Who Is The Female Titan Now? [Attack On Titan]

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Attack on Titan is a Japanese comic series created by Hajime Isayama. Commercially, Attack on Titan was a great hit. One of the best-selling manga series of all time, the series had over 110 million copies in circulation as of September 2022. They have received numerous honours, including the Harvey, Attilio, and Kodansha Manga Awards.

The story of Attack on Titan is centred on a society enclosed by three elliptical walls. It is the final piece of human civilization, according to local information. More than a century ago, when the human giants known as the Titans attacked and devoured people on sight, it was thought that the area’s residents, known as the Indians, lived in a state of decline. The final survivors of humanity withdrew behind three concentric walls and lived in peace for about a century. Moving outside is severely discouraged within the walls and is not encouraged.

History Of The Female Titan In Attack On Titan

Female Titan is one of the nine titans introduced to this earth following Ymir Fritz’s passing. When Karl Fritz decided to leave Eldia and move to Paradise after 1700 years, Marley decided to use the Female Titan’s abilities during the Great Titan War.

At birth, Annie’s blood test results indicated that she was Ymir’s subject, indicating that her mother might have been related to an Eldian man. Although it is unknown what happened to Annie’s mother, she was relocated for the same reasons as Leonhart and sent to an internment camp before being adopted. His adoptive father intended to raise him as a warrior so that he might enjoy a privileged existence. As a result, Annie received rigorous fighting instruction from Leonhart at a young age.

Afterwards, Annie was selected as a contender to receive the female Titan’s capabilities. Together with Reiner Braun, Bertholdt Hoover, and Marcel Galliard, he was dispatched to Paradis to catch the first Titan.

Marley dispatched three titanium shifters to Paradise Island, one of whom was Annie. Bertolt Hoover, Reiner Braun, Marcel Galliard, and Annie were sent to start the Paradise Island operation in 845.

Only the three of them remained to complete the objective when Marcel consumed Ymir’s Titan. The Warriors were the name of them. The female Titan brought about the Titans’ seizure of control over Wall Maria.

Who Is The Female Titan Now?

The Female Titan is one of the nine titans who can effortlessly duplicate the traits of other titans. She can harden specific areas of her skin selectively, and the sound of her screams can draw a Pure Titan nearby. Around 843, Annie Leonhart was selected as the female Titan’s next in line.

Annie Leonhart is the type of person who socially isolates herself from others and chooses not to make friends easily; Annie is naturally lonely and introverted. She is tired and listless, with little motivation to work hard in other areas or pointless pursuits. Instead, she concentrates solely on getting into the top 10 of the 104th Survey Corps to join the Military Police Brigade and live a comfortable life.

She was a titan of immense force, skilled in hand-to-hand fighting, and possessed a toughened ability that made it difficult for a regiment of scouts to chop off his head.

She was in charge of killing many members of the patrol regiment. Thanks to her fighting prowess and ability to heat titanium selectively, Annie was a formidable opponent.

Even yet, the female Titan had a trick up her sleeve. She could entice the adjacent pure titans with his scream when she was overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, this power had a drawback—the real Titans gathered around the female Titan and devoured her flesh. Despite the potential danger of unleashing her Titan summoning cry, Annie managed to flee and defeat Eren.

Armin wanted the Survey Corps to be around Annie because she had doubts about her. In reaction, Annie changed into a female Titan and attempted to flee, but she was caught. Annie then tried to escape interrogation using her hardened abilities.

Where Is The Female Titan Now?

In Attack on Titan, Annie Leonhart isn’t killed since she lives. As you can see, she eventually ends up solidified in a coma but still alive (as we told you, she is free after Eren deactivates the hardening and survives the final arc). Who caused her to become that way? However, she remained in that form until today, after Eren had dispatched Mikasa to greatly weaken her so that the Survey Corps could take her.

As it stands, Annie is still a crystal in the anime, located underground on Paradis Island. In the manga, Eren’s original Titan power stopped all Titans from hardening, releasing Annie. In the manga, Annie is collaborating with the Alliance’s lone survivor.

Will Annie Return To AOT?

The newest chapter of AOT, which has 125 lines, embraces Annie’s return. Since season 1, Annie has been enclosed in a wall. Eight years later, Eren decided to knock down the barriers, allowing the female Titan to escape. Although only a little bit of time in the manga, Annie was a crucial turning point for the plot. After eight years in a significant event, She restored her stamina and fighting prowess.

This would produce any titanium hardness because the walls were constructed of titanium. Reiner’s armour slipped off due to Eren’s use of the founder’s power, and Annie’s crystals dovetailed about him. He is now collaborating with Armin, Mikasa, Jean, Connie, Reiner, and others. To find Eren, they’ve taken a former member of the organization hostage. She wants to use the Titans to prevent Eren from annihilating humanity.


1. Who Is The Female Titan Now?

Attack on Titan now features Annie Leonhart as a female titan. Annie Leonhart was selected to take over as the Nazis’ leader somewhere around the year 843. Later, when Marley and an adversary state were at war, she employed her female Titan. Like the other nine titans, the female Titan was created following Ymir Fritz’s passing. The Female Titan stayed in the home of Eldian, a soldier who served under one or more Titans, for the next 1,700 years after she passed away.

2. Why Is Annie The Female Titan?

As a result of her excellent fighting abilities, Annie was selected as one of seven deserving candidates to receive the Titans’ power. Due to her stellar fighting prowess, she was eventually given the power of a female titan. The six titans, led by Marley, used their powers to advance an entire nation, putting their mettle to the test along with the rest of his fellow heroes. Because the six warriors were more potent weapons than their forerunners, Marley’s qualms about entrusting youngsters with the purpose of Paradis Island were significantly alleviated.

3. Is Annie Titan Evil?

Annie Leonhart is a significant antagonist in the Attack on Titan anime/manga series, also referred to as the Female Titan. He plays a major supporting role in the first few episodes while secretly working off-screen as Naistitan’s main antagonist. He does this by posing as Naistitan, Reiner Braun’s assistant, and plans events.

4. Is Annie Titan The Strongest Titan In AOT?

No, Founding Titan is the strongest Titan in AOT. This Titan was used by Karl Fritz, Ymir Fritz, Frieda Reiss, Uri Reiss, Grisha Yeager, and Eren Jaeger. Any titan can become a titan, all titans and their offspring can be under the warden’s control, and the elders’ memories can be altered if the warden has royal blood. He is the strongest Titan in the series, thanks to these skills.