Top 25 Intel Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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1. Intel Makes Use Of Several Well-Known Applications. What Types Of Automation Software Programs Are You Used To Using?

You stated in the job description you are seeking a candidate with Software ABC experience. I’ve used software comparable to XYZ that is pretty similar. Since the functionalities are essentially the same, I am confident that I will pick up ABC and your other internal programs fast because I am an experienced level user of XYZ.

2. What Weaknesses Do You Have?

Even with simple problems, I occasionally pay close attention to numerous details and consider the solution in detail. Finding the issues and talking about them with friends takes a lot of time to find the best solution. For instance, I will gather the data, wrangle, evaluate, and forecast potential underlying causes when measures go wrong. After determining the root of the issue, I occasionally try different approaches in search of the optimal resolution, even though they could be time- and money-consuming. I have therefore been working to enhance the habit by evaluating the available resources, creating a portfolio target, and setting a deadline.

3. What Are Your Strongest Points?

My strengths include self-motivation, fierce tenacity, integrity, veracity, adaptability in a team, and the experiences and transferrable skills I’ve acquired via my studies. By employing such principles and abilities, I consistently come up with creative solutions to locate problems and rationally resolve them. One of my friends, for instance, struggled to respond to questions on the measurement and fitting of data in submitted papers. By applying my mathematical and analytical abilities, I was able to assist him and solve the problem in two days. They showed appreciation by adding my name to a recent PRB coauthor paper.

4. If You Were Handed A Project That Was Running Late, How Would You Handle It?

We were assigned a deadline for a project in my previous position as a software developer, but we lacked the resources to finish it in time. We decided to prioritize the project’s most crucial elements before concentrating on the others. That allowed us to deliver high-quality outcomes and still reach our initial deadline.

5. Do You Have Any Previous Experience Working In A Group Setting?

For the longest of my career, I have worked in a team environment. I discover that teamwork can result in more creative and original thoughts and solutions than working alone. In my previous employment, I frequently had to manage project teams. I discovered that I am skilled at determining a group’s strengths and weaknesses and allocating tasks accordingly.

6. How Would You Define Your Ability To Work Autonomously, Which Is What We’re Seeking?

I have spent most of my career working alone, therefore I feel very at ease doing so. As a software developer, I was responsible for building a brand-new program from the ground up. In terms of what she wanted in the program, my manager gave me broad instructions, but she left the rest up to me. I developed a program that complied with all her requirements using my understanding of programming languages and coding practices.

7. Describe An Instance When You Were Forced To Decide On A Process Without Consulting Your Immediate Manager.

In my former position as a software engineer, I had a task to develop a new system that would make it easier for the sales force at our company to access client information. My manager gave me some initial suggestions for the project, but he preferred that I come up with a strategy on my own. After reviewing the systems currently in use at other organizations, I decided to create a program that would merge all of our client data into a single, central location.

8. Describe A Challenging Task You Undertook At Your Previous Position.

In my previous position, I was required to develop a fresh marketing strategy for a product that wasn’t performing as well as we would have liked. That was a difficult challenge because I wanted to make the product as appealing to buyers as possible without making too many changes. I researched and discovered that the product’s color scheme was the issue. I, therefore, collaborated with the design team to develop a new color scheme for the product, and I later developed a marketing strategy centered on those colors.

9. What Did You Learn From A Project You Worked On That Didn’t Go As Planned? Please Give An Example.

I used to be an engineer for a corporation, and one of my responsibilities was to develop new software to help our customer support department run more efficiently. The program took a few weeks to construct, but when we put it into the system, some of our other applications started to crash. My colleagues and I agreed to take the program offline while we investigated what went wrong after consulting each other. It turned out to be a straightforward code mistake, which we quickly fixed before resuming the use of the application.

10. Please Elaborate On Your Previous Job Responsibilities. Which Elements Were The Most Difficult?

In my prior position as an IT manager, I managed all facets of our business’s technological requirements. That includes everything from implementing new technology to maintaining current ones. I frequently struggled with figuring out which technology would be most helpful to us. During the process, I collaborated with several vendors to identify solutions that suited our business requirements.

11. When Was The Last Time You Learned A Brand-New Skill On Your Own?

I had no official training or experience when I started working in the IT industry. By reading manuals and online tutorials, I was able to teach myself how to utilize a wide range of software applications and hardware systems. I had to work harder than I would have if I had previously mastered these abilities, but I gained knowledge that helped me succeed in my job.

12. Which Programming Language Do You Prefer? Why?

I’ve always preferred C++ because it enables me to create code that executes quickly and effectively. But because Python is so versatile, I use it more frequently than other languages. I don’t have to switch between languages as often because I can utilize them for both easy and complicated activities.

13. What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment In Software Development?

Creating an app that tracked the locations of endangered species in Africa is my best work in software development. Working with other developers from around the world and learning new coding languages were also requirements of this project. Making something that could aid in the protection of these animals was complicated yet satisfying.

