Who Is Ennard? Everything You Need To Know

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The genuine enemy of Sister Location and a significant nemesis in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator is Ennard, better known as Molten Freddy in FNaF 6. Circus Baby transforms into Ennard by using the Main Control Module’s mask (which is clear from the module’s removal in Night 5) and joining her endoskeleton to the other animatronics’ to help them all escape the facility. Ennard’s strategy was to dismember and scoop the player using the scooper, then use the body as a disguise to leave the facility.

Ennard Appearance

Ennard is a cross between Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Baby, and Ballora. Prominent cables mar the appearance of its body. It is unlike the others in that it has no suit. Instead, it is in a mask, a striped green and yellow party hat, and a red button on its breast that is similar to Balloon Boy/Nightmare Fredbear, with the wires around it resembling a clown’s bow. When compared to the others, which have wires coiled to resemble muscle tissue, Ennard’s hanging wires are curved differently and are a tangled mess.

Moreover, Ennard appears to be much bigger and thicker than typical animatronics. Like Ballora, it has pointed teeth and blue eyes. Ennard’s right eye is useless because wires are wrapped around it. Ennard’s head also has an eye that is dangling off of it. Ennard’s ears are prominently displayed during the Real and Fake Endings, although the mask in the Main Control Module oddly lacks them. To make Ennard’s original disguise resemble a human, he probably cut the ears off the blinking faces shown on the wall’s left side. Ears folded under the mask are another possibility.

Ennard is mostly seen wearing the white prop mask from a Primary Control Module, which has four face plates, even though it does not have a suit to conceal its endoskeleton. Ennard was made out of all animatronics’ endoskeletons because several of the eyeballs protruding from its body are those of the other animatronics. Ennard’s body has eyes that resemble the pixelated Ennard version that the player (Michael Afton) spits out. The number of eyebrows on Ennard varies across all of its appearances, from two in the Main Control Module to none in the fake end and just one in the extras menu.

  • Funtime Foxy has an orange-yellow eye on her right bicep.
  • Circus Baby’s green eye is on the lower part of Ennard’s left thigh.
  • Ennard’s left side has a pink eye that belongs to Bon-Bon.
  • Funtime Freddy is the owner of the blue eye, which hangs from Ennard’s right side of the skull and the blue eye positioned in its left eye socket.
  • In True Ending, Ballora is the one with the purple eyes.

The animatronic endoskeleton that makes up each portion of Ennard’s body may be glancing at Ennard’s body.

  • Funtime Legs are made up of foxy.
  • The lower body and head are made of ballerina.
  • Funtime arms are made up of Freddy.
  • The chest is made up of Circus Baby.

1. Whom Does Ennard Possess?

After Night 5, Ennard became an endoskeleton and housed several Sister Location animatronics inside of him.

2. Ennard Is Intended To Be What?

The warped synthesis of all the animatronics of Circus Baby’s Pizza World is Ennard. As the ultimate opponent, it debuted in Five Nights at Freddy’s – Sister Location.

3. What Elements Makeup Ennard?

Bon-Bon, Funtime Freddy, Circus Baby, Funtime Foxy, and Ballora are some of the Funtime Animatronics combined to become Ennard.

4. Is Ennard A Man Or A Woman?

Ennard is referred to with male pronouns in Ultimate Custom Night, indicating that it is a guy. Ennard, however, might be male and female or not have a gender because all animatronics have their gender.

Ennard Backstory

A hybrid animatronic named Ennard was made by Funtime Animatronics to escape Circus Baby’s Entertainment & Rental. However, as Ennard mentioned in Night 5 (Real Ending), they were apprehended, disassembled, and placed back until Eggs Benedict arrived at the underground facility. Because of Ennard’s teaser line, “There’s a little of me in everybody,” hypothesized that he was initially a single animatronic that was deformed to create the other animatronics, which would explain why Ennard’s actual body is formed up of the other animatronics parts.

Ennard History

1. Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location

Ennard is hostile if specific conditions are met and only appears on Night 5.

