Is TRQ A Good Brand for Brakes: An In-Depth Discussion

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One of the most critical safety features for vehicles to drive correctly is to ensure good brakes. So, when the brakes wear out, you must replace them ASAP. For this purpose, the first brake brand that comes to your mind is TRQ.

TRQ is famous for manufacturing different parts of automobiles, including brakes. But is TRQ a good brand for brakes? It is a vital question with a promising answer. It helps you decide whether or not you should use TRQ brakes for your vehicle.

TRQ uses precision engineering, high-quality material, and rigorous testing to manufacture its brakes for various automobiles. So, you can trust their quality, reliability, and performance in extreme driving conditions. It will also be a helpful brake replacement to ensure proper driving safety features.

So, let’s check the worthiness of TRQ brakes along with its other parts. If you plan to replace your vehicle brakes, don’t skip this in-depth article.

Is TRQ A Good Brand For Brakes?

TRQ has a worldwide fan base among automobile owners for the incredible quality of various parts. So, millions of people have been using TRQ products to upgrade, modify and maintain their cars, SUVs, and even agricultural vehicles. Following it, their brakes have been enjoying immense popularity.

But how good are TRQ brakes in reality?

Well, their brakes truly replicate the quality and performance that TRQ stands for in practical life. TRQ is abbreviated as “Trust, Reliable, and Quality.” Following it, their brakes also maintain top-quality service with the longest lifespan.

On top of it, TRQ brakes are usable by many different automobile brands. So, it allows automobile owners to quickly and efficiently replace the brakes. It is possible for you to even purchase TRQ brake kits for a quick and complete installation. It will save you money and time on the brake replacement.

So, long story short, TRQ brakes are good, reliable, and high-performing. You can easily choose these brake parts as a replacement kit for your vehicle. It will offer excellent braking performance as you expect from an OEM brake.

Now, let’s discuss the reasons for the worthiness of TRQ brakes. It will further assist you in knowing the true excellence of TRQ parts.

Why Should You Choose TRQ Brakes?

TRQ is a renowned and leading aftermarket parts manufacturer for different vehicles. They are whelmed highly for their quality and service. Besides, they have a fantastic after-sales service.

Precision Engineering:

TRQ always ensures precision engineering to manufacture all vehicle parts, including brakes. The company has a top-of-the-line engineering facility. In its production facility, the company has used the latest technologies. Also, their engineers and laborers are highly qualified and trained. As a result, you can depend on their manufacturing quality.

Furthermore, their precision engineering with the latest technology ensures that you receive the best brakes in the aftermarket. It will never disappoint you with quality.

Use Of Quality Materials:

TRQ never compromises the quality of the materials they use to manufacture their brakes. Instead, they outsource the different materials used in their brakes from renowned suppliers. Plus, they always test the quality of these materials rigorously.

So, their materials for automobile brakes are flawless. Using high-quality materials helps them manufacture the best aftermarket brakes for quick and reliable replacement. In addition, the use of high-quality material further provides better service life from the brakes.

Rigorous Testing:

TRQ focuses on rigorous testing before the shipment of each brake. They will cancel if they find even the slightest fault in their brakes before shipment. When TRQ tests its brakes, they ensure that these parts perform better than the original ones.

If the brakes deliver less-than-expected performance, they will never reach you. Instead, TRQ will cancel the shipment no matter how much loss they have to endure. Finally, they will keenly look for the reason for the fault to rectify it and maintain their quality assurance.

Direct Fit Facility:

The aftermarket brakes from TRQ are meant to fit their specific vehicle model directly. All the brakes will complement the following three features of an original vehicle brake. It includes:

  • Right form
  • Fitting
  • Function

Therefore, you should look at your vehicle’s model and manufacturing year to choose the right brakes from the TRQ brand. Once you have purchased a suitable brake kit, you can quickly install and fit it. It will deliver performance as good as the OEM brakes. So, you never have to worry about its reliability.

Outstanding Performance And Lifespan:

Many people ask, “Is TRQ a good brand for struts?” Struts are integral parts of the suspension system of any automobile. It works to make the suspension system smoother and more effective. When tested with the TRQ brand, these struts delivered a fantastic performance.

Thanks to the brilliant quality, precision engineering, and rigorous testing, TRQ brakes offer a premium shopping facility. Moreover, when you press the brakes in emergencies, it will stop immediately. Thus, it helps in preventing collisions and accidents.

Similarly, TRQ brakes combine with the struts of the suspension system to improve its performance. So, you will enjoy smoother suspension and enjoy your driving.

Customer’s Review On TRQ Brakes:

One of the best ways to look at the worthiness of the TRQ brand for brakes is to observe the customer’s review. So, we reviewed the TRQ client’s review on Amazon, eBay, and other automobile platforms. We even interviewed a few users of TRQ brakes on their vehicles.

TRQ brakes received an excellent review from most users. Customers have said that these brakes glue to the vehicles like gloves. They stop the car in the least possible space to avoid collisions. Similarly, its installation is easy and convenient. Many customers have stated they could change their worn-out brakes with the TRQ ones in their garage. Thus, it helped them save money and time. The installation is even made more accessible with complete brake installation kits. You can purchase it to replace the entire braking system.

You may combine it with TRQ suspension and strut kits for a complete system.

Does TRQ Have Good After-Sales Service?

One of the most important considerations for a brand’s worthiness is to look at its customer care service. According to our research, TRQ has a decent and satisfactory after-sales service. Most clients have expressed satisfaction in dealing with TRQ.

According to their reviews, TRQ has amicable and gentle salespersons and representatives. They deliver your required service without any hassle. On top of it, you will receive excellent repair service within the shortest possible time. So, you will hardly find any chance to complain about TRQ’s after-sales service through their one-stop solutions.


1. Which Brand Is Suitable For Brake Pads?

TRQ and Bosch are two of the leading and reliable brands for brake pads. You can easily choose their brake shoes and pads to replace the older ones with the original OEM performance.

2. Is TRQ A Good Aftermarket Brand?

TRQ is a leading aftermarket parts manufacturer for automobiles. They manufacture high-quality and direct-fit parts for vehicles. Also, their price is affordable for all.

3. What Brake Pads Last The Longest?

Ceramic brake pads combined with copper fiber offer the longest service life. With a brilliant performance, you can expect them to last longer than semi-metallic and metallic brake pads.


Is TRQ a good brand for brakes? Can you depend on the aftermarket brakes and struts of TRQ for your vehicles? Yes, TRQ brakes and suspensions are great for automobiles. They come with a direct-fit facility for quick installation. Also, the company uses superior materials and ensures precision manufacturing quality. So, you depend on the quality, longevity, and performance of TRQ brakes to enjoy the smoothest brakes.

Also, it is handy to stop the vehicle timely and at the shortest distance during emergencies. It will protect you from accidents and injuries. So, you can replace the vehicle’s original but worn-out brakes with the TRQ brakes.