14. Describe A Moment When A Project Of Yours Failed, And Explain What Went Wrong.

I was responsible for building an internet store for a customer while working on a project. Although the client launched the website with all functionality intended, there were numerous coding errors. Before they could publish the website, I had to go back and correct all of the mistakes. Because of this, I now double-check my work before submitting it.

15. How Does Intel Distinguish Itself From Its Rivals?

Although Intel is one of the biggest CPU manufacturers in the world, I have discovered that they are also quite technologically progressive. For instance, because Intel processors were more effective than some of our competitors’ chips, my previous employer employed many of them in our servers. As a result, we were able to reduce our energy expenses while maintaining the quality of our client service.

16. Have You Ever Occupied A Position Of Leadership? If Yes, What Traits Contributed To Your Success?

 I’ve held several leadership positions throughout my career, including IT manager at my previous employer, where I oversaw a group of five other workers. My ability to maintain composure under pressure was one trait that made me successful in my position. I always ensured to listen intently before speaking when one of my employees had questions or concerns about their work so they would feel heard and understood. This strategy frequently resulted in more fruitful discussions and resolutions.

17. What Is Your Knowledge About Intel’s Ongoing Research Initiatives?

I am aware that Intel is engaged in a lot of fascinating research, including work on quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and 5G wireless technologies. Working with the company would be of special interest as it continues to create new technologies for use in AI applications. I’ve been keeping up with some of the work they’ve done in this area, and I think businesses might benefit from it.

18. Give An Instance Of A Moment When You Helped Your Team Overcome A Dispute.

In my previous role, I worked with a group of five engineers who had varied ideas about the designs we ought to make for our client. We would frequently disagree about which suggestions were the best, but I always urged everyone to express their views so that we could jointly come up with solutions. We eventually adopted a voting system in which each person had one vote, and you make decisions based on the majority.

19. What Strategy Would You Employ To Increase The Effectiveness Of Our Production Processes?

Making sure personnel are properly trained on the technologies they are utilizing is, in my opinion, one of the most crucial steps in increasing efficiency inside any firm. To ensure that everyone has a better understanding of the technologies we have available, I intend to arrange regular training sessions for all of the employees. Implementing new technology into our current production process is another strategy I’ll use. For instance, I am aware that Intel provides a variety of solutions that can improve efficiency and help organizations streamline their processes.

20. Are You At Ease When You’re On The Road?

I was required to travel once or twice a month in my previous position as an IT specialist. Even though traveling can be difficult at times, I find that following a regular schedule keeps me organized and productive. For lengthy days on the road, I usually make sure to include lots of snacks and entertainment.

21. Why Do You Wish To Work For Intel Corporation? Please Explain.

I’ve always been impressed with the cutting-edge technology that Intel Corporation develops, which is why I’m interested in working there. I adore the work the company takes into developing new goods that can make people’s lives better. Working on such challenging projects and contributing to the creation of novel technologies, in my opinion, would be exciting.

22. What Do You Know About Intel?

A multinational technological business, Intel specializes in the design and production of semiconductors. It is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world and also produces network interface controllers, microcontrollers, modems, and more.

One of the top 50 revenue-producing organizations, Intel frequently appears high on lists of the best places to work. The work atmosphere at Intel is culturally diverse and actively supports initiative, ownership, and leadership. The business also offers generous remuneration to its workers; the average pay for software engineers at Intel is $119,677.

23. How Can You Introduce Engineering Concepts To A Group Of People Who Aren’t Familiar With The Subject During A Presentation Or Crucial Meeting

I try to use simple-to-understand technical examples that can be applied to a person or their situation. In a conversation with a group of construction workers, for example, I might connect what I’m saying to the method used to pave roads. Every time I do this, my audience gains a greater knowledge of the technical concepts.

24. What Tools Do You Utilize To Stay Abreast Of The Most Recent Advancements In Engineering Technology?

I have a subscription to many respected engineering magazines and I’m an active participant in a couple of engineer-based Slack discussion rooms. Reading blogs, and publications about the most recent research, and maintaining communication with peers in a setting aside from work help me learn quite a deal.

25. What Kind Of Safety Protocols Are In Place When You Review Your Technical Work For Errors? Do The Procedures Make Sure You Don’t Miss Any Errors?

I always double-check any measurements or arithmetic I’m working with, and my engineering solution contains capabilities to continuously check for flaws. Regardless of whether I’m pressed for time to meet deadlines, I have another engineer review my work before I declare it as finished. It is simple to ensure there are no errors by putting these measures into practice.


The majority of the behavioral interview questions at Intel’s technical interview center on past encounters with difficult projects, interactions with coworkers and superiors, work-life balance, productivity, and situations generally related to the workplace. Additionally, you may be questioned about your skills and shortcomings as well as how you would handle pressure and stress if faced with challenging work projects. During the technical phone screen round and the on-site coding phase of the interview, you can anticipate hearing 1-2 questions on coding from Intel.

Even if a suit and tie are not required for this interview, you still need to present yourself well and professionally. Wear anything that creates a balance between a formal and more informal appearance, such as a long sleeve button-up shirt and dark pants.