Top 22 Best Paying Jobs In Semiconductors In 2023

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Every digital product has Semiconductors that we use today, such as electronic devices, machines, mobile phones or laptops, home appliances, transportation, communication, power and energy, medical equipment, and even military systems.

There are specific companies that manufacture semiconductor products. They produce cheaper semis, processors, chips, and circuits to make the technology affordable.

The semiconductors industry is a good workplace and career choice. The companies hire many engineers, technicians, and other laborers that play a vital role in the manufacturing processes of digital and electronic devices. They offer good salaries and benefits to their employees. The average salary of a semiconductors worker is between $35K-$110K/year. It also depends on the qualification, experience, and skills.

We are breaking down the top 22 best-paying jobs in semiconductors that will give you an idea about the role, qualifications, and salaries of the posts in the semiconductor industry.

1. Process Engineer

Process engineers can turn raw materials into usable products. They design a product, implement the idea, and control and optimize production processes from start to end in the semiconductor industry. They are responsible for measuring data, analyzing production processes, testing systems, interpreting statistics, and upgrading procedures. Process engineers also work on the process of technology and packaging.

You need organizational, communication, and problem-solving skills to perform best in this post. A graduation degree in Physics, Electrical engineering, Chemistry, materials, or Sciences is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $87K-$140K/yr.

2.  Technician

Technicians are also kind of engineers who inspect, test and fix systems, equipment, and machines in the semiconductor industry.

They prepare reports about test results, safety rules, maintenance plans, and recommendations. They do not develop products but create initial sketches and structures. They are responsible for testing products, recording data, providing solutions, and repairing tools and equipment. They are also responsible for cleaning the tools, equipment, and Fab.

Fab experience and a High school diploma are required to get a technician job at a semiconductor company.

The average estimated salary is $40K-$70K/yr.

3. Material Planner Engineer

The material planner engineer is responsible for material planning for production. He prepares production plans that include estimated costs, purchase preferences, requirements, and measures. He is also responsible for supplying raw materials, checking their rate, and maintaining the quality without affecting the production process in the company.

This job demands strong management and organizational skills with field experience. A degree in Business, Inventory management, or logistics is also required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $87K-$115/yr.

4. Mechanical Engineer

The mechanical engineer designs products and repairs tools, instruments, equipment, machines, systems, and all the other power-using or power-producing products in the buildings and offices. They are responsible for designing equipment or any mechanical project in a way that could save the cost and time of the employer. He acquires analytical skills and experience to meet the demand of this job.

A BS degree in mechanical engineering and related experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $74K-$97K/yr.

5. Manufacturing Engineer

A manufacturing engineer is responsible for designing, operating, and producing competitive products and systems related to technology. He ensures the products are effective, safe, and fulfill the safety and environmental standards. Moreover, he conducts tests to check the quality and performance of new products and systems he has developed and installed. A manufacturing engineer has excellent management, designing, and testing skills with manufacturing experience to perform his job.

A Bs or MS degree in engineering or Physics is required to get this position.

The average estimated salary is $97K-$127K/yr.

6. Product Engineer

A product engineer makes designs, approves, and processes products for commercial and domestic use. He works with the material engineer and production manager to achieve the production tasks of the company. He is responsible for checking and maintaining the quality of the products and features. He also guides the product development team with innovative ideas to develop software or system. He does market research and analysis on low-cost but competitive products and upgrades the existing items. He uses the best IT programs and solutions for developing products in a semiconductor company.

A BS degree in Electrical engineering or Information Technology is required to get this post.

The average estimated salary is $73 K-$97k/yr.

7. Software engineer

Software engineers are also software developers. They are responsible for developing software, programs, apps, and systems for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. He also provides solutions for all the problems in the software, web, or application programs. He can analyze and solve complex issues in digital and technical apps, equipment, or software using scientific methods and his coding skills.

A BS degree in Software Engineering, Computer Science, or another STEM program and software development experience is required to get this job.

Every just immediate salary is $93K-$144K/yr.

8. Field service engineer

The field service engineer is responsible for repairing, installing, and maintaining all the systems and pieces of equipment of the company. He works closely with other professionals, manages the production team, assigns tasks to the service technician, and creates reports on the competitive products of the industry. He uses his communication skills to build good working relationships with customers and clients.

Field service engineering is a good career choice. Strong mathematical and communication skills are required to get this role with a BS degree in Engineering or Business.

The average estimated salary is $42K-$74K/yr.

9. Application engineer

An application engineer is responsible for developing software programs and applications. He understands industrial trends and uses them in the latest exploratory data analysis (EDA) tools according to the requirement and specifications of the semiconductor industry and its clients. He uses his hands-on engineering experience to build and promote new semiconductor software and application. He is responsible for testing apps on SLT (System Level Test) and providing solutions using different protocols. He works closely with SLT, application teams, software developers, and production teams to resolve customer issues, improve the features and develop the application.

An MS or Ph.D. degree in Physics, IT, Materials Chemistry, or Sciences with excellent experience in designing and testing is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $108K-$164K/yr.

10. Electrical engineer

An electrical engineer is responsible for designing, creating, testing, and supervising the electrical types of equipment and devices. He ensures that the electrical systems run smoothly. He can design electrical systems for navigation, automobile, communication, power generating, aircraft, and radar. He works on developing, transferring, and distributing power in high and low-voltage electrical devices, equipment, and systems. He supports the manufacturing team in designing, modeling, and developing effective electrical products. A BS or MS degree in Electrical engineering with experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $95K-$141K/yr.

