Who Makes Rice Krispies Cereal | Are they Making it Healthy?

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Rice Krispies is a popular breakfast cereal amongst kids. Rice and sugar paste makes Rice Krispies. It, later on, creates a “Snap, crackle, and pop” sound when one adds milk. The three cartoon mascots and their catchy music single make it more liked by the kids.

So, you may be curious to know who makes Rice Krispies?

Kellogg Company is an American multinational food manufacturing company that makes rice Krispie. It started marketing Rice Krispies in 1928. It seems that W.K. Kellogg tried out this new rice cereal in 1927 and said, “You have got something there!” That is how our Rice Krispies came to be.

Rice Krispies Manufacturer“Kellogg’s”
Owner NameWill Keith Kellogg
Rice Krispies first Developed in1927
Headquarter inUSA
Kellogg Company Founded in1906
Kellogg’s Net Worth$22.59B (2022)

However, we will briefly discuss rice Krispie making, its history, and other things about it. So, let’s make things clear across the entire article for the next few minutes.

Who Makes Rice Krispies

We mentioned before, Kellogg Company is the one who makes Rice Krispies. Kellogg’s is a multinational food manufacturing company. Kellogg Company produces cereals, crackers, toaster pastries, and other convenience foods.

Kellogg Company is also the maker of famous brands such as Corn Flakes, Pringles, Eggo, etc.

The company manufactures and produces its products in more than 188 countries. It goes by the mission statement:

“Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive.”

Kellogg companies headquarter are at Battle Creek, Michigan, US. Its largest factory is at Trafford, Greater Manchester, UK. It has other corporate offices. Those are in Chicago, Dublin, Shanghai, and Querétaro City.

Kellogg Company also holds a Royal Warrant from Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince of Wales.
Source: Wikipedia.

What is Rice Krispies

who makes rice krispies

Rice Krispies is a breakfast Cereal food. Kelloggs Company dries and toasts a paste of rice and sugar. This process makes them crunchy and crispy. People usually enjoy it with milk like any other cereals. Rice Krispies contain salt, vitamin C, vitamin E.

It also has vitamin D, Riboflavin, folic acid, and other nutritious elements.

Kids love to eat Rice Krispies for their taste and the famous “Snap, crackle and pop.” sound that it makes.

Artist Vernon Grant created three advertisement characters, Snap, Crackle, and Pop, in 1933. They started appearing in ads and posters and became a thing. Recently a “snap, crackle and pop” single was out, and it was very catchy!

After having a broader idea about what Rice Krispies is. Let’s find out some awesome history.

The History of Kellogg’s and Rice Krispies

In 1876, W.K. Kellogg, along with his brother, accidentally made Corn Flakes. They were working in Battle Creek Sanitarium. W.K. Kellogg, later on, introduced Corn Flakes as a breakfast food in 1894. He then founded Battle Creek toasted Corn Flake Company in 1906.

Later on, they produced many types of convenience food products. A lot of them are famous worldwide. Rice Krispies was first introduced in 1928. The company was renamed Kellogg Company in 1922.

The company has won many awards and recognition. It has been one of the most reputed and admired companies for a very long time.

It won awards for its women’s inclusion, LGBTQ+ equality, and many more reasons. The company has also been part of many charitable acts.

So far, the article has given a brief yet quite unfolding idea about rice Krispies and Kelloggs. It has decided how they came to be.

Now, let us find out how yummy Rice Krispies are. We will also be talking about the nutritious value of Rice Krispies cereal.

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Top Benefits of Rice Krispies

There are many myths about Rice Krispies. So, one might be a little fidgety while buying this world-famous product. This article will give you some well-researched facts about Rice Krispies. Hopefully, it will help you decide whether you want to hear its crackling sound for breakfast!

Helps Lose Weight

Rice Krispies contains 150 calories but no fats and no cholesterol. It also has 3 grams of protein and 36 grams of carbohydrates. Although it is high in carbs, the absence of fat and cholesterol makes up for it. Not the best cereal for losing weight, but you can try it out.


Most of the packet food has refined oils. But Rice Krispies Does not have oil in it. So, it is safe to say that this adds up to its health benefits.

No Added Sweetness and Color

Rice Krispies are free for artificial sweetness. It does not have any added colors.

Also, no other artificial ingredients are used for rice Krispies. It is ever so simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rice Krispies made of rice?

Well, isn’t that obvious? Rice Krispies are made from a paste of rice and sugar. The paste is cut into rice shapes and then dried and toasted.

Who makes Rice Krispies?

Kellogg’s, founded by W.K. Kellogg, makes rice Krispies. As mentioned before, the company has been making rice Krispies since 1928.

Is Rice Krispies the healthiest cereals?

Rice Krispies are not the worst cereals. They are healthy. But their nutritious values are little in comparison to other cereals.

Does Rice Krispies have pork?

Yes. Rice Krispies and Rice Krispies Treat contain marshmallows. And these marshmallows have pork gelatins. So we can say that it does have pork-related gelatins.

Final Words

Rice Krispies is a world-famous brand. It looks simple but very is very tasty. It is best known for its snap, crackle, and pop sound.

Kellogg’s is the company that makes Rice Krispies. This brand is a giant breakfast company that has been in for more than 100 years. It is also the maker of many other famous food products.

It should be mentioned that there are many false health claims by Kellogg’s. So you may want to check those facts out about the company. Regardless, almost all their products have survived over the years.

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