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Other kids used to spend most of their time in video games, cartoons, sports, and many different kinds of stuff; I used to devote my entire childhood spending numerous times on comedy shows.
Whenever I visit my mom’s house, I stare at those CDs I bought to keep some standup comedy shows on my backpack. I was a massive fan of Lester Green; he is why I took my career turn by becoming a comedian.

You guys may not recognize him; let me rephrase that with a question. Tell me, who is Beetlejuice? With some of the imaginative cheers I am hearing right now, I will take those cheers as positive energy and elaborate my childhood hero from top to bottom.

Who is Beetlejuice

Lester Green was born on June 2, 1968, and is better known as Beetlejuice, his stage name. From an early age, he devoted his life to comedy, and today, he is a famous American comedian and a member of The Howard Stern Show’s Wack Pack.

He showed signs of dwarfism and microcephaly from his childhood, resulting in a general learning disability. As the word goes, talent does not stop in sudden boundaries; he is still the most famous Wack Packer of all time.

Lester Green Becoming Famous Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice’s career took a significant turn when he and Sean engaged in Bar chitchats. At one moment, Sean voluntarily wanted to become his assistant for the late-night comedy shows.

For a short period, Beetlejuice worked as a wrestler in World Wrestling Championships, and he was very good at it. But he was bullied most of the time for being a dwarf and quit to focus on this career of becoming a famous comedian.

After his phenomenal performance at Howard’s Stern Show, Stern took an interest in Beetlejuice, invited him to the stardom, and declared him as ‘once in a lifetime guest.’

Beetlejuice would later appear on the show several times and become one of Stern’s most famous guests. Considering his notoriety, some have criticized Beetlejuice’s appearances on the show, believing that Stern exploits people with developmental disabilities.

The Famous Comedian Entering Hollywood

Who is Beetlejuice
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All these notable appearances in the reality show made the directors think, why not let people know who is Beetlejuice? His fame gave him a part in the Scary Movies 2 and Bubble Roy.

He had a performance in the music video for rapper N.O.R.E.’s song “Grimey” in 2002. In December 2004, he wrote some lines in the studio on the spur of the moment, which eventually turned into the single ‘This Is Beetle’ by Stern’s show producer, Richard Christy.

He returned to the show in subsequent years, and in 2009, he was given his show, ‘This is Beetle,’ which detailed his daily challenges because of his celebrity and handicap.

Career After the Peak Moment

After a triumphant season finale of ‘The Beetle,’ Beetlejuice came to star in more movies such as ‘Girl Gone Dead’ and many more. He also returned to Howard Stern’s show but too much long appearances before killed the hype of Beetlejuice’s return.

Later, he left the show and debuted on ‘The Killers of Comedy tour, which lasted until 2015. Beetlejuice returned to the Howard’s during midyear to receive its Best Wack Packer award.

He has recently shifted his focus to generating money through his website ‘jollydwarf.com,’ where he and his friends can be hired for bachelor parties, as well as dwarf throwing, boxing, bowling, and bartending.

Depressing but Fun Facts About Beetlejuice

On Howard’s show, Beetlejuice explained the mystery behind this name when he played a part in dwarf-tossing while growing up in Marion Garden Projects in Jersey City.

Followed by the release of the 1988 Michael Keaton film ‘Beetlejuice,’ the neighborhood kids often tormented him by comparing him with the character whose head got shrunk by some black magic.

Poor Green was strong and patient. He took this matter by himself, converting all those negative energies into positive ones, and look how much he had accomplished today.

Beetlejuice competed in amateur boxing contests with other little people over his career, such as in 2005 when he faced “The Toad.” Beetlejuice participated in a “Beetlejuice for Senate” parody campaign prepared for the Howard Stern show during the 2000 United States Senate election. In the advertisement, he expressed his positions on abortion, taxes, education, and drugs.

I will ask again, who is Beetlejuice? The answer is that he is a famous dwarf!

The Relationship Status of Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice had an affair with a woman named Puerto Rican while appearing in Howard’s show. He even introduced her as ‘Babyjuice,’ and rumor has that they dated for six months before getting married.

But unfortunately, the marriage eventually ended up in divorce after four months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where was the origin of Beetlejuice?

Lester Green, aka Beetlejuice, was born in Brown Mills, New Jersey, in the United States of America.

Who was Beetlejuice’s father, and was he a dwarf-like him?

Beetlejuice’s father’s name is Christopher Plaid, and he did not have any dwarf syndrome. It is an entirely genetic disorder that can appear at any branch of the tree family.

How much is Beetlejuice’s net worth right now?

Beetlejuice is an American comedian who, throughout his career, had many ups and downs in terms of his financial aids. But, to this day, his net worth is about 200 thousand dollars on average.

Is the show ‘The Beetles’ still available?

As the show was from a long time ago, a good quality picture will be tough to get. But, with some online search, you can end up nonstop laughing. As the word goes, “Old is Gold!”

Who is the current wife of Beetlejuice?

After his first marriage flowed down the drain, Beetlejuice later married Geena Davis, aka Barbara Maitland, a successful film director.