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Squishmallows are adorable, soft, cuddly plush toys. They are perfect for offering comfort. They can act as friends or bedtime buddies.

You can collect a thousand cute little characters. Or you can just decorate your place with them. Do you want to know who makes Squishmallows?

“Kelly Toys Holdings, LLC” has been making these adorable round stuffed Squishmallows since 2017. These toys come in various colors and sizes. They have their unique names. Depending on their rarity, their prices can vary. Most of the rare Squishmallows are on the costlier side.

Squishmallows Manufacturer“Kelly Toys Holdings, LLC”
Owner NameJonathan Kelly
Company LocationUSA
Squishmallows Introduced in2017

So let us find out the journey of these cute plush toys. This article will talk about it and other similarly adorable and interesting facts about Squishmallows!

Who Makes Squishmallows

Kelly Toys Holdings LLC first launched Squishmallows in 2017. These soft plush toys are round and come in multiple colors. They are of different sizes and characters. Not only that, unique characters have their own different background stories! How cool is that?

You can say that Jonathan Kelly is the creator of Squishmallows. He founded Kelly Toys Holdings LLC in 1986. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.

The company holds the National Parenting Products Award (2017). In 2020, it won Best Toy of The Year by Learning Express.

What is Squishmallow?

This article will briefly talk about the makers of Squishmallow. But first, what are Squishmallows? Let us find out.

Squishmallows are the most adorable stuffed toys. They are round and lovable. They stuffed soft polyester fiber in the toys. The company makes them soft with spandex, and they come in different sizes.

Maybe all the cute ones are generated from Japan. The idea of these toys also comes from Japan! Though, China manufactures these plush toys.

These stuffed toys stole the spotlight during COVID-19. Many collectors of these toys started posting their collections on Instagram. They became popular on TikTok and other social sites.

There are thousands of Squishmallow characters. These characters come in different prices and sizes. Now, let us find out some interesting history about Squishmallows and Kelly Toys Holdings LLC.

The History of Kelly Toys Holdings LLC and Squishmallows

who makes squishmallows

As mentioned before, Kelly Toys Holdings, LLC, was founded in 1986. Jonathan Kelly founded this California-based company. The company is one of the most influential manufacturing companies of plush toys.

It mainly focuses on stuffed toys, games, and consumer goods. It is a private company that has been in business for 36 years.

Jonathan Kelly visited Japan and saw many “kawaii” toy products, including plush toys.

That’s how the idea of Squishmallows came to him. He wanted to make cute, soft, and adorable plush toys of unique characters. So he launched the brand in 2017.

He made the toys with spandex and soft polyesters. Then named each character and gave them cute and interesting stories.


China manufactures Squishmallows Plush toys. The Toys mainly got popular amidst COVID-19. Many people collected them. Then they posted their collections on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites.

Squishmallows instantly got popular for their unique and cute looks.

But mostly, they got famous through TikTok. According to Wikipedia, the hashtag #squishmallows has over 550 million views.

Squishmallow has 100000 followers on Twitter and 500000 on Instagram. The company has sold over 50 million Squishmallows.

However, let us discuss some benefits of Squishmallows and other facts about them, albeit adorable ones!

The Benefits of Squishmallows

Squishmallows are So So Adorable!

You can hug them and forget about your worries. They can be your constant for warmth and support. There is much welfare of these kawaii toys. The article mentions some of those below.

Can Be Collected

These Squishmallows are an easy catch for collecting. They come in many characters and many colors. Each character has a different background story, which makes them more adorable. There are over 800 Squishmallow characters.

Some of them are rare to find and costly as well. So it will be really fun to collect them.

Cute little friends

Squishmallows are huggable, soft plush toys. So you can use them for your bedside toys and hug them all night. Kids love them. You can always make a kid or an adult happy with this plush toy.

They are the cutest and the warmest friends ever.

Room Decor

Squishmallows can infect your house with their cuteness. You can use them as decorating products. They can be the pillows of your house or cute little guests on your shelves.

Many Options

There are over 1000 characters of Squishmallows. Jenny the cow, Abby the octopus, Ace the unicorn, etc., are the names of some characters. They look unique.

They also come in different stories and sizes. So, you can choose from many options and collect this cute little plush.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Squishmallows washable?

Yes, they are. You can spot clean them with mild detergent. But, you should not heat dry or put any kind of heat on it. It might damage the products.

Also, do not bleach as it might affect the color.

Why are Squishmallows so hard to find?

Squishmallows are popular now. So the demand is high. They are currently hard to find because the demand has outpaced supply.

Why are Squishmallows so popular?

At the beginning of the launch, they were not this popular. But, in 2020, they got displayed on multiple social networking sites. And people picked on its adorableness. Hence, they got really popular.

Are Squishmallows suitable for babies?

Obviously, they are suitable for babies. These cute, cuddly plush toys don’t have any age limits. However, I bet your kids will love them, no doubt.


Finally, we can say that these cutesy, cuddly toys are suitable for anyone. They have versatile usage, and they look adorable.

You can collect them or just buy them for your kids. Jonathan Kelly, CEO of Kelly Toys Holdings LLC, has done magic with these toys. The plush toys have infected the world with their cute looks amidst this coronavirus. Thanks to Jonathan and Japan!

If you were looking for the answer to who makes Squishmallows, we hope you got your answer. However, with many adorable features, we hope nobody hates Squishmallows at all.

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