Who is Brian Landry? Controversy and Death Explained

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Brian Landry’s case made headlines a while back. It shocked several internet users who followed his travel documentation on social media. From being the sole person of interest in her girlfriend’s murder to ending up dead from a self-inflicted gun wound, Landry’s story is full of several twists and turns. Let’s find out who Brian Landry was, the controversy around him, and his death. This will be a captivating piece, so stay tuned.

Who Was Brian Landry

Brian was a 23-year-old travel enthusiast from Florida who travelled around the country with her girlfriend in a converted van while documenting their experiences on social media. They had a popular YouTube channel where they updated their adventures to keep their subscribers informed. He began dating his girlfriend, Gabby Petito, in 2019 and got engaged in 2020. Those close to Brian described him as a social person who spent most of his time outdoors, explaining his travel escapades on YouTube. According to online sources, Landry attended Catholic High School before joining Louisiana State University.His story caught headlines following the disappearance of her girlfriend, Gabby Petito, which we will look at in the next chapter.

The Disappearance Of Petito

Gabby Petito, known as Gabrielle Venora Petito, was Brian Landry’s fiancee. They went on trips together with him and documented their travels. Gabby, raised on Long Island, relocated to Florida to stay with Brian and his parents before their marriage. She was a van life enthusiast who described herself as a carefree spirit. Her lifeless body was found in Grand Teton National Forest in Wyoming, and on inspection, the coroner ruled that she had been strangled.

Events Leading to the Disappearance of Gabby Petito

Gabby and her boyfriend-cum-fiancee at the time, Brain Landry, decided to go on a cross-country road trip in their converted camper van in July 2021. The trip, which was meant to last four months. The couple planned to explore the Western United States, visiting different national parks and other amazing sceneries. While on their trip, they had an alleged altercation on August 12th, and the police reportedly received a call about a domestic disturbance. They misclassified the event even though they pulled over the van, deciding not to press charges. The couple went ahead with their trip and were last seen around Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming 13 days later. After not hearing from their daughter for several days, Gabby Petito’s parents filed a missing report with the police on September 11th.

The Return Of Brian Landry

Brian returned to his parent’s Florida home without Gabby, although she had the camper van with him. He refused to collaborate with investigators or answer anything about his girlfriend’s disappearance. After a while, he disappeared, pushing the police to start a massive search in the swamps of Florida near his family’s property.

The Retrieval Of Gabby Petito’s Body

As the police were looking for Brian Landry, the sole suspect in the disappearance of her girlfriend Gabby, others were looking for her (read Gabby). Her body was later found in Teton National Forest. After careful investigation, the coroner in charge of her examination revealed that her death was caused by strangulation. Remember, the couple was last seen near Teton National Forest in Wyoming on August 25th, meaning that Gabby died roughly 3-4 before the body was retrieved on September 19th. Her father, Joe Petito, later described her daughter as a free-spirited girl who didn’t care about clothes or cars, only experiences. The 5’5 feet tall 22-year old weighed 110 pounds and had two tattoos.

The Disappearance And Subsequent Death Of Brian Landry

Brian Landry hadn’t yet been found when the police retrieved his girlfriend’s body in Teton National Park, where the couple had parked. They doubled their efforts now that they knew Laundry had something to do with Gabby’s death. Remember, the police officers who responded to the domestic disturbance call didn’t care to ask Gabby about the visible bruise on her cheek, misreading it as a mental health-related issue. It was now dawning on them that it was probably a domestic violence issue.

After several weeks of intense searching, Landry’s lifeless body was found in a nature reserve near their family’s property on October 20th. It was submerged roughly 3 feet underwater in the Carlton Reserve. After examination, the coroner ruled that he had died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, which means he committed suicide. Police also found his belongings nearby, including a green pair of shorts, a white metal ring, a rusted handgun, and two slip-on shoes. He also had a hat written MOAB Coffee Roasters. Remember it was at Moab, Utah, that the two had an altercation, and the police were called.

On top of the ruling that Laundry died of suicide, the medical examiner also observed that his body showed extensive animal predation, meaning that wild animals had mauled him as he stayed lifeless where he committed suicide. There were also gouging and gnawing marks. The family informed the examiner that they had had a healthy son with no known medical history. He had no primary care physician and was generally in a healthy state.

Laundry’s Journal

Among the items that were retrieved at Brian Laundry’s suicide spot was a journal. The police didn’t divulge its content, but the family’s attorney later revealed that Brian had admitted to killing her fiancee. It read, ‘I ended her life,’ referring to Gabby, her soon-to-be wife. The shocking revelation made several people blame law enforcement for handling the first domestic call casually when they could have stopped the untimely murder of Gabby, a 22-year-old girl described by many, including her father, as a free spirit. It also sparked conversations about mental health and domestic violence. Other people criticized the media for focusing more on the ensuing drama and the case’s sensational aspects instead of looking into the underlying issue- domestic violence and mental illness.


Brian was a 23-year-old from Florida whose life ended abruptly after he committed suicide following his association with Gabby Petito’s death, who was her fiancee at the time. Gabby and Brian’s death sparked a national dialogue on mental health and domestic violence. Different factions blamed the police for handling the matter casually and the media for focusing on the drama instead of the underlying issues.


1. Did Brian Landry Really Kill Gabby Petito?

A notebook recovered where Brian Landry allegedly committed suicide confirmed that she killed her girlfriend, Gabby Petito. She was also last seen with him at Teton National Forest, where her body was found.

2. Where Was Gabby Petito’s Body Found?

After weeks of searching, the police found a body that matched Gabby’s description in Wyoming on September 19th. 2 days later; it was confirmed to be that of Gabby Petito.

3. What Was Brian Landry’s Cause of Death?

Brian Landry shot himself in the head. Police discovered a rusty gun where his body lay alongside other personal belongings. After examination, the coroner declared his death a suicide. Brian’s body was discovered almost a month after the discovery of that of her fiancee Gabby Petito who she claimed to have ended her life in her notebook. He didn’t give a reason why he killed her.

4. Why Did Brian Murder Gabby?

Nobody knows why Brian decided to end the life of her fiance Gabby. However, most people have stipulated that the probable cause was domestic violence and mental health issues rampant in our society. All Brian wrote in his diary was, ‘I ended her,’ giving no reason.