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Have you ever imagined if you had a special power? If so, what would it be? How would it feel if there was an invisible person to always guide you? It would be fascinating. I have always wondered if there is any person who would help me in every difficulty, it would be great. Well, I’m talking about Tony in the Shining.

In this article, I will share with such an invisible friend and always want to help. You must have wondered who he is. Read to know more about who is Tony in The Shining?

Who is Tony in the Shining?

Tony is the imaginary playmate of Danny. At first, Danny feels scared of Tony. After some time, Danny realizes that Tony is here to help him. Finally, Tony becomes a source of strength for Danny.

In the book, it is revealed that Tony is Danny’s future self. After one incident in The Shining, Tony takes over Danny to save him from trauma.

The reason for Tony’s popularity

Tony can detect spirit, and also, he can see past, present, and future. These reasons make him popular in The Shining.

Moreover, Tony in The Shining is Danny from the future. As Tony is the future Danny, he knows what needs to survive in any situation.

Some interesting facts

  1. There are some interesting facts about Tony in The Shining, and I will tell you below.
  2. Tony is the future self, Danny.
  3. He has physical powers with which Danny can protect himself.
  4. Danny’s middle name is Anthony; this is why Tony is called Tony.
  5. He helps Danny with shining powers which allows him to see the past and also, the future.

Tony in The Shining Relationships

Who is Tony in the Shining
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Do people always want to know who is Tony in The Shining? But, no one asks about his relationships.

According to the book or the movie, Tony does not have relations with any other person except Danny. He is dedicated to Danny to save him from stressful situations.


Tony is a fictional character in The Shining who helps Danny to guide his powers. In the beginning, Danny does not realize who Tony is. But, after some time, Danny understands that Tony is here to help him. He guides him through all the difficulties.

In an incident in the hotel, Danny notices that some supernatural things are happening, which drives the guests crazy. After that, Tony helps Danny to use his powers and guide him to see the future. In the end, Tony is seen as Danny in high school graduation.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, you already know who is Tony. But there are some frequently asked questions that I will share with you below.

Who was Danny’s imaginary friend in The Shining?

In The Shining, Danny has an imaginary friend named Tony. In the beginning, he fears him. And as time goes by, Danny begins to believe Tony.

Is Tony in the Shining evil?

Tony appears to be an imaginary character in The Shining. He always tries to help Danny to cope up with all the stress. The audience finds him very caring towards Danny.

Why does Danny talk to his finger in The Shining?

Danny talks to his imaginary friend Tony. While talking, Danny always moves his finger in a specific way. The makers want to show people that there is someone who is living inside Danny.

Is Tony a real person in The Shining?

Tony is not a physical figure but he does appear as a human. He is with Danny to help in difficult situations.

Does Wendy die in the Shining?

Wendy dies in 1999 from lung cancer.