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If you are a supercar lover, you must have explored the car-driving shows on YouTube. Among many, you surely have gone through shows from the famous YouTube star Randy Tillim under the channel Savage Garage. Unfortunately, the crazy car lover and expert lost his life in 2022. It is such a devastating loss to the exotic car business.

Known popularly for his exotic car collection, Randy’s untimely death at the edge of his career is one of the recent tragedies to hit the supercar community.

People are becoming interested in the death story and the circumstances surrounding it. We have listed all the relevant information that will help clarify the information regarding the Randy Savage Garage. Scroll down to learn about the relevant details and facts about Randy Tillim. 

Who Was Randy Tillim From The Savage Garage?

Randy Tillim was a car enthusiast, a famous YouTuber, and a successful entrepreneur. He was a 51-year-old businessman who made a name for himself by running his YouTube channel- “Savage Garage.” According to sources, he lost his life in a tragic car accident.

Randy’ Savage’ Tillim was a master of all trades but was famous for hosting videos on his Savage Garage YouTube channel.

He was a graduate of the Executive Leadership Program at Harvard University. He was well-known for his enthusiasm for racing and high-speed automobiles.

He has a lifelong Fascination for Super Cars. He was best known for his obsession and passion for cars and all things high-velocity. He shared his love and knowledge of cars on his YouTube channel Savage Garage, where he posted videos taking supercars out for a drive and funny videos about old and broken-down vehicles.

His business accomplishments and position as a top executive at CLARUS Merchant gained him much attention. He was a major moneymaker who accumulated a significant fortune before his demise.

He enjoyed a large fan base in nations like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Australia.

NAMERandy Tillim
PROFESSIONYouTube CEO and Founder of Clarus Merchant Services
EDUCATIONBachelor’s Degree in Business Administration Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance and Economics
DEATH15, April 2022
WIFEAna Maria

Randy Tillim Education

Randy was a Harvard Graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration and a master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Economics.

Randy Tillim Career

Randy Trillium was a die-hard car enthusiast popularly known for his work as the host of the popular YouTube channel Savage Garage. He has crossed over 628,000 members, making him a household name among auto enthusiasts.

Besides being a popular internet figure, he was also the CEO and Founder of Clarus Merchant Services (a successful payment solutions company), which he established in 1999.

He created the company after facing difficulties with payment processing as a restaurant owner. According to the information on the website, The Harvard-educated personnel was also an investor and a business partner in the automotive rental firm Go Exotics which services the areas of Washington DC, Miami, Maryland, and Virginia. In one of his videos, he also revealed that he was an executive chef.

He often speaks at partner events and conferences, including the Electronic Transaction Association conference in Washington, D.C.

Randy, a genuine auto enthusiast, routinely recorded movies of his most recent outings with buddies. His ability to capture the most recent events at Savage Garage and his pleasant personality and enthusiastic presentation helped him gain thousands of followers.

The most promising aspect of his personality is his role as a YouTuber star, automotive lover, and the creator of Savage Garage.

Randy Tillim – Savage Garage.

Savage Garage is the name of Randy Tillim YouTube channel. This channel has more than 627K followers and is quite well-liked among enthusiasts of motor vehicles. On April 9, 2019, Randy started Savage Garage, his first YouTube channel devoted to cars and vehicles.

He regularly broadcast videos where he has seen driving supercars and spoke about his collection of cars, viewed by thousands of his followers and car lovers.

He featured all manner of exotic cars on the channel. The company owner and YouTuber skyrocketed to fame with a series of casual videos demonstrating his experiences with car tuning and rallying scenes.

He collaborated with many creators in the car space, such as Alex Choi. His acquaintances were also GloZell Green, Mama Rug, Papa Rug, and Sandra Lee.

Rally Tillim’s Net Worth

According to The Sports Grail, Randy Tillim estimated net worth is $5 million.

