Dacor Refrigerator And Ovens Common Reported Problems

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Dacor is an established brand and is well-known for its quality kitchen appliances, look and feel, durability, and aesthetic designs. Under the umbrella of Samsung, it has successfully captured a wider consumer audience. 

It covers demographics who are food enthusiasts and keen lovers of modern luxury kitchen appliances.

Dacor products are recognized for their innovative product composition and longevity, but as an owner of everyday residential appliances, there are a few casualties.

On Inquiring consumers, people have reported having problems with their refrigerator ice-making compartment and oven being unable to function.

But these problems are normal and harmless and can be fixed with minimum effort.

If you are deciding to buy Dacor appliances or already have one and facing an issue with its refrigerator or oven products, you can resolve it with the help of this guide. 

This article has summarized some commonly reported issues with its troubleshooting solutions. 

Dacor Refrigeration Problems.

Dacor handy appliances are on one hand a great kitchen tool but on the other hand, are often prone to problems like the Ice maker not making Ice or Fridge Water getting leaked.

Follow along to know how to quickly fix these challenges.

Dacor Ice Maker Not Making Enough Ice

A most common refrigerator issue that most of the homeowners reported is that their fridge often stops making ice or the cubes are too small or soft. 

Dacor refrigerator’s inability to make ice is usually due to faulty components or a blockage in the supply lines.

Although Dacor refrigerator ice-making facility is a helpful feature, it provides convenience in providing ice on demand. 

If you have fallen victim to your Dacor side-by-side refrigerator not making ice, you are missing out on a significant blessing. 

There can be multiple reasons for your Dacor refrigerator ice maker not working. To best troubleshoot this malfunction, we have briefly discussed the most common signs of problems and their causes.

If you have bought a new refrigerator and have recently installed it, it may even take a minimum of 24-72 hours for the ice maker to reach its ice production time. 

However, if your refrigerator is old and you have problems getting the ice, you can check the following. 

  • One reason it cannot make ice is that your refrigerator is operating very slowly. A cold or too-warm freezer will not let the ice maker work properly. 
  • The temperature in your refrigerator should not change unless you manually adjust it. Check if the Freezer temperature is not too high, it should be somewhere between 0-5°F for it to produce the ice.
  • If you ever notice that your meals and goods in the refrigerator are not cool enough or the freezer of your appliance is not freezing things as it does, you should ask for professional assistance. 
  • Also, check the condenser fan, thermostat, condenser coils, evaporator fan, or another critical component because they might sometimes cause the problem. 
  • Another reason could be the malfunctioning of the Ice Mold thermostat (a device that senses the temperature of the mold). In case of this malfunctioning, it won’t accurately read the temperature, and ice production can be disturbed. Get your thermostat replaced to resolve the issue. 
  • In addition, it can be a clogged water filter or low water pressure. 

It is practical to resolve the problem as early as possible without letting it escalate into a more severe condition.

Dacor Fridge Leaking Water

Dacor customers have often reported water leakage from their refrigerators contributing to a mess in the kitchen and ruining hardwood floors.

Dacor fridge leaking water is likely to be caused by a broken water tank or a frozen defrost train, disrupting the water flow.

To fix this issue, you can flush the drain with boiling water to get rid of the ice and any debris causing the blockage.

Dacor Ovens Or Cooktops Are Not Heating Properly.

Dacor is one of the best-known appliance manufacturers in the industry. And thanks to their proven track record of offering the most luxurious high-end appliances. Their superior customer service makes them ready to diagnose most Dacor appliance issues.

A Dacor oven is an excellent sign of how reliable and high-performing appliances they produce. Still, it can often fall victim to common issues such as their oven not heating correctly.

Are you the one finding an answer to “Why is my Dacor oven not heating up”? 

Dacor Oven not heating is often because of faulty ignition, worn heating elements, defective outlets, or objects obstructing the convection fan.

