Top 22 Best Paying Jobs In Publishing in 2023

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Are you the one who appreciates books and related literary works? If yes, then you will surely enjoy your career in the publishing sector. Various publishing enterprises are ready to provide amazing and adverse employment opportunities ranging from writing to editing or promotional roles. The qualification needed to opt for a career in publishing is a bachelor’s degree and skills to select stories for the targeted audience. Whether you are interested in working as an editor, copywriter, designer, or journalist, you opt for any of these top 22 best-paying jobs in publishing, including their duties and typical salaries. So, without delay, we go through all of them individually.

1. Copy Editor

If you are looking for the best paying jobs in publishing, then copy editor is the perfect option. The responsibility of copy editors is to proofread content before final publication. If you opt for this profession, you are responsible for ensuring content is free from grammatical mistakes. These are the people in the publishing industry who work with book editors to review the manuscripts created by the authors. The job is available both full-time and part-time. The main responsibilities of copy editor are proofreading text for punctuation errors and grammar or spelling issues. Copy editors edit and review content to ensure that the content follows editorial guidelines and relevant style.   

Salary: USD 45,000 per year

2. Editorial Assistant

An editorial assistant is a person who is responsible for helping the senior editorial staff during each stage of the publishing process, ranging from planning to the final production stage. The editorial assistant communicates with other marketing, production, creative, and editorial staff members in this particular role. The editorial assistant’s tasks are editing and proofreading documents, coordinating production activities, handling permissions tasks and rights, etc. They also perform administrative tasks like recording expense reports, answering phone calls, managing calendars, and filing documents.

Salary: USD 41,106 per year

3. Technical Publication Manager

A technical publication manager is a literary specialist who claims to support technical publications & manages writing assignments. Moreover, to your manager’s responsibilities, you will collaborate with your colleagues to provide editorial assistance and create information for technical reports. You ensure that your authors are generating the highest quality content conceivable. As an analytical publication manager, you have a wide range of responsibilities. You manage writers, sort through multiple projects, and serve as editor for the writers you supervise. Typically, you will not have direct contact with clients in this position. Rather, you communicate with your coworkers and provide official approval for initiatives before submitting them to clients.

Salary: USD 90,000 per year

4. Illustrator

An illustrator is responsible for drawing and producing artwork, frequently for printed media or advertising and marketing materials. In the publishing world, these experts frequently work with authors to start creating the artwork that goes with their books. Illustrators can work as freelancers or in-house at publishing houses. Their responsibilities include collaborating with authors to ascertain the art style, trying to present draughts, rewriting illustrations based on feedback, and adhering to deadlines and design standards. Illustrators can use software to produce digital illustrations and images or physical tools like pencils, paints, and watercolors.

Salary: USD 41,000 per year

5. Publishing Manager

A publishing manager is in charge of all corporate or client publications. In this position, you are frequently the principal point of contact between the media and a newspaper. Your specific work responsibilities might include managing and developing training materials for publication personnel, designing and implementing marketing initiatives, and remaining current on industry trends. You also evaluate and edit print content, authorize all copies before publishing, negotiate contracts or license agreements, and engage in project-related evaluations or promotional activities. In this position, you may report to a publishing director. Because this is not an entrance role, you should have many years of publishing experience.

Salary: USD 78,000 per year

6. Associate Publisher

Most Associate Publisher salaries in the United States now vary between $32,500 and $65,000 yearly. This wide range of compensation possibilities shows that there may be several prospects for growth and improved pay based on skill level, region, and years of experience. According to recent job posts on ZipRecruiter, the Associate Publisher employment market in the United States is relatively active, with multiple organizations recruiting.

Salary: $62,000 per year

7. Literary Agent

A literary agent is a person who represents authors and helps in making communication with book editors and book publishers. These professionals have a strong understanding of identifying and marketing talents they discover. The main responsibility of a literary agent is to review manuscripts or chapters, pitch the work of authors to publish, and negotiate with authors throughout the process. The role of a literary agent requires strong skills in making professional networks and staying informed on industry news & trends.

