Who Is Chrisean Rock? Age, Relationship, Career

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Chrisean Rock Malone is an Instagram model, singer, and social media influencer. The fact that she dated rapper Blueface is well-documented. It was covered by the media when a recording of her and his partner having a physical encounter went viral on social media.

She was a natural athlete, which might account for how energetic and powerful she was. Some of the most influential people in her life were his track coaches. Chrisean attended Santa Monica College in California due to her outstanding track abilities. Until she encountered Blueface, she appeared committed to positivity and his athletic career. This article will give you every detail about her age, relationship, career, and net worth, so stay tuned.

Chrisean Rock Age And Early Life

Chrisean Rock was born on March 14, 2000, and will turn 23 in 2023. Chrisean is a devoted believer who was born in the United States. During his school years, his family had trouble paying the rent and moved around to find a safe place to live. His family had a hard time making expenses meet.

In 2020, Chrisean earned an Associate Degree in Social Studies and Kinesiology from Santa Monica College in California.

Chrisean Rock is a famous Instagram personality. Chrisean was raised in a big household. Rock was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, in a sizable household of at least twelve people. She was the eleventh of twelve siblings. Due to her mother’s addiction and her father’s imprisonment, Chrisean had a challenging existence. She did not meet his father until she was seven, after his release from prison. Rock was exposed to frequent and severe violence, suggesting she experienced significant early trauma. She was repeatedly beaten and choked by the family in their fury.

Despite their terrible past, Chrisean respects and adores his parents. She comes from a low-income household but has already succeeded in the entertainment sector. She is a recent vocalist who gained popularity after joining Blueface. 2020 saw the Covid 19 outbreak, and Blue Face launched the only reality program to quarantine its viewers.

Christian Rock’s height has not yet been measured in feet. Her height is estimated to be 5’6″, though. In addition, nobody on the globe is aware of his height. She had a challenging upbringing, becoming destitute when she was nine.

Christian Rock Career

Christian just lately began a musical career. She made his debut in 2020 with the single “lonely.” Only five of his songs have been published in the past two years. She hasn’t yet made an EP or record available. She has four other songs besides his title: Vibe, Word to my brother, Vibes, and Rainy Days.

The vibe has been listened to 1.2 million times and is his most well-liked music on Spotify. A few years back, Chrisean Rock began his social media career. In 2015, she created his first social media account on Instagram.

She was very engaged in modelling as a teenager. She decided to become a model as a consequence. She collaborated with several clothing and cosmetics businesses throughout her modelling career.

She even shared stunning Instagram pictures of herself modelling. But he had fewer than a thousand fans. Immediately after Blueface learned that Christian was her lover, she went public on social media.

She attracted much attention on social networking sites due to his enormous success in the music industry. Chrisean kept posting images and videos of her model as a consequence.

Chrisean Rock Relationship

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have been courting for some time. For a while now, the pair have enjoyed their relationship. However, the pair are having some relationship issues. Chrisean and Blueface got into a physical fight on the streets of Hollywood for an unspecified cause. An unidentified person secretly taped their argument, now getting viral on different social media platforms. Additionally, reputable media sources like TMZ covered it.

During a fight on Blueface’s Onlyfans reality series Blue Girls Club, Chrisean Rock lost her front teeth. She eventually received the new name Blueface. You did read that correctly. His Blueface-inspired teeth gave him the name Bluetooth.

After a disagreement, Chrisean was charged with being “untrustworthy” by Blueface because of his constant smile. During Instagram Live, Blueface remarked, “Me and Rock, we know. “He’s not trustworthy enough; I mean, we had a deal, and he couldn’t take it, plain and simple. Just that. That is not the distinction.”

Chrisean volunteered to take his teeth out to applaud rapper Thotiana. Later, he returned it.

Many famous people left comments on their battle videos and shared their opinions. The tweets mentioned above imply that they are not courting. She was even imprisoned on Valentine’s Day 2022 for stealing Blueface’s vehicle, whether she was doing it with her boyfriend, friends, or strangers. She got into a fight with two women soon after telling them she was pregnant. She was trying to get to her grandfather and Blueface, who she thought was a fan. She wasn’t worried about her future at all. In fact, she beat her old stylist on the red carpet. We don’t know if these individuals will file attack claims against the celebrity. Despite this, she still follows him on social media and has pictures of the two of them on Instagram. We cannot draw any conclusions until one of them acknowledges their situation.


1. Who Is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock is a well-known Instagram celebrity. She has gained the most recognition for his work with Blueface, but she is making a lot of effort to establish himself as a solo performer.

She started a YouTube channel in 2018 that has more than 18,000 followers. Additionally, his account has received over 491,000 views.

2. What Is The Net Worth Of Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock is an American singer, composer, musician, entrepreneur, social media influencer, model, and dancer. In 2023, Chrisean Rock will have a $2 million net worth. Her fame on Instagram, his solo or group singles, his YouTube channel, his role as CEO of The Blue Rock Network, and his modeling job are just a few ways he has accumulated wealth.

3. Is Chrisean Rock Pregnant?

Rapper Thotiana revealed on Twitter that she and her ex-boyfriend Blueface are having a child. However, the 23-year-old woman has been pregnant before. She claimed to have had three abortions in the past. In a recent interview, she declared that she would retain any future pregnancies. Chrisean informed the doctor when she visited that she might be having twins.

4. Does Chrisean Rock Loves Fashion And Tattoos?

For Chrisean, it’s crucial to feel and look your finest, and fashion has provided her with a means of doing both. She enjoys mixing and matching ensembles and has a great sense of style. You can be sure she will appear her best regardless of the situation. As a brand ambassador, she has even represented apparel brands like Fashion Nova and Ethika. The number of tattoos Chrisean has stands out when you look at him. Most of them, Blueface, are ex. The sword around his neck stands out among them all. And it’s huge. It is in plain sight.

5. Does Chrisean Rock Experienced Homelessness?

Although many people don’t know Chrisean’s story, it might be simple for some to judge him from the outside. Around the time he was nine years old, he lost his house and spent several years living on the streets while going to school.