Top 22 Best Paying Jobs In Forest Products in 2023

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Forest Products companies grow, harvest, and process wood and wood fiber. They manufacture new and traditional wood items out of virgin and recycled fibers. Forest products jobs are an excellent choice if you are interested in this industry. A healthy forest products business necessitates the protection of animals and the environment. The company’s best job is to preserve forests and logs sustainably to create the finest practices for effective harvesting and non-timber item extraction. They hire workers, engineers, managers, and other personnel to keep their systems running smoothly.

We are discussing the top 22 best-paying jobs in forest products with the required qualification and estimated yearly salary.

1. Business Development Analyst

Business analysts provide project management assistance and analysis for strategic initiatives, procedures, modifications, transactions, and day-to-day business operations. They assist in everyday sales and supply chain tasks using market research, statistical analysis, and process management. They create, execute, and convey metrics reporting methods and documentation across plants and companies in partnership with operations, marketing, and sales units.

Business development analysts are also responsible for testing new ideas and studying trends. They assist in developing strategies for priorities and then directing implementation to get outcomes. This position requires a BS degree in business, math, or a related subject.

The average salary is $51K – $75K/yr.

2. Product And Marketing Manager

The products and marketing manager is responsible for creating customer and end-user awareness. He leads and participates in promotional campaigns, customer services, social media, and website development to promote the firm and its products.

He assists in developing, marketing, and selling products on the market. He creates and executes a marketing strategy plan for a given product. He develops and reviews products and material requirements. He controls and supervises the manufacturing processes, forestry certifications, and internal audits. A BS degree with experience in marketing is required for this post.

Average salary is$54K – $90K/yr.

3.  Human Resources Manager

The HR, or human resources, the manager is responsible for overseeing the company’s human resource functions. He assists plant leadership by efficiently heading the human resources functions. He is responsible for job posting, managing the hiring process to fulfill facility demands, and the selection process to find the best talent and skill level to advance the company culture. He oversees and manages the training programs while executing company and plant policies. He offers human resources training and leads all HR activities to achieve company objectives. He guides management members on how to resolve team difficulties. A BS degree and HR experience are required to get this position.

The average estimated salary is $63K – $93K/yr.

4. Quality Manager

A quality manager observes quality-control processes and provides training. He understands customer needs and company expectations to develop effective quality control for materials and production. He ensures line operators are accountable for quality checks and compliance with specifications by auditing their inspections and ensuring they perform them routinely and effectively. He develops and reviews specifications for products and materials. He sets raw material requirements for suppliers and monitors their compliance. He works closely with product engineers to ensure the creation and sustainability of quality products. He also provides training to operations, shipping, office, and facilities personnel about product specifications and quality standards of finished products. He performs incoming material inspections according to the company’s procedures. He reviews the daily quality checklist and releases products that meet certain specifications. A two-year degree in business administration is required to get this job.

The average salary is $56K – $83K/yr.

5. Lumber Buyer

The lumber buyer buys and assembles lumber and wood line products.  He determines to purchase and sell prices, negotiates with mills, and estimates the company’s demands. He makes purchasing selections based on client requirements and strives to provide excellent customer service. He has great dealing skills, which he uses to acquire the best pricing, maintain price lists, monitor margins, and turns, and interact with the sales team.

A BS degree in a relevant field is required to get this job.

The Average salary is $70k-$90k/yr.

6. Safety Coordinator

The safety coordinator is responsible for developing, executing, and monitoring safety and health initiatives. He is the primary link between security and health regulatory agencies. He has a solid understanding of industrial processes and may advise management on safe work practices. A degree in Bachelor of Science is necessary for this position.

The average salary is $52K – $72K/yr.

7. Forest Products Specialist

The Forest Products Specialist is responsible for all trading tasks, including order development, confirmations, shipment operations, follow-up, and progress reporting.

He helps members choose items from vendors with the best price offer. He is responsible for keeping sustainable relationships with members and vendors to attract higher sales volumes and better sourcing choices. He handles all difficulties, such as disagreements, claims, and late shipments. He always works to broaden workers’ understanding of products, business, and industry. A BS degree relevant to the field or equivalent work experience is necessary for this position.

The average salary is $42K – $64K/yr.

8. International Documentation Coordinator

The international documentation coordinator sends export documents to all international banks to guarantee timely payment. He is responsible for personally contacting clients to verify all documentation is clear and sufficient to clear customs. He collaborates with several shipping companies, banks, certification agencies, customs brokers, and freight forwarders. He supervises container activity at loading ports and files the necessary paperwork to export products from the country of origin. He communicates with departments and is engaged in the billing process, which needs a good understanding of budgets, income and expenses, and profitability.

The average estimated salary is $43k -$55k/yr.

9. Millwright

A millwright shows proficiency in troubleshooting and repairing mechanical and hydraulic equipment. He installs, maintains, and repairs stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment. He manages product transporting systems according to the manufacturer’s specifications and company standards. He contributes to the industry’s preventative maintenance program. He is the head of the maintenance team. He dismantles faulty machines and equipment and replaces or repairs them. He is responsible for cleaning and lubricating shafts, bearings, gears, and other machinery. A high school diploma or a degree in industrial maintenance is required to get this job.

The average salary is $45K – $58K/yr.

10. Forester

A forester loves to work in forestry- the science, art, and profession of managing woods.

He works on many projects, including ecological restoration and protected area management. He designs, implements, and manages assigned silviculture projects on his own. He submits all project documentation and works directly with state entities as needed to bring projects ahead. He supervises the expenditures of allocated silviculture projects to ensure they are efficient and under budget.