Salary: USD 43,000 per year

8. Copywriter

A copywriter is a person who is responsible for creating high-quality written content to persuade the audience to take action. These are the people who work along with the promotion department and help the market to sell author’s books. Depending on the role assigned to copywriters, they write and proofread materials like website copy, social media posts, bios, etc. They are also responsible for helping with the development and planning of marketing campaigns, conducting research for sourcing images, and content creation.

Salary: USD 61,000 per year

9. Publish Assistant

If you are searching for a job in a beginner role, then publish assistant is the best option. It is the best high pay job in the publishing industry and helps you to earn money. You will be helping the publishing company by searching out various documents and combining them for final publication. As a publishing assistant, you help with reception duties like finance tracking and serve as in charge of some necessary communications.

Salary: USD 85,000 per year

10. Contract Manager

The contract manager is the person who is responsible for looking out for the contracts between two parties. It serves as a third person in managing agreements among authors and literary agents. The agreements may create on various aspects like the number of books published by the author, publication schedules, author’s rights, etc. Some major duties the contract manager performs are creating and negotiating contracts, explaining the contract terms, and reviewing the contract’s changes. The contract manager also advises employers on the risks and benefits associated with the contract.

Salary: USD 85,000 per year

11. Publisher

A publisher is a professional responsible for marketing, producing, printing, and distributing newspapers, print media projects, books, and magazines. You will be in charge of various projects and newspapers if you are a publisher. The demand for publishers has increased daily because of self-publish technology and small self-published houses. The publisher is responsible for expanding profits while carrying out newspaper distribution.

Salary: USD 77,000 per year

12. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, it is important to check and direct marketing policies and campaigns within specific organizations. As a marketing manager, you should focus on selling and promoting books by communicating directly with sales staff members, authors, and editors. The marketing manager provides proper guidance to authors on properly implementing marketing techniques on social media. The marketing manager’s important tasks in publishing are developing sales channels, managing organization budgets, and developing campaigns. Managers also help create various materials during campaign development, such as social media posts, emails, sell sheets, etc.

Salary: USD 68,000 per year

13. Fiction Editor

Have you always enjoyed reading fantasy novels? As a non-fiction editor, you may read and review fiction articles daily. You’ll be enjoying hours analyzing the storyline, flow, layout, readability, and language of authors who want their novels published and providing honest comments. Depending on your interests, you can work in a non-fiction or literary proofreading as well as fiction. Rather than joining a publishing business, you may work as an editor for a journal, paper, or internet outlet focusing on reviews and literary criticism.

Salary: USD 78,000 per year

14. Production Manager

A production manager is responsible for the overall production of a publication. They work with the editor to ensure that all content is ready for publication and that the finished product meets all quality standards. Production managers also liaise with printers, suppliers, and other outside contractors to ensure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. In some cases, they may also be responsible for marketing and distributing the publication.

Salary: USD 67,000 per year

15. Sales representative

If you are interested in the publishing sector, then working as a sales representative is the best way to get your foot in the door. As a sales representative of an organization, you will be responsible for selling advertising space in the publishing company’s magazines and other publications. You will work closely with the production manager to ensure that the ads are placed in the most effective locations and are of the highest quality. It is a highly challenging and exciting position that offers creative problem-solving and career advancement opportunities. A sales representative is a key member of any publishing company. They are responsible for managing the production of books and other materials and ensuring they are delivered to customers on time. They work closely with the production manager to ensure that all deadlines are met and that customers are happy with the final product. A sales representative must have excellent communication and organizational skills and a deep knowledge of the publishing industry.

