Who is Everleigh Rose Real Dad (He Died Unexpectedly at 29)

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My nephew is blessed to have two fantastic father figures in his life. People might see it badly and even question the biological father. Well talking about it, this situation is similar to Everleigh Rose Real Dad.

Do you know who she is? or Who is Everleigh Rose Real Dad? Well, then let gossip about it and find out all the secrets.

Her Father’s name is Tommy Smith.

Who is Everleigh Rose Real Dad

Now here comes the time to unravel the most burning question of the hour Who is Everleigh Rose Real Dad. Well, without much further due, let’s do it.

Her biological father’s name is Tommy Smith. Despite him having a rocky relationship with Savannah. Moving from the past, both parents maintain a friendly relationship for the sake of their child.

He is very involved in Everleigh’s life, And he was seen spending quality time with that little kiddo. 

Everleigh Rose Real Dad Tommy Smith Death

It was a warm day when Tommy Smith passed away confirmed by her current girlfriend “Courtney Santaella”. The young father had just celebrated his 29th birthday. His daughter, Everleigh Rose, was only 9 years old. Tommy was Savannah’s ex-boyfriend and the two were highly careful about their daughter.

Tommy’s death came as a shock to everyone who knew him. He was always so full of life and always had a smile on his face. He was an amazing father and loved Everleigh more than anything in the world.

Savannah is struggling to cope with the loss of her daughter’s father and best friend. She is trying to be strong for Everleigh, but it is hard. She knows that she has to be there for her daughter, but it is hard to do when she is feeling so much pain herself.

Tommy’s cause of death is not clear yet but people are guessing Smith may have suffered a fentanyl-induced seizure based on a post from his friend.

We extend our deepest sympathies to his family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Nitty Gritty detail about Tommy Smith

Who is Everleigh Rose Real Dad
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As we all now know that he is Everleigh’s father. I am sure it won’t be wrong to know a little about him too, aside from his identity of being the father of a famous toddler.

Tommy was born on March 5, 1993, in the USA. He has an older sister named Amber Smith. Tommy is currently working for Inter-Sky, a company that deals with engineering and construction. And lastly, he is dating Courtney Santaella.

Who is Everleigh Rose Soutas

let’s know about Everleigh. She is a beautiful and talented child fashionista on Instagram, which is run by her mom Savannah LaBrant and has whipping followers of 5 million.

The fame of the little beauty doesn’t end here. 

She also has a TikTok account and another Instagram account with her best friend, Ava Foley. 

A box of Talent

Our little Everleigh is not like an ordinary kid. She is highly talented also made quite a name in the virtual world.  

She started her model career with her mom when she was only eight months old. By seeing those photographs, anyone can tell that she was born to rule the cameras. And enchant the world with her beauty.

Besides, she is often seen clicking pictures with her best friend, Ava Foley. Apart from being a style and fashion diva, she also started taking a dance class in which she is also good. This girl is a gem, no doubt. 

Her Achievements

For a little girl, she has achieved quite a lot, and that is very praiseworthy. So let’s take a look into the achievements of the shining little star. 

Everleigh made her first television debut in The Ellen DeGeneres show in 2014. She appeared in Vogue Australia and was featured in the campaign for the Kardashian kids. 

Aside from her family’s YouTube channel “LaBrant FAM,” she opened her entitled channel on April 4, 2016, with a 3.45million subscribers. Salute to the little kiddo.

Savannah’s past and Everleigh’s birth

Savannah gave birth to Everleigh on Dec 14, 2012, in Orange County, California. Savannah was only 19 years old when they gave birth, and she had to go through many hurdles and emotional stress throughout the whole pregnancy.  

Everleigh’s biological father didn’t play an active role throughout the pregnancy, and instead, he kept on cheating on her several times. But after all this, she kept trying very hard to stick together. But in the end, she called it quits. 

The reason she stated this kind of behavior is her mom. Savannah has seen her mother doing the same thing with her dad. But thankfully, she came out of this darkness. And is happily married to Cole LaBrant. 

LaBrant Family receiving hate from TikTok fans

Tommy has opened a TikTok account. He has been posting fun and straightforward, loving videos of his daughter and girlfriend together. Well, on one side, people appreciate and love it. And on the other side, they hate the LaBrant family.

Some are saying that she is more delightful with her bio dad than her stepfamily or dad. So when in a video it was asked by Savannah to Everleigh that is she happy having two dads? Well, the little sweetie said so innocently that she is comfortable having two dads. And both of them are equally amazing and love her so much. Hopefully, they will stop this nonsense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know the big scoop of gossip regarding Who is Everleigh Rose Real Dad. You guys must have questions regarding and her famous family.

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding Everleigh and the LaBrant family. Hopefully, the answer pleases you.

Does Everleigh visit her real dad?

Yes, she spends quality time with him.

Is ColeLaBrant adopted?

Yes, he is adopted.

Who is Chantelle Paige?

She is the sister of Savannah Soutas.

Does Cole LaBrant have siblings?

Yes, he does.

How old is Everleigh Rose Labrant 2021

9 years old.

Everleigh Rose Net Worth

Around $2 Million.

Everleigh Rose Full Name

Everleigh Rose Soutas