Top 25 Doordash Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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One thing that will become evident to you when you explore Doordash before your interview is that the business is constantly looking for ways to improve its goods and services. Doordash constantly promotes creative and unconventional ideas, regardless of your position within the company. Your interviewer asks you to share an instance when you assisted in implementing a novel idea at work to get a sense of how you will go about doing this. When considering the wider picture, whether the example you provide is tiny or huge in scale, make sure you can clearly describe why the new idea was significant and how you helped implement it.

You should anticipate being questioned about your past experiences with customer service, food delivery, and time management if you’re applying for a position with DoorDash. Additionally, you can be questioned about your capacity for autonomous work and multitasking. We’ve developed a list of sample DoorDash interview questions and responses to aid in your preparation.

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1. At Doordash, Innovation Is Encouraged. When Have You Used Creativity Or Fresh Ideas Into Your Work?

In my previous position, I had the good fortune to establish the concept of a gold-level service, where we offered additional service alternatives in addition to our standard customer service. Our target audience reacted favorably, so we continued the initiative for a while.

2. Would You Be Able To Function Well In Doordash’s High-Stress, Quick-Paced Environment?

Yes, I think I’m highly capable of handling a demanding work environment, and I think I succeed when most people fail. In my present position, I frequently manage multiple projects at once and collaborate with highly demanding leaders from throughout the firm who need fast results. I always keep my promise and make sure that I convey timeframes fairly to help reduce unneeded stress in these circumstances. I maintain organization and a daily routine when managing multiple projects at once to prevent deadlines from being missed. No matter how difficult things become, I always maintain a happy disposition. I also don’t think twice about taking a break and going for a walk to let my body and mind relax.

3. At Doordash, We Take Pleasure In Our Capacity To Continuously Outperform Our Rivals. What Part Will You Play In This Trend?

Paying attention to the small details, in my opinion, is the finest way to keep one step ahead of your rivals. When you release a terrific product, others will want to copy it, but they’ll scrimp and save since they’re in a rush to get it to market. I promise to provide you every day with my best effort to help Doordash succeed. According to my study on you and your main rivals, Doordash offers the most user-friendly platform, which will keep customers using it frequently.

4. How Would You Respond To A Client That Was Dissatisfied With The Service?

I would first express my regret for their displeasure and inquire as to what I might do to put things right. I would give them a discount on their subsequent order if they were dissatisfied with the food. I would offer them free shipping on their subsequent order if they were dissatisfied with the arrival time. In both situations, I would call the customer to check on how their lunch went.

5. What Do You Consider To Be Crucial When Delivering Food To Clients?

I believe it’s crucial to be on time with deliveries since this indicates that I am dependable. Additionally, it aids me in avoiding any conflicts with clients who could be awaiting their food. I also think it’s crucial to be welcoming and accommodating to customers. This may have a significant impact on whether they decide to place another order.

6. Have You Worked With Restaurant Management Systems Before?

Throughout my career, I’ve used a variety of restaurant management systems. These solutions, in my opinion, are useful for keeping track of deliveries and managing orders. In my previous work, I tracked customer comments and kept track of employee performance using a restaurant management system.

7. Tell Us About Your Driving History, Including How Long You’ve Been A Driver And Any Traffic Infractions Or Accidents You’ve Had.

Even though I’ve been driving for more than ten years, I don’t have any tickets or accidents to my name. I just aced my yearly driving exam. I’m highly familiar with the local traffic laws and rules, so whenever I’m driving, I always make sure to abide by them.

8. Are You Familiar With The Neighborhood?

I have acquaintances that live in your region, so I am familiar with it. They informed me of the nearby eateries and mentioned how they enjoy utilizing DoorDash due to its simplicity. Due to the high need for food delivery services, I believe this would be an excellent place to work.

9. Have You Ever Driven A Delivery Vehicle?

In my hometown, I worked as a delivery driver for a pizza shop. I had a great day getting to know new people and assisting others in enjoying delectable meals. The only difficulty I encountered was when it rained or snowed outside because I lacked an all-wheel drive vehicle.

10. Would You Feel At Ease Performing Deliveries In Bad Weather?

If I have the necessary tools, I’m happy to deliver in any weather. In my previous work, we had a rule requiring drivers to dress in reflective material at all times. We did that for safety concerns and because our clients wanted us to be visible at night. If you hire me, I will put this policy into practice since I think it is fantastic.

11. How Many Hours A Week Do You Anticipate Working, If Hired?

I am willing to work 40 hours a week, but I would rather work full-time than part-time. I discover working additional hours enables me to get new knowledge and experience.

12. Can You Describe An Instance When You Disagreed With A Coworker? How Did You Solve The Issue?

I had a problem with a coworker who was regularly late for our shifts in my previous job as a waitress at a restaurant. They didn’t have enough staff in the end, which made it challenging for me to manage my tables. We decided to alter schedules so they would work during days, and I would be on nights after discussing the problem with them. That made it possible for both of us to work more regularly.

