Top 22 Best Paying Jobs In Food Distributors In 2023

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Food is the basic need of every living being, but if we talk about humans, then not just food but a variety of food is a basic need. Now food trends have changed in this digital era food distribution industry has grown up as one of the leading production industries. Big food industries supply food across the country and around the world. The wholesale food distributors need workers to distribute the food. They manufacture or buy food items and deliver them to retailers and vendors.

Food distributors supply a great quantity and variety of foods to restaurants, wholesale retailers, vendors, grocery stores, direct buyers, and hotels. The food distribution industry provides many career paths, good salaries, and benefits. Here are the top 22 best-paying jobs in food distributors.

1. Food Safety & Quality Assurance Manager

The FSQA managers are responsible for food safety and quality assurance. They plan, organize, and manage their team to guarantee that final products meet customer and quality requirements.

In addition, they inspect and maintain food processing and packaging. They ensure product quality by following food safety standards and managing the food supply on time.

A BS degree in Food Science and related field experience is required to get this job.

Estimated salary is $74K – $107K/yr.

2. Plant Manager

The plant manager directs the operation of distribution centers and warehouses to ensure they are efficient and cost-effective. He oversees reception operations such as product storage, shipment, supply, claims, and replacement. He is in charge of the everyday operations of the factory, from production to policies and procedures. He develops and implements effective strategies and plans to increase output while improving product quality and safety. He monitors inventory management, productivity, accuracy, and loss prevention programs. The plant manager reports to the general manager and is responsible for long-term planning to achieve business excellence. A BS Degree in Business and related field experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $69K – $108K/yr.

3. Business Analyst

Business analysts are responsible for visualizing data and analyzing organizational performance to enhance food production processes and systems. He does research and extensive analysis using his analytical talents to provide better business solutions for his organization and clients. He boosts business efficiency by making sincere efforts and utilizing his expertise in IT for business growth. He collaborates with the business development team to execute solutions. A BS Degree in IT or Business Administration is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $59K – $83K/yr.

4. Production Supervisor

In a factory environment, the production supervisor is in charge of leading the production staff. He is responsible for achieving all safety, quality, customer service, productivity, cost, and improvement goals via individual and team efforts. He ensures that attitudes, methods, and the workplace environment are safe and productive. He also implements health and safety regulations and standards in the food manufacturing area. A BS degree in a food business or technical field, such as food science, operations, or management, is required to get this job.

Estimated salary is $48K – $67K/yr.

5. Warehouse Manager

A well-functioning warehouse is essential for food enterprises that store and transport food items. The warehouse manager oversees all activities at the site, which frequently includes monitoring team performance, receiving and shipping products, and assuring optimal and organized storage.

The warehouse manager works with operations leadership to ensure that all the functions run smoothly. He oversees the work of warehouse staff in a given zone. He notifies the supplier about defective or damaged items and follows up with suitable repair actions. He monitors warehouse functions such as loading and unloading, crane operation, and product transportation. He is in charge of handling daily inspections, such as product inspections and inbound or outgoing container inspections.

Estimated salary is $39K – $50K/yr.

6. Food Services & Sales Director

Food service managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations of food preparation and distribution businesses. They direct workers to guarantee that clients are happy with the quality of their products and the shipping experience. They oversee the food industry to ensure that it functions smoothly. He is responsible for introducing new product lines, establishing sales contracts, and maintaining sales leads. He evaluates sales data and develops effective marketing plans. A BS degree in Sales and Marketing with relevant experience is required to win this job.

Estimated salary is $63K – $100K/yr.

7. Warehouse Utility Operator

Warehouse utility operators are trained workers who operate various machinery, facilities, and equipment to handle incoming and outgoing deliveries. They use a forklift to load and unload food goods. They are in charge of arranging storage areas.

To avoid waste and decrease returns, they rotate inventory in the warehouse to verify that they dispatch the properly tagged product. They provide a safe working environment and practices inside the warehouse. A High school diploma or GED is required to get this position.

Estimated salary is $34K – $45K/yr.