According to Rocket Reach and Datanalyze, His Company Clarus posted revenue of approximately $9 to $9.5 million annually. This was his major source of income before his death. 

His exact remuneration from his company still needs to be revealed. However, according to Salary.com estimates, it can be around $788,000 for his role as CEO.

Given his professional experience of more than two decades, he would make approximately $850,000 per annum.

Adding to this revenue he made from his company, the automobile expert must have had large earnings from his fan-favorite YouTube channel. He also had his merchandise line, which must have added money to the bank.

Randy Tillim- Hobbies And Interests

Randy was a passionate man with an enthusiastic mind and entrepreneurial skills. In his free time, Tillim enjoys spending time with his family, catching the latest automotive shows, and running in off-road rallies.

Randy is a passionate car collector who often shows off some of the rarest and most impressive models. Judging by his Instagram posts, he loved Gintanis, Scuderia CameronGlickenhauses, and Lamborghini Murciélagos equally.

Randy Tillim -Cause Of Death

There is no clear evidence that can shed any light on the circumstances surrounding the death of the sports car enthusiast. The cause of his death is believed to be a car crash, but no official cause has been identified.

As reported by several sources, He died on April 15, 2022, and was allegedly involved in a terrible vehicle accident and was killed due to the accident. The loss of an impressive individual has had an impact on the world of business. The Randy Savage Garage Accident has certainly affected most of the fans.

A statement released on the savage Garage Instagram account, 

“This tragedy is beyond measure. Randy was the kindest, most generous, and most genuine person we knew. He positively impacted everyone he met, and his legacy will live on forever.”

Netizens have posted many obituaries online, and social media has been overwhelmed with memorial tributes. 

Just forty-eight hours before he passed away, he published a video to his YouTube channel with the caption, “1 PULLOVER, 1 CRASH, AND 1 BREAKDOWN!

Alex Choi, Randy’s close friend, and Fellow Youtuber who collaborated in the Savage Rally, posted a video about his death, saying:

“The world has lost a charitable and selfless man who always cares for others more than himself. And I lost one of my dearest friends, my biggest motivation, my mentor, and someone who has always taught me to be better, kind, and just selfless throughout the short time I was a small part of his life.”

Randy Tillim’s Relationship

Randy Tillim has no such relationship background disclosed. Randy only had a relationship with a girl named Ana Maria, with whom he got married later. 

Maria has familial roots in Uruguay and Spain and previously worked as an instructional assistant at a public school. She also previously owned her cakes and pastry business, Ana’s Cakes. You can often see her in her apron on Instagram, baking up a storm.

She studied at the Culinary Institute of America from 1989-1991 and honed her craft, but she is retired. She is also a Porsche and fast-car fanatic, alongside her husband.

Ana Maria Terrasa was Randy Tillim’s wife. After dating for a while, the two tied the knot. Ryan, Jack, and Den are their three children. 

Randy and Ana have been together for more than 20 years. The two of them went on trips all over the world together. They went to concerts and conventions worldwide to share their love of everything.

They had even started collaborating in a new baking series called Savage Sweets on the Savage Garage YouTube channel.


1. Who Was Randy Tillim?

Tillim was a YouTuber and entrepreneur who made a name for himself by broadcasting videos on his Savage Garage channel.

2. What Is Randy Tillim’s Net Worth?

Randy Tillim was a well-known social media influencer and businessman. His net worth is around $5 billion, with the remainder going to his family, spouse, and children.

3. What Is The Death Cause Of Randy Tillim?

The reason for Randy Tillim’s death is still unidentifiable. Reports suggested that his death was due to a fatal car accident.

4. How Many Followers Does Savage Garage Have?

Savage Garage has 628k followers on the video-sharing network and is famous among automotive enthusiasts.

5. Is Randy Tillim Married?

Yes, Randy Tillim’s wife is Ana Maria Tarrasa-Tillim, aka Mrs. Savage or Lady Savage.