Salary: USD 65,101 per year

16. Marketing Internship

A marketing internship with a publishing company can be a great way to learn about the production process of published materials. As a production manager, you will ensure that all materials are produced according to the schedule and within the budget. You will also coordinate with other departments, such as sales and editorial, to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Salary: USD 40,000 per year

17. Communication coordinator

A communication coordinator is a manager who oversees the publishing and production of company materials. They work with designers, writers, and printers to ensure that all communications are consistent with the company’s branding. A communication coordinator also manages the distribution of these materials, both internally and externally. The communication coordinator is responsible for managing the publishing company’s publication and production of materials. This position reports to the production manager. The communication coordinator works closely with the publishing team to ensure that all materials are accurate and meet the company’s quality standards. The coordinator also manages the distribution of these materials to the appropriate channels. This position requires excellent communication and organizational skills.

Salary: USD 45,124 per year

18. Editorial Internship

If you’re interested in a career in publishing, an editorial internship can be a great way to earn money. You’ll learn about the inner workings of a publishing company and gain valuable experience working with a team of editors and production managers. You’ll also have the opportunity to develop your editing and writing skills and learn how to work effectively under deadlines. An editorial internship is a perfect way to learn about the publishing process and get a foot in the door of the publishing industry. As an intern, you will work with editors and other publishing professionals, helping to prepare manuscripts for publication. You will also gain valuable experience in managing production schedules and deadlines. This internship is an excellent opportunity to learn about a publishing company’s inner workings and develop your skills as a production manager.

Salary: USD 48,000 per year

19. Reporter

If you want to become a reporter, you need to have good writing skills and be able to think on your feet. You’ll also need to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. But being a successful reporter isn’t just about writing articles – it’s also about working with editors, managers, and publishing companies to publish your stories. As a reporter, you’ll need to develop relationships with sources who can provide you with information for your stories. You’ll also need to be able to sell your ideas to editors and convince them that your story is worth publishing. And once your story is published, you’ll need to promote it through social media and other channels. If you’re interested in becoming a reporter, there are a few things that anyone can do to improve your chances of success. First, intern at a news organization or write for a college newspaper or website. Second, take journalism classes or participate in workshops offered by professional organizations like the Society of Professional Journalists. And third, enter competitions like the National Scholastic Press Association’s Journalism Awards. By taking these steps, you’ll gain the skills and experience you need to become a successful reporter.

Salary: USD 49,000 per year

20. Communication Specialist

Are you looking for an exciting and perfect career in the publishing industry? If so, then consider becoming a communication specialist. As a communication specialist, you would be responsible for managing the publication of books and other materials for your company. It would involve coordinating with authors, editors, and printers to ensure everything is published on time and within budget. You would also oversee the production process from start to finish, ensuring that all books meet the company’s high standards. It will be your perfect career if you are organized and have excellent communication skills!

Salary: USD 53,000 per year

21. Web content coordinator

In a digital world, content is king. Anyone who has worked in marketing knows this and understands that content management is the key to success. Today’s key challenge for marketers is creating and distributing relevant content with limited resources and tight deadlines. This job is perfect for organized individuals who like to juggle many responsibilities at once. Being a web content coordinator requires you to think strategically about how your company’s various marketing materials will come together to create a cohesive brand image. You won’t be spending every day in front of a computer screen as a web content coordinator — in fact, you may only spend a little bit of time at a desk. This dynamic role requires frequent travel and collaboration with other team members. Working as a web content coordinator involves coordinating the creation and distribution of all website content, both internally and externally.

Salary: USD 50,890 per year

22. Acquisition Editor

An acquisition editor is responsible for identifying, vetting, and acquiring new books for a publishing house. This job requires dedication and attention to detail. An ideal candidate should be able to read and fluently understand English, have excellent communication skills, and be organized enough to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. An ideal candidate for this job should have some experience working with authors or publishers in some capacity, preferably as a proofreader or copy editor – though any relevant work experience will help your resume stand out from other applicants.

Salary: USD 65,000 per year


After reading about the best high-paying job in publishing, you will learn amazing information. Armed with this valuable information, you can now start planning the best of your career path by brushing up on your expertise so that you are ready to start the job.