8.  Food Technician

A food technician is responsible for assisting the food science team, producing new goods, and improving present ones. He helps food scientists in their study by testing and inspecting food goods. He verifies that food meets Food and Drug Administration regulations.

To ensure food quality, he performs analytical tests to evaluate the shelf life and validation. He assists in creating quality documentation and specifications for finished goods by conducting laboratory and prototype production tests A degree in Food Science, Food Technology, Biology, Chemistry, or Microbiology related field experience is required to get this job.

The average salary is $41K – $55K/yr.

9. Maintenance Engineer

The maintenance engineer keeps all food production and preservation equipment and systems in good working order, including building components, mechanical and electrical systems, refrigeration, and freezing.

He may repair, install, and replace machines and equipment. He can physically check and test strange noises of machines or equipment to discover malfunctions. He can discuss operating variations with supervisors to diagnose issues and fix them. A BS degree in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electrical or Electronic Engineering and experience is required to get this job.

The average salary is $52K – $75K/yr.

10. Distribution Operations Manager

A distribution operations manager maintains warehouse personnel daily as they receive, store, and distribute items. He supervises other employees and enacts the best ways to maximize job efficiency at a distribution facility. He delegates all product delivery and storage responsibilities to warehouse workers. He develops and implements standard operating procedures to ensure that the department meets all supplier guidelines, customer expectations, and stock efficiencies.

He examines the open order report daily and handles issues as they arise to ensure on-time deliveries. He checks all preventative maintenance methods and performs inspections. He is also in charge of remaining aware of and knowledgeable about the status and location of all products. A degree in a 2-year college program or equivalent experience is required to get this job.

Estimated salary is $58K – $89K/yr.

11. Distribution Supervisor

A distribution supervisor is responsible for arranging deliveries and shipments, managing timetables, allocating jobs, monitoring labor performance, and preserving records of all transactions. He is in charge of the team of local route delivery drivers. He ensures drivers adhere to current (DOT) Department of Transportation and (CSA) Compliance, Safety, and Accountability requirements for adequate vehicle maintenance and safety practices. He encourages drivers to have a positive attitude and to deliver excellent customer service. He also guides the drivers about fitness, driving risks, vehicle maintenance, alcohol or drug usage, and other dangers. A Business Administration degree is required to get this job.

The average salary is $43K – $60K/yr.

12. Supply Chain Planning Analyst

A Supply Chain Analyst examines data and techniques to evaluate and optimize a company’s product and service delivery to customers. He supports the supply chain to work smoothly and effectively and earn maximum profit.

He is responsible for creating, assessing, and tracking basic supply chain statistics and compare to objectives. He identifies problems and successfully communicates recommendations.

He discusses trends and their implications to boost productivity and profitability. He creates solutions, manages change, maintains customer relationships, tracks supply chain efficiency, and executes long and short-term customer delivery plans. A BS degree in Supply Chain or Engineering is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $79K – $108K/yr.

13. Inventory Control Coordinator

The inventory control coordinator works with the operations manager to establish a secure and efficient warehouse. He accomplishes this by doing accurate inventory counts for all collection zones and storage sites and inventory modifications via online inventory count. He guarantees that the firm has the stock needs to function smoothly while minimizing stock expenses. He gets correct financial data on food inventories and uses his business management talents to transform a deficit into a profit. A high school diploma, general education degree (GED), or technical coursework with field experience is required to get this job.

The average salary is $37K – $48K/yr.

14. Services Coordinator OR Food Distribution ASST

The services coordinator or food distribution assistant is in charge of implementing and maintaining local services.

He assists in collecting food products from companies and delivering them to the stores. He unloads products, packs them into grocery bags, and distributes them to each client. He organizes and assigns tasks to food service staff, examines and approves their work, assesses staff training requirements, and offers suitable training to new employees. A high school diploma with at least one year of experience is required to get this job.

The average salary is $46K – $72K/yr.

15. Process Operator

A process operator is accountable for producing high-quality products with no customer rejections, returns, or material waste. He installs, adjusts, and unlocks machinery by product safety regulations. He is in charge of maintaining product quality and preventing the wastage of ingredients and finished products.

