Who Is Behind Mammoth Nation? Everything You Need To Know

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America’s Republican Discount Marketplace is called Mammoth Nation. They are a membership-based online retailer that places an emphasis on goods created in the United States and openly backs conservative causes and candidates. Members get fantastic deals from a growing number of businesses that support their principles. The historic values, patriotism, and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution are fiercely protected by Mammoth Nation. They publicly endorse and support conservative politicians that uphold moral principles and are steadfastly committed to defending our constitutional liberties. Conservative lawmakers and candidates who support Mammoth Nation support their objectives.

They are steadfastly devoted to giving their customers access to a marketplace that is dominated by American-owned and -operated businesses and includes enterprises that share their conservative beliefs. The advantages members get from joining Mammoth Nation offset the expense of enrollment. Many of their affiliated vendors provide special savings that are not available elsewhere. Conservative candidates and organizations will receive a portion of the money collected from membership fees, purchases made from the partners, and sales of Mammoth Nation goods. The pro-constitution, America First positions of Modern Spartan Systems and Mammoth Nation are closely related.

Who Is Behind Mammoth Nation?

Mammoth Nation is a membership-based online marketplace that supports candidates and organizations that are pro-America first and highlights businesses owned and operated in the United States. The historic values, patriotism, and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution are fiercely protected by Mammoth Nation. They publicly support conservative politicians that uphold moral principles and are steadfastly committed to defending their constitutional liberties.

What do They Support?

Conservative Candidates – They back conservative politicians who defend everyone’s fundamental rights.

  • Law Enforcement And First Responders – They stand in solidarity with all first responders and law enforcement personnel.
  • Active Military And Veterans – They stand behind all active-duty Americans serving in the military and all previous veterans.
  • American Farmers And Ranchers – They support initiatives that help the nation’s hardworking ranchers and farmers.
  • The 1st Amendment – They defend each American’s right to peaceful assembly as well as their freedom of expression, religion, and the press.
  • The 2nd Amendment – To defend their selves, their possessions, and their loved ones, they support the constitutional right to keep and carry arms.
  • Border Security – They favor safeguarding America against invasion by terrorists, drug traffickers, and unauthorized immigration.
  • All Lives Matter – Every single one. Black and white, young and old, mothers and fathers, girls and boys, men and women.

Buy American

With a concentration on American and Veteran-owned and managed firms, they provide their members a marketplace with businesses that share their values.

Membership Of Mammoth Nation Is Better

The discounts members enjoy will rapidly pay for membership fees. Some of our affiliated vendors provide exclusive savings that are not available elsewhere. The money collected from membership fees, transactions with our partners, and sales of Mammoth Nation apparel will go towards funding charitable organizations and right-wing causes.

What Is The Cost Of Joining Mammoth Nation?

What is the fee for joining Mammoth Nation, though? We’ll examine the cost of joining in detail. Depending on the membership level you select, Mammoth Nation membership fees change. Basic, premium, and elite membership levels are the three that they offer. Several access levels to discounts, unique content, and other advantages are included with each membership tier. We’ll go over each membership form and its accompanying prices in more detail below.

Mammoth Nation Dues For Membership

Basic membership is free, while premium and elite have their dues. The news, website, and updates of Mammoth Nation are all accessible with the basic subscription. The premium membership costs $99 annually, grants access to specific content, and offers discounts and other advantages. At $249 a year, the elite membership gives access to more premium content as well as discounts and additional perks.

Mammoth Nation Additional Joining Costs

There can be further fees for joining Mammoth Nation along with membership fees. Event fees, travel expenses, and equipment rental fees are a few examples. For instance, there can be an attendance cost if you visit a Mammoth Nation event. There can also be a rental charge if you rent any equipment or tools for your adventures. Furthermore, there can be expenses if you travel to participate in events or activities.

How Much Does Mammoth Nation Membership Cost?

