Who Makes Danby Appliances? Is It Worth Considering?

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For a kitchen to be complete, all kitchen appliances must be present, and Danby offers all kitchen appliances. Most people want to know who makes Danby appliances and if they are worth purchasing for their kitchen.

Danby Appliances Inc and Danby Appliances Ltd market a line of appliances under the brand name Danby. Danby designs, produce, and distributes small devices via national and independent stores. Their products are available in all U.S., British, and Mexican markets. Currently, they are expanding their territory into many countries throughout the globe. In this article, I’ll take you through the best era of home appliances with a more comprehensive Danby appliances review.

Who Manufactures Danby Home Appliances?

The Amana Corporation mainly manufactures Danby appliances. Whirlpool owns Amana, and they bought it from Maytag back in 2014. Danby-branded products include wine coolers, compact refrigerators, gas stoves, and full-size laundry equipment.

Danby appliances are available under various brand names, including Arcticaire, Silhouette, Danby Designer, Danby Diplomat, Danby Premiere,  and Simplicity, as well as store-specific labels. The headquarters of Danby is located in Findlay, Ohio, while Danby, Canada, is located in Guelph, Ontario.

Amana also manufactures appliances under the Maytag, Caloric, Modern Maid, Litton, Econowash, Speed Queen, Sunray, and Viking brands.

What Exactly Is Danby?

Before we examine the history of Danby appliances, let’s examine the company’s identity and product line. Although most people are familiar with the brand, this will aid others who still need to purchase their products.

Danby believes in combining affordability with capability. So that both you and your wallet are satisfied, their appliances are offered at a lower price, despite their superior performance. Their superior goods give you only the functionality you require without any fuss. After all, they know you work hard, so you deserve to relax when you get home.

Whether you perform the cooking and cleaning now or later, Danby is committed to completing the work correctly so you can return to the activities you enjoy. Their items are available in America, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico. Due to their dependability and unique design, they are among the best kitchen appliances.

The History Of  The Two Companies

1. Danby

The Danby Group has become one of North America’s largest original equipment manufacturer (OEM) appliance firms and a market leader by offering innovative, high-quality products at competitive costs. The Danby Group consists of the following:

  • Danby Products Ltd, whose product lines include Danby, Silhouette, and Crystal Mountain, is a part of the Danby Group.
  • Danby Products Inc. was founded in 1992 in Findlay, Ohio, to enhance our brand’s position in the American market.
  • Intirion Corporation.
  •  Guangzhou, China. Danby introduced new items to the market quickly, precisely, and efficiently in 2012.

Danby is successful because of its strong team of committed employees who aim to continuously develop themselves and the business. They aim to hire the most qualified candidates and treat them well. Danby offers several amenities, such as competitive pay, benefits, employer-matched pension contributions, a positive work environment, and professional development and progress possibilities. Their work provides the sense of a tiny business where you may make a significant difference!

2. Amana

George C. Foerstner, who established Amana Refrigeration, Inc. in 1934, formed Amana. In 1949, Amana introduced the side-by-side refrigerator; in 1957, it introduced the bottom-freezer refrigerator; and in 1967, it introduced the countertop microwave oven. These product debuts shook the appliance market and solidified the brand as a household name and symbol of quality.

Amana’s significant appliance and commercial microwave business, acquired by Raytheon Manufacturing Company in 1965 and Goodman Manufacturing in 1997, was sold to Maytag Corporation in 2001. Under the direction of Whirlpool Corporation, which purchased the brand in 2006 as part of its acquisition of Maytag, the brand’s reputation and quality continue to thrive.

Amana design its appliances for those who seek straightforward solutions at an affordable price. Those who want attractive, user-friendly devices but do not wish to spend extra money on the latest bells and whistles. Amana appliances assist with everyday domestic activities while maintaining an attractive appearance.