To maintain standards, he checks sample items according to quality assurance requirements. He observes processing conditions and operates machinery that process and packages food products. He inspects all equipment regularly to ensure that it is in good working order by following correct operating procedures, performing low-level maintenance, and reporting equipment and safety concerns to the maintenance department. A BS degree or Diploma in Biologics and Process Technology, Engineering Systems and Management, or Applied Food Science Nutrition is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $39K – $52Kyr.

16. Supply Chain Analyst

A Supply Chain Analyst examines data and procedures to forecast and enhance the delivery of food products to buyers and merchants. He is responsible for developing, updating, and monitoring monthly supply orders from food wholesalers. He also supports and interacts with clients by offering detailed estimates. He keeps a supplier pricing database and sends monthly price variation report management. He gathers data to assist strategic supply chain projects. A BS degree in Business Analytics, Logistics with related field experience is required to get this job.

The average salary is $51K – $70K/yr.

17. Food Industry Reporter

The food industry reporter produces entertaining and informative stories and food trend reports about the food industry. He creates one-of-a-kind studies on food trends, competitors, markets, and policies. He participates in the global food forum by selecting topics, locating participants, conducting on-stage interviews, and reporting event news. A BS degree in Journalism, Communications, or English is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $44K – $73Kyr.

18. Product Analyst

Product analysts examine market data to help food companies establish marketing strategies for products. They compare a product to the market trend to verify whether it is appropriate and lucrative. He organizes the larger team to offer new solutions and features on time to improve the product. He also brings the latest feature improvements to the market through product packaging and market strategies. A Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering, Computer Science, or Supply Chain Management is required to get this post.

The average estimated salary is $56K – $83K/yr.

19. Packaging Operator

The packing operator ensures the product packaging is of the highest quality. He runs various product sealers while adhering to quality rules and ensuring the product is safe and clean. He is in charge of cleaning and monitoring equipment and the production line. He maintains track of the weights, carton sizes, and general packaging of the goods. He makes adjustments to the date coder and other equipment settings as needed. He ensures workers use the proper packing material for each freshly made product. A packaging operator collects the finished product of a food production line and packaging and prepares it for sale or distribution according to food industry standards. A High school diploma or equivalent experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $33K – $40Kyr.

20. Food & Beverage Expert

A food and beverage expert is a hotel management and food industry specialist responsible for planning and regulating food and beverage orders. He also oversees the financial aspects of the food and beverage purchase process. He ensures that the product is fresh, in stock, available, appropriately priced, and signed on the sales floor for a reliable customer experience. He is an economics, procedures, and efficiency specialist. He oversees food teams and services for all food and beverage in the store, including replenishment, inventory, accuracy, food safety, preservation, pricing, and promotional marketing. A BS degree in Hotel Management or Food and Nutrition is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $49K – $67K/yr.

21. Food Buyer

The food buyer acquires and maintains extensive product knowledge for specific products. He develops strategic and tactical plans to fulfill product sales and profit goals. He works with the sales team to discover growth potential within each sales zone. He sells by offering product knowledge on specific items through sales calls, trade fairs, training sessions, and product demos. He makes sales calls to consumers, distributors, and brokers. He offers supplier and marketing assistance for promotional allowances, demo funds, and other items assigned by the firm. In terms of company growth, he establishes and maintains solid supplier connections. He investigates new product potential through thorough study, analysis, and negotiations. A BS degree or equivalent experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $54K – $87K/yr.

22. Product Supply Manager

The product supply manager gathers information, generates reports, and evaluates inventory positions and load factors at suppliers and third-party wholesalers. He detects possible supply disruptions and collaborates with buying managers, vendors, and final dealers to maintain supply continuity. He works with the marketing and supply chain managers to ensure that new products, standardized test products, and expiring items are available on schedule. A Bs degree or equivalent experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $58K – $95K/yr.


The food distribution sector is diverse and offers several job opportunities.

You may find many jobs in customer service, shipping, warehousing, inventory management, trucking-fleet operations, packing, receiving, and materials handling, as well as plant, warehouse, store placement planning, and data collection. So you can get a job that suits your qualifications.