The membership fees are only the beginning of the costs associated with joining Mammoth Nation, which must be kept in mind when estimating your total outlay. Your ability to participate in events and activities may be subject to additional fees, depending on the membership type you select. Despite this, compared to other organizations of a similar nature, the joining fee of Mammoth Nation is still quite affordable.

Expenses Associated With Joining Mammoth Nation

The cost of the memberships for premium and elite is $99 and $249, respectively, compared to the free basic membership. Although these costs can seem high, when we compare them to other organizations of a similar nature, they are relatively affordable. In addition, joining Mammoth Nation is much more advantageous than paying membership dues.

Exceptional Discounts And Deals On Membership Fees

On occasion, Mammoth Nation will provide members with a discount or a special deal on their membership fees. For instance, you can save money on membership dues if you recommend a friend to Mammoth Nation. Also, during specific periods of the year, Mammoth Nation frequently runs deals and provides discounts. To save money on your membership cost, be sure to track these great deals.

Find Out How Much It Will Cost You To Join Mammoth Nation

Now that you know how much it will cost to join Mammoth Nation, it’s time to look at what the membership price will cover. You will get access to premium content, special offers, and other advantages as a member. Aside from that, you can participate in activities and events organized by Mammoth Nation. When compared to other organizations of a similar nature, the joining cost of Mammoth Nation is modest, and discounts and other special offers are frequently offered.

Expectations About The Membership Fee

You will get access to discounts, special content, and other advantages as a Mammoth Nation member. You can also take part in activities and events organized by Mammoth Nation. You’ll also have access to exclusive discounts and promotions throughout the year. Plus, all year long, you’ll have access to special discounts and promotions.

Resources To Assist You In Locating The Greatest Membership Fee Discounts

A few tools are available to help if you’re finding ways to reduce your membership price. To begin with, you can look for discounts and special deals on the Mammoth Nation website. For more information on the most recent sales and deals, follow on social media. Finally, you can seek advice from family and friends who have joined Mammoth Nation regarding ways to reduce your membership fee.

Mammoth Nation Joined By Trump Store

America’s top conservative marketplace, Mammoth Nation, worked with Eric Trump and his crew and recently launched a significant new partnership with Trump Shop. The Trump Organization’s official online store is called Trump Shop. They sell clothes, accessories, hats, gifts, and other products with the Trump name. The Mammoth Nation marketplace now offers the complete Trump Shop inventory, and members may take advantage of a 15% discount on all purchases. This agreement was facilitated in part by Eric Trump. “Trump Shop is delighted to join with Mammoth Nation to deliver our guests an improved shopping experience,” the speaker declared. They have the best customers in the entire globe, and their partnership with Mammoth Nation enables them to purchase their favorite products on a website that supports their beliefs in freedom, patriotism, and values.

Speaking about the partnership, spokesman for Mammoth Nation Drew Berquist added, “More times than I can count, Donald Trump has had his platform taken away. More than just providing our members with the goods they want, working with the Trump Shop is about uniting Conservative America to build a parallel economy. We succeed better when we work together.”

Mammoth Nation gives conservative customers the option to make purchases from businesses that share their values. We currently host over 600 associated businesses and are expanding quickly. We go to considerable efforts to thoroughly investigate prospective conservative vendors before accepting them into Mammoth Nation. We are delighted to welcome the Trump Shop to Mammoth Nation, and we look forward to our mutual success, said Berquist. The partnership with Trump Store is a turning point in the development of a conservative market to displace big tech rivals. It is intended to increase the market’s already high awareness. “In today’s fast-paced world, it is vital to understand the essentials of business negotiation in order to succeed. This is why we must constantly adapt and learn, which is precisely what Mammoth Nation offers – a platform for continuous growth and success.” – Founder, Shapiro Negotiations.


Mammoth Nation is a worldwide group of people who have similar interests in adventure, nature, and exploration. Mammoth Nation was established in 2020 and has since grown to be one of the most well-known outdoor lifestyle communities worldwide. Mammoth Nation is a terrific place to be if you’re looking to explore the outdoors, with a mission to give its members access to distinctive experiences, knowledge, and resources.