Check if the thermostat may need to be modified to reflect the set temperature more accurately. Analyze the most likely causes for your Dacor oven not heating and find ways to solve the problem.

Dacor cooktops are liked for their sleek look and impressive finishes. Still, few consumers have complained about its recurring problems like unresponsive heating burners or cracks in the tempered glass stovetop.

Dacor ovens and ranges come in various sizes, including single and double wall ovens and single and double fuel ovens. Since the control panels in these products are somehow complex and sophisticated, consumers have reported that electrical problems have rendered their Dacor ovens ineffective.

These alleged problems include broken control panels, circuit boards, and thermostats. Some users have also reported that the self-cleaning function may sometimes get affected.

This dysfunction may be due to malfunction or power problems. 

Many consumers also have dealt with a burner that won’t ignite, uneven heating, or the oven temperature probe not beeping on food completion.

Other associated problems with these oven control boards are the F1 error codes; the oven does not turn off, other intermittent error codes or the range does not reach the temperature.

Ways to fix the Dacor oven issues

Dacor ovens are designed with exceptional quality levels, but as a machine, it often gives you trouble. But you should not worry about it, we have listed a few of the quick fixes and causes of the mishaps.

Foods found over or under cook.   The oven door is not opening.  The meat probe does not work.   Igniters do not spark and the Control panel is dark.   
Food is placed in the oven during pre-heat.   If you do not allow your oven to reach its optimum temperature, your oven can result in uneven baking or longer cooking times.The oven is set to self-clean.   The meat probe is not plugged in properly  The range is not connected to electrical power. Take the help of an electrician to connect the oven to an adequately wired electrical connection.     
The oven was set to the incorrect temperature scale.     There is a problem with the door latchThere might be a problem with the Meat probe connector.  Check for tripped circuit breaker or fuse.   
There is a defect in the temperature sensor.   Defective power boardThe meat probe may be defective.   The power to the range is off. Turn the power on at the junction box.
Elements are not wired correctly.     There might be a Power outage. In such case, Contact the power company.  
There is an Incorrect cooking time or temperature.      
Items are not being cooked on rack level to provide the best results   
The relay stuck closed on the power board.      
Sometimes the cooling fan continues to run even after the oven is turned off.   Although it is normal for the cooling fan to run for a while after the oven is turned off until the internal parts have cooled.    In case it continues to run for an extended period, Shuts off immediately.      


Your home’s day-to-day operations run on your essential Dacor appliances. With the power to do your chores in minutes, your Dacor appliances are genuinely the most convenient, time-saving tools in your kitchen. 

Although Dacor has won many hearts as a high-end brand and has been trusted by professionals for decades. But few of the problems have been reported to be associated with some of its products.

These problems with these handy appliances are caused by simple everyday wear and tear.

Despite investing in a new appliance, some quick fixes can save you from purchasing a new appliance. The purpose of this article is to correct all significant failures with fast and easy-to-fix solutions.


1. Are Dacor Ovens Good?

Yes, Dacor ovens are a great purchase decision. They are made with quality materials and productive features that conveniently fulfill kitchen needs.

Dacor is a renowned brand with experience producing high-end kitchen appliances. Their ovens are relatively cheaper and provide you with great-tasting food.

2. How Long Do Dacor Ovens Last?

Well, several factors determine the lifespan of an oven. Majorly, it all depends on how frequently you use the oven and how well you maintain it.

Since Dacor emphasizes high-end luxury household appliances, Dacor oven tends to last an average of 16 years. To increase its life, you must frequently undergo inspection and make sure to properly clean and maintain it.

3. Why My Dacor Ice Maker Has Stopped Making Ice?

There are several reasons why your Dacor refrigerator ice maker has stopped all of a sudden. It may be due to a blocked water dispenser, a clogged water filter, or any issues with your water supply line.

Also, put the freezer temperature between 0 and 5 degrees Fahrenheit for the ice maker to work properly. If the temperature is too high, check that the condenser fan is working properly the condenser coils are clear of debris.