5 Reasons Why Kenmore is a Good Brand (And 1 Big Issue)

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Kenmore has been a famous American home appliance brand since 1913. Thus, the brand has been serving Americans for more than 100 years now. Over this long period, Kenmore has introduced refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, laundry care, and trivial appliances to make daily life easy and fun.

However, the main question about the brand is its quality maintenance and service facilities. Most people ask, “Is Kenmore a good brand?” They also want to know about its customer care and the longevity of its long product line.

Is Kenmore A Good Brand?

Yes, Kenmore is an excellent and reliable home appliance brand. Built originally by top manufacturers like Whirlpool, Daewoo Electronics, L.G., and Panasonic, these products are marketed throughout America by Sears. As a result, the manufacturers and the marketing company have a brilliant reputation.

Also, these home devices will last more than the industry standard, thanks to their modern design and safety features. It also needs the least maintenance.

Kenmore has been among the top American home appliance brands in the past decades. People have greatly appreciated its design, modern concept, longevity, easy maintenance, and customer care. But how good are Kenmore products in reality?

J.D. Power, in their latest report, suggested that Kenmore received a maximum satisfactory certificate from the customers. Its customer satisfaction for quick servicing, top-quality products, and easy usability defeated Whirlpool, Panasonic, and other brands.

In addition, the brand performed reasonably well in product lifespan, electricity usage, and quick installation categories. Thus, Kenmore stood among the top reliable and best brands in the USA for affordable home appliances.

Consumer Satisfaction

Kenmore products always have received good and top-rated customer satisfaction. There’s hardly any complaint about their product quality and service life among their consumers. If you go through the Sears or Amazon website of Kenmore products, you will quickly find its superior performance and satisfactory rating from users.

Moreover, Kenmore has always delivered everything in their products according to their claims. Thus, you will never find a scope to complain about them.

The relation between claiming hi-tech features in the product label and delivering the same in practical life makes Kenmore reliable. It is indeed a superior benefit of using Kenmore products.

Unique Design and Technology

Kenmore has always focused on bringing industry-leading technologies to its products. Thus, they have embraced modern technology and safety features faster than their competitors. Also, they never compromise on the safety features of their home appliances.

Their R&A department is never shy of experimenting with newer technologies. On top of it, their quality assurance never permits any products to go in the market below the industry standard. In fact, they look to exceed industry standards set by federal and state laws. Thus, these products have been made carefully with the best technologies without compromise.

As a result, their devices are safer than others. It also makes their products last longer.

Highly Energy Efficient

One main fact that makes Kenmore so popular is its energy efficiency. Many of its refrigerators, laundry items, dishwashers, and heaters have an energy-star rating. Thus, you will get 10% to 25% of less energy consumption from these devices. It plays a crucial part in lowering your electricity bill.

You may not find it significantly necessary when using a small Kenmore appliance.

However, with a fleet of Kenmore devices at home, your annual electricity bill can reduce by 10% easily. It is a massive benefit for large homes with multiple devices. That’s why you will see the modern-day apartment and homeowners shifting towards Kenmore to save energy and lower their utility bills.

Affordable and Competitive Pricing

is kenmore a good brand

What’s the first thing pops up in your mind when you hear the name Kenmore? It is probably affordable pricing. Kenmore has the most budget-friendly and competitive pricing for its product lines. So, you will find them ideal for your home without breaking the bank account.

For instance, you can get the Kenmore 30″ to 36″ inches refrigerators and freezers for around $1000 to $1200, which is around $200 cheaper than other brands.

So it will be helpful for you to arrange your home with the best appliances available in the market. Plus, the company hasn’t compromised its product quality to make them affordable. Thus, you don’t have to worry about their products, service life, and performance.

Easy To Maintenance and Care

Home appliances require little maintenance, almost always. Thus, customers will want easy maintenance and care for their products. Thankfully, Kenmore has addressed the issue superbly. It has helped them make their products without much complexity.

As a customer, you will love that you may fix minor problems with Kenmore devices without technicians. Also, you can clean, maintain and regulate these devices following their user manual and without going to service centers. It will be useful in the long run when older devices require frequent and prompt maintenance.

Repair and Servicing Issues

As the appliances of Kenmore are mostly made by Whirpool so the quality is decent. Unfortunately, Sears, the company that marketed Kenmore, is no longer in the market. Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018, and Kenmore customers have been struggling to find service for their appliances.

Recently, however, Kenmore customers have been having issues with the compressors in their refrigerators.

Some customers have reported that their compressors have failed entirely, leaving them without a working refrigerator. Others have said that their compressors are making strange noises or not cooling properly.

This can be a big problem, as it can lead to food spoilage and wasted money.

If you own a Kenmore appliance, it’s important to know your options for getting service. Here are a few things you can do:

  • Check the warranty on your appliance. If it’s still under warranty, you may be able to get service through the manufacturer.
  • Look for an authorized service provider in your area. There are still some companies that offer service for Kenmore appliances, even though Sears is no longer in business.
  • Look for a local appliance repair shop that has experience with Kenmore products.


Is Kenmore a good brand? Yes, Kenmore is more than a good and reliable home appliance brand in the American market. Kenmore has a long and broad product line. Plus, their appliances are durable, highly efficient, and dependable. The only problem is their customer service.

You will admire its performance-centric design without any excessive pricing. Plus, the design is unique and elegant that goes brilliantly with every home décor. Also, you will find their energy-efficiency helpful rating to lower your electricity bills. It also goes a long way to save ecology and the environment, making them eco-friendly.

Long story short, you will love Kenmore in your homes and apartments.