11. Factory automation engineer

An automation engineer uses his automation and robotics skills for managing, manufacturing, improving, and processing electricity generation, warehouse distribution, and other production processes. He can alternate the human intervention and maximize the robotic efficiency in the Fab. He uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning skills to support and design IT systems with fewer defects, bugs, and issues.

A BS or MS degree in Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering with fieldwork experience is required to get this job.

Average estimated salary 93K-$141 K/yr.

12. Test Engineer

A test engineer is responsible for conducting regular tests and material checks to ensure the quality and performance of the product. He installs and tests the systems, software, apps, and devices. He provides budget-friendly solutions while maintaining quality and features.

He works closely with material and quality assurance engineers to test the systems and processes of the developing product. Moreover, he inspects the products to identify and fix the defects before sending them to the customers and market.

A BS degree in Electrical Engineering with relevant experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $70K-$84K/yr.

13. Technical Specialist

Technical specialists are responsible for monitoring Fab operations and equipment processes. They assist in resolving customer service queries and troubleshooting issues of hardware and software with their outstanding software development, analytical, and problem-solving skills. They have vast knowledge and experience in operating systems, finding technical issues, and troubleshooting problems in tech and digital products.

A BS degree in Information Technology or a related field with experience in the technical field is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $70K-$84K/yr.

14. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are responsible for inventing new procedures and systems to enhance the productivity of labor, machine, and materials using less power and cost.

They are responsible for resolving facility issues, installing effective production systems, and planning a management information system for statistic analysis and robotic development.

They also use CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems for testing and improving industrial production. They work closely with production and engineering teams to improve workflow that ultimately benefits the industry and customers.

A BS degree in Engineering or Science or MS degree in Manufacturing, Architecture, or Mechanical Engineering is required to get this job.

 The average estimated salary is $77K-$85K/yr.

15. Preventive maintenance technician

App preventive maintenance technician is a detailed oriented person responsible for inspecting labor, building systems, and machines to prevent mechanical failures and safety threats. He ensures the safety of workers, the building, and other equipment. He proactively performs regular inspections of Fab and takes preventative steps to maintain, repair or change the machinery parts before they cause any damage.

A High School diploma or HVAC certification is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $71K-$85K/yr.

16. Human resources manager

The human resources manager leads and supports the HR functions of a company. He conducts interviews and hires employees, determines salaries, grant leaves, and exhibit benefits and incentives according to company policies. He is responsible for training new talent and monitoring the performance and progress of the company employees. He also prepares documentation for projects according to the term and conditions of the company.

A Bs degree in Human Resources or Business Administration is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $70K-$101K/yr.

17. Equipment technician

The equipment technicians maintain the machinery and pieces of equipment of the Fab. They timely repair or change the essential parts of the machine to continue the operations and prevent delays. They are responsible for testing, reporting, and interpreting results to the supervisors with recommendations for safety and maintenance plans.

They check the systems, inspect the equipment, and test the programs to find solutions and backup plans to deal with uncertain issues.

An Associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering with semiconductor Fab experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $45K-$61K/yr.

18. Facility maintenance technician

The facility maintenance technician is responsible for planning and maintaining on-site operations. He ensures that the facility, systems, and machinery is working and meets the safety regulations. He is also in charge of inspecting the Fab, monitoring the facility, and maintaining safety standards. A High School diploma and relevant field experience are required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $40K-$70K/yr.

19. Test Technician

A semiconductor test technician has troubleshooting skills. He identifies and verifies the tests on the systems, applications, single-chip, and multi-chip module devices and equipment. He works closely with other engineering peers, collects test data, makes reports, and finds and resolves the issues of the products without lowering their quality. At last, they ensure that the product functions properly and meets the customer’s requirements and satisfaction.

A BS degree in Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering with relevant experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $72K-$118K/yr.

20. Technical Trainer

The technical trainer is responsible for instructing and training the engineer-level workers. He shares current knowledge and teaches skills about technology and trends at his workshops. He provides practical training to the internees and other entry-level technicians at a safe lab. Companies also hire such technical trainers who provide practical training to their employees.

A BS or MS degree in Technical or Mechanical engineering with related field experience is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $44K-$66K/yr.

21. Integration Engineer

An integration engineer is responsible for planning, designing, and implementing the solutions, integrating processes to solve potential issues, and keeping the IT systems organized for further use. He works with the engineering team to develop new ways to maintain the device’s technology and quality.

An MS degree in Electrical Engineering, Material Sciences, or Physics is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $79K-$108K/yr.

22. Digital Validation Engineer

The validation engineer ensures the compliance of the digital and electronic products and the validation of their systems, subsystems, and software. He guides about the quality, specifications, and validity of equipment used in manufacturing processes. He uses his excellent mathematical and statistical skills to evaluate the validation of software, systems, and processors.

An MS degree in Computer Science with software development skills is required to get this job.

The average estimated salary is $79K-$113K/yr.


The semiconductor industry has diverse career options, from the post of an entry-level technician to engineers and trainers. The industry is facing an extreme shortage of talented workers. You can start your career in the semiconductor industry if you have a relevant degree, diploma, certificate, or experience in this field.