He inspects contractor work for contract compliance for silvicultural tasks such as tree planting, vegetation management, and animal damage control. A BS degree in Forestry or Natural Resources, with satisfactory field experience, is required to get this post.

The average salary is $41K – $57K/yr.

11. Reliability Engineer

The reliability engineer is responsible for conceiving, planning, and executing operations to improve equipment efficiency and reliability to improve productivity with lower maintenance costs. He collaborates closely with the operations and maintenance teams. He works in equipment improvements, capital projects, periodic maintenance, and troubleshooting. He also deals with outside specialists and provides engineering assistance to the mill. An engineering degree or experience in a related position is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $70K – $93K/yr.

12. Process Engineer

A process engineer is responsible for offering expert assistance and services in the processing area. He provides technical assistance and identifies and control process variation across all operational areas. He actively participates in the safety action plan to help in keeping with environmental and quality standards. He is responsible for developing, planning, and executing solutions for technical issues or situations. A BS degree in Chemical, Mechanical, or Electrical Engineering is required to get this job.

The average salary is $64K – $90K/yr.

13. Maintenance Manager

The maintenance manager is responsible for managing the mechanical and electrical facilities. He develops and directs maintenance plans and inventory tracking methods to run a 24-hour operation. He assures the safety of all team members and contractors while working in the plant or departments. He ensures the enforcement of all safety laws and regulations. Maintenance management experience or training is required to get this position.

The average estimated salary is $60K – $89K/yr.

14. Production Manager

A production manager is responsible for providing leadership and strategic direction for the total production operation by the company’s vision and values. He ensures that workers are following quality, maintenance, and production rules. He collaborates closely with the technical manager to guarantee that products fulfill all the standard requirements. He oversees daily manufacturing processes to meet delivery deadlines. A degree in business, manufacturing, production or a related field is required to get this job.

The average salary is $52K – $77K/yr.

15. Warehouse Supervisor

The warehouse supervisor oversees receipt and delivery operations. He inspects the storage of authorized shipments, products, and supplies that enter and exit the warehouse. He is in charge of handling shipments, securing loads, and following safety standards. He loads and unloads things by hand from pallets, skids, platforms, automobiles, and lifting equipment. He creates shipping documentation, such as bills of shipment and invoices. He also manages the warehouse staff, including hiring, delegating, training and firing. A High school diploma or equivalent warehousing experience is required to get this job.

The average salary is $46K – $68K/yr.

16. Saw Fitter – Saw Filer

A saw fitter helps with saw inspection, installation, and rigging. He assists saw filers in making the adjustment, operation, maintenance, and repair of saw sharpening equipment. He also performs the saw filer duties, such as using power equipment and hand tools. He is in charge of sharpening and balancing chipper knives and ring saws. He maintains the workplace clean and secures A one-year certificate from college or technical school is required to get this job.

The average salary is $41K – $53K/yr.

17. Plant Manager

The plant manager inspects hardwood products to ensure that they meet standards and are of high quality. He checks, sets up, and adjusts woodworking machines. He translates firm regulations and procedures for employees. He collaborates with other supervisors and management to meet corporate standards and production goals. He advises that working conditions and equipment be changed to improve efficiency. He inspires employees to meet business standards and objectives. He examines and resolves work problems or aids workers in problem resolution. He is familiar with all the equipment and actions to keep the workplace safe. A degree in management or relevant field experience is required to get this job.

The average salary is $63K – $92K/yr.

18. Environmental Specialist

An environmental expert is responsible for providing technical assistance in implementing and maintaining ongoing compliance. He establishes cost-effective environmental solutions, formulates long-term plans, and manages all the other systems.

He identifies problems and provides solutions. He uses his natural science skills to protect the environment and human health. He also cleans up polluted regions, provides policy advice, or collaborates with the forest products industry to decrease waste and damage. This position requires a BS degree in an environmental program.

The average salary is $48K – $66K/yr.

19. Automation Engineer

Automation engineers provide the control system designs and software for complicated technical work that is either stand-alone or part of a big project.

He creates and implements value-added engineering solutions that satisfy the project goals of the company and customer requirements. He prepares project documentation with the help of the business engineering team.

This role needs particular expertise in automation and process control systems for industrial operations. A BS degree in Engineering or Computer Science with experience in automation and process control systems is required to get this post.

The average salary is $66K – $84K/yr.

20. Agronomist

Agronomists often focus on conventional agriculture rather than silviculture. He investigates and picks the ideal soil and climate conditions for maximizing agricultural output. He is responsible for making forestry as effective as possible and organizing the delivery of goods without spoiling wood. A BS degree in plant biochemistry or forest management is required to get this job.

The average salary is $41k to $65k/yr.

21. Log Yard Supervisor

The log yard supervisor supervises, trains, and directs the actions of the log yard workers. He ensures that the workplace is safe and efficient. He monitors log yard stock and improves the overall layout to maximize usage and volume efficiency while lowering log yard expenses. He ensures the company is following environmental rules and regulations. A certification or experience in the log yard field is required to get this job.

The average salary is $41K – $54K/yr.

22. Forest Engineer

A forest engineer creates forest preservation strategies that influence current and future generations. They are responsible for keeping the environment safe and steady as they understand the ecosystem, forest products, and processes. They act as the primary link between the forest and the finished product. They take safety measures to protect the long-term viability of forest ecosystems and the species, soils, and water that keep them alive.

A BS degree in Forest Engineering, Forest Operations, or related field experience is required to get this post.

The average salary is $47K – $65K/yr.


All the above-listed jobs have a good salary and benefits in forest products. You can find many other jobs in this field or choose one that matches well with your qualifications and skills.