Is DeWALT A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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While searching for a new set of professional power tools for your around-the-house jobs, you will likely find a lot of suggestions for DeWalt tools.

But this makes you wonder, “Is DeWalt a good brand?” The simple answer is yes.

DeWalt is the world’s leading power tool manufacturer that has long been associated with manufacturing quality and durable tools to get the job done.

They make tools for several crafts, including woodworking, construction, plumbing, metalworking, landscaping, and gardening. DeWalt tools are able to complete a wide range of products with efficiency and quality results. These tools are well known for their durability, comfort, longevity, functionality, and ability to deal with big jobs.

Professionals and tool enthusiasts have trusted this brand for years, and there is no doubt that its quality stays the same.

If you are not convinced, and are still urged to buy a professional tool and want genuine information about whether DeWalt falls into the reliable brand category. This article will help you conclude the final decision. 

Knowing About DeWALT Brand        

DeWalt started its operation in 1922 when Raymond DeWALT created the first cutting machine, the radial arm saw. The product was designed to facilitate cutting various wood and help industrialists boost productivity. After the product got significant acceptance, the brand decided to sell the products to the world officially.

During the 1940s, DeWALT’s growth accelerated and experienced rapid expansion, including the production of wartime machinery. By the1990s, the company introduced the first portable DeWALT tool to the market. It was the first time the company targeted residential contractors and professionals instead of businesses.

In 1992, Black & Decker (its parent company) made a significant effort to rebrand its high-end professional power tools to DeWalt. By 1994, DeWalt took over the German woodworking power producer E.L.U. and used its technology to expand its tool line. As of 2001, they produce and sell more than 800 accessories and 200 hand power tools.

The company continues to design and innovate professional workhorse solutions and is still categorized as a leader in the power tools industry. Whether you’re looking for pneumatic tools, pipe cutters, automotive tools, or even an excellent way to manage dust, DeWALT has various products to serve you. 

They also have an extensive collection of hand tools and outdoor items like lawnmowers and even offer an impressive array of storage options. In short, whatever you need, it’s worth seeing what DeWALT has to offer.  

Is DeWALT A Good Brand?

DeWalt is the world’s leading power tool brand that falls under the umbrella of Stanley Black & Decker.

It is a premium brand highly approved in the construction and woodworking industries. With over a century of history, the DeWalt brand has a strong reputation for manufacturing superior products.

According to Life story, America’s Most Trusted research, the Power Tool study determines the top-performing tool brand. Based on the calculated ratings, the most trusted and preferable brand among people considering the purchase of a power tool brand was DeWALT. 

DeWALT produced the highest score and ranked at the top among recognized power tool brands in the study. DeWALT captured a 5 Star rating among people actively shopping for a power tool.  

DeWALT performs extensive field testing on all its products before they are available for sale.

They have manufacturing facilities in many countries, including the United States, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil.

By maintaining factories in many provinces, DeWalt can ensure a steady supply of tools for many industries worldwide.

With a global reach, Dewalt is consistently regarded as a quality brand in terms of performance and usage. Their products are compact, lightweight, and come with an excellent warranty. It deals in a variety of tools that satisfy any power tool needs.

Almost all of their products, including cordless, are incredibly compact and lightweight, making them the most impressive in the market.

Is DeWALT Power Tools Worthy?

Yes, Dewalt tools outperform most other brands. When it comes to fulfilling things dependent on power tools, DeWalt comes to the rescue. These power tools have a long-standing history, where the majority of the work was done by water wheels, windmills, and steam in the past.

Being a high-end brand, almost all of their products, including outdoor power equipment, power tools, lighting, generators, storage, hand tools, batteries, and accessories, are professional grade, durable, and high performing.

They are reliable tools that make the job easier, with powerful and easy-to-handle batteries.

With an easy-to-spot yellow and black appearance, these tools provide top-notch performance, user compatibility, and the ability to last longer. 

Whether searching for a cordless drill, a portable power station, or a lithium driver, DeWalt is a perfect choice. As DeWalt promises, its tools are “made to live on the Jobsite.” 

Dewalt has done a great job designing powerful and rugged tools that work efficiently every time you use them. Consumer Reviews in many places are found to be positive.

DeWalt power tools are appreciated for getting the work done more swiftly and promise to offer extra precision and accuracy. 

Thanks to technological advances and constant mechanical progression, they are run by electricity, battery power, and sometimes compressed air.

What’s The Best DeWALT Power Tool For A Beginner?

Among many quality products, the best tool option for beginners is the DEWALT 20V M.A.X. Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver Kit. The tool is lightweight and easy to operate, making it suitable for home projects.

The product comes with a guided manual that provides clear instructions on using it immediately and without hassle.

Also, the product is accompanied by two batteries that ensure backup support. Also, their charger makes it easy to keep them powered up. 

The carrying case ensures everything stays organized together, making it easy to grab and go when needed.

With everything you need to get started, the DEWALT 20V M.A.X. Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill/Driver Kit is the best choice for anyone new to using DEWALT power tools. 

What’s The Best DeWALT Power Tool For A Professional?

The DEWALT 60V M.A.X. Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Combo Kit is the best set of power tools for professionals. It is because all of the tools are in a single kit.

It includes a brushless hammer drill/driver, a brushless circular saw, a brushless reciprocating saw, two batteries, a charger, and a carrying case.

The carrying case is spacious and sturdy to hold all the tools, making it easy to transport from one job site to another.

The tools’ brushless design is built purposely to withstand the rigors of professional or heavy-duty use. 

Its two long-lasting batteries will allow you to keep going even in the most challenging projects.

The charger is also designed to quickly and efficiently charge the batteries so you can get back to work as soon as possible.


If you are finding an answer to “Is DeWalt a good brand”, you will be surprised to know that DeWalt tools are among the best-performing power tools in the market.

DeWalt is a well-known and respected brand that manufactures power tools and equipment designed specifically for professionals, homeowners, woodworkers, laborers, and tool enthusiasts.

They manufacture tools to address various divisions such as construction, woodworking, plumbing, metalworking, landscaping, and gardening.

DeWalt is known for making top-notch power tools built to withstand rigid and rough use. It is good for heavy-duty usage and all the tools function professionally.

A good amount of people have supported the brand and agreed that DeWalt tools are a good option to make your job efficiently done.


1. Is DeWALT made in U.S.A. or China?

Nearly all Dewalt products are made in the U.S.A. The company sources raw materials and components from various countries around the world. This outsourcing is either done if the material is currently unavailable in the U.S.A. or is not viable in terms of quality and cost.

2. Why choose DeWALT

DeWALT is a great choice if you want reliable, durable, and high-quality power tools to get your work done easily and more efficiently. It offers a range of products for beginners and professionals alike. DeWalt tools are easy to handle and perform

3. Is DeWALT high quality?

Under the umbrella of Stanley Black & Decker, DeWalt has earned its reputation in the power tool industry as a quality, reliable and trustworthy brand.

Engineered with quality features and high-performing elements, DeWalt deals in a range of products that quickly and efficiently finish the jobs with the highest standards.

4. Which DeWALT tools are better?

The most running product in the catalog of DeWALT is their 20V max power stack. It is the most powerful, compact, and lightest weight battery. The power stack compact battery utilizes breakthrough pouch battery cell technology to transform the cordless job site. 

For heavy-duty applications, 18/54V flex volt is the best option for the power cord with the freedom of battery.

The X.R. range is predominantly cordless and relies on 18-volt batteries to provide power, longevity, and durability.