2. Parts/Service

If the player modifies the game to remove or reduce Baby’s sprite in the Parts/Service menu, they will see Ennard’s entire body (without the mask) waving slightly, behind Baby in Night 5. Ennard vanishes from the flashlight as Baby is in the scooping room.

3. Real/Bad Ending

It can be viewed through the Scooping Room’s window after Night 5. Circus Baby, which has evolved into Ennard after being combined with the other animatronics, tells the player that it doesn’t intend to injure them and needs its body to carry out its strategy and leave the facility. It starts the scooper, which rips the protagonist’s insides out. The player then opens their eyes to see Ennard’s purple iris, signalling the completion of their plot, in a sequence that shows the player as Ennard in silhouette standing in the bathroom mirror. They then control Michael Afton’s body until the fifth cut scene in the customary night, when Michael spits Ennard into the sewer.

4. Fake/Good Ending

The player enters the Private Room in the hidden Fake End, where the HandyUnit informs them that they will be immediately dismissed and rescued by staff. Using techniques from the original Five Nights (i.e., the FNaF game), the player must fend off Ennard until six in the morning: Three doors—one on the wall vent above them, one to their left, and right—along with the original camera system for monitoring Ennard’s movements and limited electricity for administration were also present. The room’s top-centre vent resemblance to the scene from the second episode of the series. Ennard will attempt to access the Private Room by three doors, moving slowly but then picking up speed as the in-game hours go by.

Ennard’s voice emanating from Circus Baby can be heard begging the player to allow them to carry out their plan and mocking them during the evening. There is a period in the night when you hear the young girl who speaks every night before bed. It’s noteworthy that Ennard has Baby’s green eye in the ending. The final episode of the television series “The Immortal and the Restless” is shown in a cut scene. Michael is watching it. Ennard is seen moving the victim’s body over from where Michael is seated a few seconds after the show has ended on the room’s right side.

5. Custom Night

Michael Afton sits on the ground dead after vomiting the robotic components that belonged to Ennard. The voice of Circus Baby may then be saying “You won’t die” repeatedly. While Ennard’s eyeballs all appear in the sewer, Michael stands up, his skin now having turned purple.

Simulator Of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria

Ennard subsequently changes into Molten Freddy, with Funtime Freddy in charge after Baby separates from Ennard and goes independent, earning the name Scrap Baby.

Ultimate Custom Night

In Ultimate Custom Night, Ennard is back as one of the many characters that can be chosen. Ennard enters the vent system as Springtrap, Molten Freddy, Withered Chica, and Mangle. But, it is hard to follow because it moves quickly and seldom shows up. The creature hides in the vent entrance where it cannot be seen, but before attacking it makes a squeaking noise. The player must close the vent door to succeed. Ennard will reappear at the vent’s beginning, where its behaviour resets, whenever they hear a thud.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Vr – Help Wanted

Ennard makes a second appearance as an adversary. It occurs in the level of Vent Repair, where the player must defend against it while fixing the vents in various levels’ portions. The player kills Ennard by setting it on fire, then exits. After the player exits the level in Blacklight Mode, Ennard unexpectedly reappears and surprises them, revealing the survival of fire. In the Pizza Party level, Ennard can also be seen coming out of an elevator into a room of Night Terrors. If the player takes too long to exit the room, it will startle them.


Circus Baby transforms into Ennard. Although Ennard doesn’t appear until Night 5 of the main game, its mask is absent that night since Ennard stole it. Ennard is a combination of “endoskeleton” and “innards,” as in True Ending, Ennard scoops out the protagonist’s insides and takes over his body. The possibility of Ennard’s mask changing to Funtime Lolbit’s visage is remote. Except for Springtrap, Ennard is one of only four animatronics in FNaF: SL to lack pink cheeks. Ennard is similar to the Viral character Code from Scott Cawthon’s The Desolate Room. Ballora and Bidybab are two other animatronics that lacks analogues, along with Ennard.