Is Direkt-Tek A Good Brand? – Everything You Need To Know

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Technology is present in almost every sphere of our lives. While this is great, we must acquire different tech devices such as laptops, tablets, and VR headsets, to mention a few. Another problem that arises from the advancement and popularization of technology is the different product brands that have come up over the years, promising buyers and tech enthusiasts offerings that can meet their demands. However, how do you know whether a brand is trustworthy, especially if it is not high-end, such as HP, Samsung, Lenovo, etc.?

That’s why we are here. We aim to help you determine whether these brands are good or carry empty promises they hardly fulfill. This article will look at a computer and gaming technology brand, Direkt-Tek, which you may or may not have heard about. It deals in computer and gaming systems such as laptops, tablets, VR, and all-in-one systems. We will help you decide whether you should spend your hard-earned cash on this brand based on what buyers say. However, let’s first find out about its products.

Which Products Do Direkt-Tek Sell? 

This brand offers four main products. These are:

1. Laptop And Notebooks

Direkt-Tek prides itself on its ultra-slim and convertible laptops, notebooks, and Chromebooks. Note that all these devices come with a one-year premium subscription to Office 365. Some of the best models include:

Direkt-Tek 12.5″ Ultra Slim Laptop With W

This product is found on Direkt-Tek’s website. You are directed to a Walmart listing upon clicking on it, where you will discover that it costs roughly $150. As for the specifications, you get a 32GB hard drive, Intel processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, and a RAM of 32KB. This laptop won’t help you as much unless you are a student.

Direkt-Tek 13.3″ Convertible Laptop

This product is also listed on Direkt-Tek’s website. Even though the RAM specifications are not provided in the listing, it uses an Intel processor. This, too, is meant for students. It costs around $200 and has a rating of 2.7/5, which is not good. Buyers get 1 year of Office 365 Personal and McAfee Antivirus protection subscriptions. Can these two reasons make you get this laptop? We will discuss that later.

Direkt-Tek DTLAPC14-1

This is another option you will find on the brand’s official website. It has an array of features that you may find helpful depending on your needs. These include 4GB RAM, 32 GB SSD, a 14″ screen, and an FHD screen. It comes in silver and is equipped with an intel processor. It is costlier than the other options, albeit by a few dollars, as it retails at $219. It is rated at 2.9/5, which is not impressive.

2. Android Tablets

This brand also offers android tablets, which you can get for studying, business, or casual use. It only has two models available (8″ and 10″), all of which come with the Google Play Store. However, note that their manufacture is in process, and according to the website, users should expect them soon.

3. Windows And Android VR Headsets

Direkt-Tek is also into gaming, thanks to its Windows and Android VR headsets. Some of the models available in the market include:


Almost all of this brand’s products seem to go for $200 or below. The AVR1-WT costs $19.99, according to the brand’s Walmart listing, making it one of the cheapest VR headsets in the market. This Android VR headset has several specifications, including 360-degree immersion, full HD resolution, and a 96-degree field of view. You also get the chance to play thousands of games and access an array of VR content as long as you have the right app store. It is rated at 3.5/5, according to Walmart’s online store.


The WVR-1 is also priced similarly to the AVR1-WT, which we have just discussed. It promises buyers an immersive gaming experience and comes with a number of appealing features and specifications. For example, it talks of a full 360-degree immersion, a 100-degree field of view, HD resolution, and a wireless controller. Buyers also get a soft and comfortable memory form faceguard and a comfortable head strap. However, even with these offerings, this device still has a rating of 3/5, with the highest being 1-star ratings. Do you think that this VR headset is worth buying?


We are reviewing a number of this brand’s products to show you what buyers with first-hand experiences feel. The WVR-3 goes above the $200 price tag, costing $20 more. However, what does it offer? According to Walmart’s online listing, this product has a 1440p Quad HD resolution, a wide 100-degree field of view, a comfortable memory face guard, and a wireless controller. Users are also promised several games and interactive VR content they can obtain from Steam VR. Like the previous product, this offering has a rating of 3/5.


Direkt-Tek also sells a wireless controller that works with the brand’s VR headsets. Its features include a directional touch panel, menu interaction, and volume control function. Additional features include a touch-sensitive directional pad, wireless Bluetooth function, and a free micro USB charging cable. However, even though Direkt-Tek promises that this device is compatible with its Android VR headsets, it only works with the AVR1 and 2. Are we being played?

4. All-In-One Desktop Pcs

Direkt-Tek also offers all-in-one desktop PCs with touchscreen displays, wireless mice, and keyboards. According to the website, these models are ‘lightweight’ and ‘clutter-free.’ However, only one is listed, I e:

Direkt-Tek 23.8″ All in One Monitor

This all-in-one monitor is found on the brand’s website. It costs slightly below $189 and has better specifications than some of the laptops we reviewed. Users get Windows 10 OS, 4GB RAM, and 32GB hard drive capacity. It has a 3.1/5 rating score with a considerably high number of 1-star ratings.

Is Direkt-Tek Worth Your Money?

After reviewing some of the best products this brand has to offer, it is time to answer the elephant in the room by determining whether this brand is worth buying. Let’s consider the following factors to arrive at a good decision:

Customer Feedback

The surest way to determine whether a product is worth your time and money is by finding out what the customers have to say about it. Even though people have different experiences, the majority can’t be wrong. This brand doesn’t enjoy lots of positive feedback. Some of its products, such as the DTLAPC14 and WVR-1, have more negative feedback than positive, which should tell you something. The majority can’t be wrong all the time, especially if it’s a trend.


Brands such as Direkt-Tek offer an alternative to high-end brands, which are generally costly. Their prices are, therefore, fairly low compared to their counterparts, which can be seen from the product reviews we have done above. This brand sites when it comes to pricing given that none of the products we have covered costs more than $250. Most customers who leave a positive rating praise it for its fair pricing.


Customers are allowed to rate products based on their experience. Most of Direkt-Tek’s products have a rating of 2.9-3.5, which is pretty low. For some, the number of one star is greater than that of other stars, which should concern you. Unless you don’t have a problem with such ratings, you may have to think hard before making a purchase decision.


A device’s specification matters a lot as it influences what you can and cannot do with it. Most of the products we have reviewed, especially the laptops, do not have great specs. A 32GB memory is so low that even some budget phones have a larger memory. Unless you are a student who only needs to store a few notes or videos, these products may not meet your needs.


Is Direkt-Tek a good brand? Frankly, Direkt-Tek may not be the best option unless you need a budget option that you will upgrade from later or a laptop for your studies. Even though the prices are great, the ratings are quite concerning.


Direkt-Tek is a cheaper computer and gaming brand that serves different markets. However, it is not as great as other alternatives based on its product specifications and online reviews. However, note that the final purchase decision rests on you; therefore, if you think its products will serve you just fine, go ahead and get them. Also, keep reading our articles to learn more about some of the brands you may be interested in but may have been holding back.


1. Where Can I Obtain Direkt-Tek’s Products?

You can view the available options from the brand’s official website. However, clicking on them will direct you to Walmart’s online website, where you can make your purchase. Alternatively, you can visit the Walmart store nearby and get one.

2. I Can’t Seem To Find The Android Tablets Mentioned On Direkt-Tek’s Website. Where Can I Get Them?

Even though Direkt-Tek’s website talks about android tablets, they are yet to be released. We hope that they will hit the market soon.

3. Are Direkt-Tek’s Products Durable?

From online reviews, it seems that some are while others are not. Make sure that you find out more about a particular model before purchasing.

4. Does Direkt-Tek’s Products Come With A Warranty?

Yes. This product offers a 1-year warranty for both labor and parts.