in the military helped shape his firearm and self-defence approach, allowing his followers to enjoy quality firearms and tactical training discussions. He started his flourishing YouTube channel in 2006, posting videos on various firearm-related topics.

Garand has become a popular firearm and combat training YouTuber because of his ability to explain technical information in an easy-to-understand language, evident from his videos focusing on shooting techniques, product reviews, safety tips, and other topics. Most of his followers also appreciate his humour, which makes his videos engaging and entertaining. He also enjoys a vast following on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where just like YouTube, he talks about gun-related topics, current events, and tactical gear.

The thumb is also an influencer. Over the years, he has promoted the products of companies such as Black Coffee Rifle Company, Trex Arms, and Brownells. Lastly, he has appeared in famous podcasts and radio shows where he does what he is best known for- discussing military training and firearm-related topics.

Garand Thumb’s Relationships

Garand Thumb is married to his long-term girlfriend, Ashley Jones. Some online websites indicate that Ashley’s father is called Travis Haley. It’s rumoured that Garand met Ashley, who is also a firearms enthusiast while serving in the military.

Garand Thumb’s Family Life: Garand Thumb is a married man. He also has kids and is close to his mother, going by his Instagram posts.

Garand Thumb’s Milestones And Achievements

Garand has had a successful career as a military man and on YouTube. He started as an infantryman and retired as a special operations medic, which is no mean feat. He has also greatly impacted the firearm community, which we cannot ignore. His videos have educated millions of firearm enthusiasts on different rifles and guns. He has also entertained millions thanks to his humour. It’s, therefore, not a coincidence that many people look up to Garand for advice on tactical gear and firearms.

Jones has also educated many people on firearm safety, a topic he constantly stresses. Most of his videos talk about responsible firearm use and ownership, with some rebuking the myths and misinformation about firearms. You won’t miss Thumb calling for his followers to observe the safe handling and use of firearms in his videos.

It’s, therefore, safe to say that one of Garand’s greatest achievements is to bring firearms to the masses thanks to his vast military knowledge. He still champions responsible forearms use and has touched the lives of millions in the firearms community.

Garand Thumb’s Personal Firearms Collection

We expect you to be interested in Garand’s firearm collections, given his love for guns and combat training. He doesn’t disappoint, as he is known for his impressive firearm collection, which he normally shows in his videos while discussing their histories and features. Above all, it’s not a secret that Garand prefers the M1 Garand rifle, which is evident from his online name- Garand. The M1 rifle was named after its founder, John Garand, who died at 88. Visit Garand Thumb’s YouTube channel to see some of his firearms and choose the ones you’d prefer to have in your collection. You will also obtain in-depth information about guns to help you decide on the best ones.

Garand Thumb’s Political Beliefs

Gun law(s) is a sensitive topic in the United States, with a faction calling for restrictions while others insist that American gun laws shouldn’t be tampered with. As a firearms enthusiast, Garand has been vocal about his stance regarding gun laws. He supports the second amendment, which confers on people the right to keep and bear firearms. He is among the many US citizens who have viciously criticized efforts to restrict firearm use and ownership.


Garand Thumb, officially known as Mike Jones, is one of the most respected voices in the online firearms community. He has helped to educate millions of gun enthusiasts on gun-related issues using his engaging videos and hard-to-ignore social media presence. Look up his YouTube channel if you are a gun lover looking for information. Also, continue reading our articles to learn more about your favourite online star.


1. Does Garand Thumb Have Any Military Experience?

Yes. Garand Thumb served in the military, which he credits for his vast firearms and self-defence knowledge. He gained his firearms expertise and tactical training skills while serving in the military. He discusses his military experiences in his videos and how they helped him sharpen his firearms and self-defence knowledge. You can find such videos on his YouTube channel.

2. Is Garand Thumb Involved With Any Charity Group or Work?

Even though Garand Thumb uses his platform to inform millions about the safe usage and operation of firearms, he is still involved in several charities. First, this firearm YouTuber uses his YouTube channel to inform millions of followers of different charity initiatives, helping organizations raise funds through awareness. Ha has also supported the Navy SEAL Foundation and Special Operations Warrior Foundation, helping them offer support and assistance to military personnel and their various family members.

3. Has Garand Worked With Law Enforcement Agencies in the Past?

First, Garand is a military personnel and was an infantryman before becoming a special operations medic. He, therefore, works with the army to help keep the country safe. Garand has also collaborated with law enforcement agencies, using his firearm and tactical training knowledge to train officers. He has also discussed the role of firearms in law enforcement in different podcasts and radio shows.

4. Is Garand a Political Person?

Even though Garand prefers to keep off politics (he once acknowledged this in a social media post), he has been pretty vocal about his support for the second amendment, which confers gun ownership and usage rights to American citizens. He has never shied away from discussing his views on gun control laws and has consistently criticized efforts to restrict firearm use and ownership. All in all, he still champions safe firearm handling and use on his YouTube channel.

5. Does Garand Offer Any Training Courses?

Garand offers both online (on his YouTube channel) and offline training courses (in-person). Some topics covered include firearm safety, tactical training, and marksmanship, which are essential for effective firearm handling and usage. His courses are part of the reasons he is quite popular among firearm enthusiasts.