13. Describe The Job You Just Finished. Why Are You Seeking Employment Elsewhere?

My most recent job was as a server at a neighborhood eatery. After two years there, I’m seeking a new job since I want to work in a fast-paced workplace with room for advancement. I perform effectively under pressure and have good customer service abilities. I think my prior experience makes me a fantastic fit for DoorDash.

14. What Do You Know About Doordash?

Andy Fang and Tony Xu, Stanford alumni, started DoorDash in 2013. Fang got the concept from his experience as a student who frequently ordered food but struggled to reach home in time to pick it up. He intended to develop an app that would let him order things online and have them delivered to him.

15. Why Do You Want This Job?

I’m passionate about cuisine and customer service, and for that reason, I desire this position. I adore being able to deliver meals to people’s homes or workplaces so they can enjoy them. I consider DoorDash to be a creative business with great growth potential.

16. How Often Do You Check Your Job?

I try not to check my phone while at work, but I do it at least once an hour. I frequently check my phone when I have downtime or am awaiting an order. I never begin a task, though, without putting my phone away.

17. If There Was A Mistake In The Order, How Would You Deliver Food?

If I accidentally delivered the wrong dish, I would first apologize to the client and give them a discount on their subsequent order. I would then return the food to the restaurant and request a new serving. I would speak with my boss to see what alternative options we had if they were unable to prepare the food.

18. How Much Do You Earn Hourly?

My current part-time server salary is $15 per hour. I would anticipate making roughly $20 per hour because I understand that DoorDash compensates drivers more than servers.

19. How Well Does Your Automobile Perform In Adverse Weather?

I’ve driven in inclement weather before, so I know what it takes to stay safe. I reduce my speed and make sure to allow plenty of space between me and other vehicles when there is snow or ice on the road. I keep my windows rolled up and turn on my windshield wipers if it rains heavily. Because it can be difficult to see during storms, I also try to avoid driving at night.

20. What About Being A Dasher Is The Worst?

Waiting in line at restaurants is the hardest part of being a dasher. Although I’ve had to wait as long as two hours in the past, it’s worth it because I get to network and earn extra money on my days off.

21. When And Where Will Orders Be Picked Up?

Orders would be picked up at the restaurant or shop they were placed at. I’ve delivered food previously, so I understand how crucial it is to receive the order as soon as possible to guarantee that the customer receives their food on time. If there were no parking spaces close by, I would search elsewhere until I found one.

22. What Is Your Top Speed?

I’ve driven before, but I can’t remember what speed I go. But I am confident I can travel at least 50 mph without incident. I’d be delighted to take driving lessons to satisfy DoorDash’s requirements.

23. What Makes You A Good Fit For Doordash?

Thanks to my background in customer service, I believe I’d be an excellent fit for Doordash. I’ve acquired the skills to engage with clients and make them feel welcome throughout my profession. I’ve learned patience through this skill, which makes it simpler for me to communicate with people and bring meals to clients waiting.

24. What Do You Consider To Be The Most Crucial Qualification For A Doordash Employee?

Customer service is, in my opinion, the most crucial ability for a Doordash employee. Delivering food, in my opinion, entails more than merely moving a meal from point A to point B. The goal is to ensure customers receive their meals quickly, effectively, and with a smile. I always smile and say “hello” to my customers because of this. After each order, I also ensure to express my gratitude for their patronage.

25. Describe Your Dining And Customer Service Experiences.

I have three years of experience as a waiter at a restaurant, so I am accustomed to managing many orders at once. Numerous clients have expressed dissatisfaction with their orders, but I always make an effort to ensure that they depart pleased. I just won a prize for being the server with the highest customer satisfaction rating.


Depending on the position you’re applying for, DoorDash may have a different interview process. However, the majority of jobs will at the very least demand a phone interview and an in-person interview. There may be further rounds of interviews for specific occupations, such as software engineering. Although the interview process is typically quick and simple, if you are applying for a more competitive position, it may take longer.

The interviewer might evaluate your customer service abilities and how you respond to difficult circumstances by asking you certain questions. Use examples from prior employment or explain a fictitious scenario to illustrate your capacity for problem-solving and client interaction.

It’s critical to demonstrate your willingness to go above and beyond to complete the task at hand, especially under trying circumstances. It’s critical to be truthful about how many hours you can work, but it’s also necessary to think about the kind of schedule that might work best for you.

You could be required to gather paperwork before your DoorDash interviews, such as IDs, tax returns, or employment contracts. Before departing for your interview, make sure you have any papers you were requested to bring or read through.

Even if a suit and tie are not required for this interview, you still need to present yourself well and professionally. Wear anything that creates a balance between a formal and more informal appearance, such as a long sleeve button-up shirt and dark pants.