Amana introduced the Tandem front-load laundry pair in 2010. The modern new laundry appliances include Touch and Go controls that streamline the clothes-washing process with the click of a button. The Tandem laundry pair embodies the market position of the Amana brand with its cheap price point, stylish style, and complete set of critical features.

Benefits of Danby Appliances

In less than a decade, Danby has established itself as one of the leading brands of kitchen appliances. However, why is Danby so popular? According to our research, the following features make their kitchen appliances so popular.

1. Widest Range Of Appliances

Danby offers a variety of kitchen appliances from which to pick. Danby has refrigerators for all consumers, whether you need a small refrigerator for single use or a large one for your family. Their most extensive selection of refrigerators consists of chest freezers, upright freezers, drawer freezers, etc. Therefore, you may rapidly choose from their extensive product catalog to satisfy your refrigeration needs.

2. Energy Conservation

Danby employs cutting-edge technologies in the production of its products. For instance, they use innovative and contemporary insulation technology that keeps their freezers cold without excessive energy consumption. Most of their appliances have an energy-efficiency rating, significantly reducing your electricity costs.

3. Afford-ability

Compared to other brands, Danby kitchen appliances are significantly more affordable despite their high standards and quality. Therefore, both you and your budget will be satisfied with Danby appliances. Their superior goods give you only the functionality you require without any fuss. After all, they know you work hard, so you deserve to relax when you get home. So that you may return to your favorite activities, the Danby brand is committed to completing tasks efficiently and effectively.

4. Stainless Steel

Even if there are numerous appliances with stainless steel, the steel on a Danby range makes them even more useful. The stainless steel construction contributes to its durability; it is even resistant to rust, fire, and heat. However, one of the greatest advantages of stainless steel is that it is impermeable. That implies it makes the surface easier to clean AND prevents the growth of bacteria!

5. Product Registration

Danby offers a service for registering all of its major appliances. It provides clients with greater peace of mind when purchasing large appliances, as the manufacturer protects them. With this service, your company is exempt from providing additional warranties for the large Danby appliances it sells.

6. Durability

The majority of Danby’s home appliances are built to last. After you have paid for it, it will continue to serve you for quite some time before it needs maintenance. Therefore, consider acquiring some of their goods.

7. Attractive and Stylish Design of their appliances

Danby’s kitchen appliances have the market’s most attractive and functional designs. For example, most of their refrigerator models include a wire basket, a unique feature. Managing the various storage compartments of their freezers is also relatively user-friendly. You will also find most of their appliances’ upkeep to be convenient.


The most commonly asked questions about Danby include the following:

1. Who Is In Charge Of The  Danby Appliance Designs?

Danby has come a long way from its beginnings as a manufacturer of basic and efficient compact appliances to its current position with all of these fantastic attributes and stunning designs. Even though the company does not manufacture most of its items, it is solely responsible for all product designs. The firm has stated that developing beautiful and high-quality products for its clients is always a top priority; thus, they have yet to make plans to outsource product design soon.

2. Are Danby Appliances Manufactured In China?

Danby has ties to manufacturers in China, the United States, Mexico, India, Turkey, and Thailand, despite being a Canadian company with locations in the United States and China. However, more than fifty percent of its production occurs in China. Although the company has a well-established manufacturing facility in Canada, most of its manufacturing processes are outsourced.

3. Where Can We Purchase Danby Items?

Danby has a factory store in Montreal, Canada, and a retail store at its head office in Guelph. Customers can purchase products in person if they visit the head office. It also has three stores in the United States. In China, we recently opened a factory and office in Guangzhou, China.

Danby operates a global distribution network in addition to its flagship stores. Hence, its products will likely be available at many local appliance stores. It is the case in most countries where Danby has no online or physical presence. Additionally, Danby has maintained an online presence, so you can order its products directly from its website.


Because of its devotion to innovation, Danby has maintained its relevance and popularity in the home appliance sector for so long. The brand has earned its reputation as one of North America’s premier electronic and appliance companies. Amana manufactures kitchen appliances for Danby.