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Traveling runs in my blood. When I travel, I try to find the best hotels to stay in. After a long tiring day, it is necessary to have a good night sleep.

Among many hotels, Westin is my favorite. Do you want to know why? Because it has a heavenly bed. Are you feeling interested to know who makes Westin heavenly bed?

Westin Heavenly BedDetails
Manufactured By“Simmons”
Founded in1999
Specially Made forWestin Hotels
Warranty Period10 Years

The bed has provided a relaxing sleep to millions of guests since 1999. It is undoubtedly the most well-known hotel bed in the whole world. But there are some people who know the history behind it.

This finding was elemental, but it tied into something more significant. Let us dive into more information.

Who Makes Westin Heavenly Bed

The bed manufacturing brand “Simmons” makes the Westin heavenly bed, particularly for Westin. It incorporates a 13-inch pillow top mattress and pocketed coils.

They sell each heavenly bed with mattress and box spring unit. The standard box of the spring unit is 8 ¾ inches.

In the 1990s, hotel beds did not have that much comfortable furnishings. Foam-based mattresses were standard in hotels. These beds were great for keeping the budget low.

But the Westin group looked for an opportunity to aim higher and deliver a great experience to guests.

In 1999, the brand surveyed travelers. After that, they requested their thoughts on a hotel’s essential service. Their answer was quite simple, a good night sleep.

westin heavenly bed

What is Westin Heavenly Bed

This bed has one of the exquisite mattresses that the hospitality business has ever come out with. It is specially created for a lavish experience of sleeping.

The Westing Heavenly Bed includes a huge variety of frames. Moreover, it offers an ultra-soft, comfortable sleeping experience.

The Westin group conducted a worldwide survey and extensive guest comfort analysis. This bed has proved to be a great product with different analysis and testing procedures.

Typically, these beds are special and different from the other mattresses used in hotels.

The Iconic Bed

Competing with hospitality brands began racing to make the best version of the hotel bed. Heavenly Bed was positioned in Westin properties worldwide, and customer satisfaction levels rose significantly.

Now, after more than 20 years, it remains an iconic symbol of luxurious rest.

The Heavenly bed is exactly the same as its name. It offers a dreamy, well-focused getaway even in the surroundings of home.

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Top Features of Westin Heavenly Bed

  • This Westin heavenly bed has own about 64% owner satisfaction.
  • A significant number of people have said that it relieves back pain.
  • This bed has pocketed coils. This feature helps to move one person without disturbing the other.
  • Some bed has an initial odor in the beginning. But this bed has nothing like that.
  • It has a thick pillow on top. So, it does not become hot while sleeping.
  • The bed is suitable for back sleepers, side sleepers, and tummy sleepers.
  • You need to rotate the mattresses twice a year to maintain them.
  • This brand gives ten years of warranty.

Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Excessive softening or sagging can happen after using some years.
  • A bit pricey compared to the other bed.
  • After you place an order, it will take at least 2 to 4 weeks to deliver.
  • The return policy is very strict. If you do not like it, you cannot return it after buying it.

Westin Heavenly Bed Analysis

The worldwide survey revealed that sleep is the most crucial factor when staying in a luxury hotel. To know how this bed performs, we are sharing some analysis and details:

The Fabric

The high-density fabric and materials ensure the softness that a mattress will need. Higher fabric density contributes to the softness, longevity, and luxurious experience. The Westin Heavenly Bed ensures a mattress that is incredibly rigid and soft.

Overall, it ensures the quality with GSM fabric thread count. The fabric is non-flammable and antibacterial too.

who makes westin heavenly bed

The Foam

Usually, most guests prefer a mattress that is enough softer. So, the mattress foam must be supportive and also comforting. As per different research data, the density of the foam is high of Westin Heavenly Bed. It also gives a splendid experience.

Moreover, foam in the Westin Heavenly bed is sewed in a twisted pattern which helps to regulate body temperature.

The Westin Heavenly Bed doesn’t have any latex foam. But the foam has a high density which ensures longevity.

The Innerspring

This bed uses a specially designed pocket coil system to balance support and contouring comfort. The spring system is placed inside. So, there is sufficient space to regulate body temperature. Also, it increases the longevity of the mattress’s sanitary.

Additionally, the pocket coil system is threaded which is enough durable. It gives extra support which helps guests feel the support.

The Pocket Coil

The Westin Heavenly Bed has an intense count for most of the double-bed size. The support will be better if the pocket coils are higher. Comfort and support are always given.

If the spring count is higher, then it will ensure that the mattress does not restrict movement. Also, people with average body weight or above that will feel comfortable.

The Mattress

The Westin Heavenly bed can also offer superior sleeping. The construction of the mattress is very high-quality and high-density. It will give an exclusive look.

Moreover, it will give a magnificent experience for a variety of body structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Westin heavenly beds comfortable?

The Westin Heavenly Bed offers an excellent flexible, and comfortable feeling. Moreover, it has a pocket coil system which makes this more comfortable.

The individual coils support the places where it is needed. Also, it gives comfort and full-body support.

Do all Westin hotels have their signature heavenly beds?

Westin hotels use their signature heavenly beds all over the world. It includes an all-white heavenly bed, five pillows with a pillow top, three crisp sheets, and a down blanket.

The thread count ranges from 180 to 250.

Does Nordstrom sell the heavenly bed?

The Westin heavenly mattress was first introduced in 1999. Until now, it has been available in some selected Nordstrom stores. These are also available through amazon.com and Westin.

Westin has sold almost 60,000 pieces of mattresses through Nordstrom. However, Nordstrom is still selling these at some stores.

Is the Westin heavenly bed worthy?

The mattress is pretty expensive, and it can be a limitation for some people. But, it is worth every penny. The Heavenly bed is durable enough. It also offers sufficient support for every sleeping position and has a lavish look.

Which Simmons mattress is the Heavenly Bed?

The model of the Heavenly bed pillow top is a spring core mattress. This is a part of the Beautyrest product line, which Simmons manufactures. The pillow top is 13-inch thick, and it also offers enough support.

What type of pillows does Westin use?

Westin usually uses the plush loft type of pillows. These are the Westin feather and down pillow which makes a favorite choice of guests. The combination of feather and down are perfect for any sleeper.

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