Microsoft Unites With Aptos To Improve The Accessibility Of Blockchain And AI For All  

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The eagerly-awaited partnership between Microsoft and Aptos has arrived! Every tech-savvy person has been waiting for the news that the two companies will cooperate to make web3 mainstream and allow everyone to break into blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). Aptos, a Web3 startup deployed by former Facebook employees, and the giant software and hardware provider Microsoft, are working on incorporating the latter’s OpenAI Service into the Aptos blockchain network. It will use extensive language models deployed by Microsoft’s program, such as DALL-E, Codex, GPT-3 and GPT-4, to create the Aptos assistant that will answer any blockchain-related question received.

This is not the first initiative Aptos has taken to enhance blockchain access for all interested parties, and Microsoft isn’t the first global company to pitch in. Aptos’ continuous endeavors have received significant backing and contributions from other innovation-oriented companies, such as Binance. The fact that numerous companies jumped on the bandwagon sends a clear message: the internet’s current landscape is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation.

The collaborative efforts will make web3 reachable to all

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital wallets, nodes, and more are at the base of web3. While this space is easily accessible through some options, other advances are not within reach for the average individual. Nonetheless, Microsoft and Aptos are working to enable everyone to use web3 tools.

Blockchain and artificial intelligence have unmeasurable potential. For instance, the former can dissolve the intricacies of blockchain technology and permit developers to build applications on the network. Similarly, blockchain has the power to help businesses integrate AI responsibly, introducing it to a plethora of applications, such as those encountered in customer service centers.

Taking advantage of Microsoft technology can facilitate and smooth the shift to web3 from web2, a hotly debated topic yet to be concretized. Here’s an example to help you gain a better understanding. The AI chatbot that the companies’ teams are currently working on will make blockchain easier for the average person to understand, further permitting everyone to venture into web3 by providing answers to users’ blockchain-related questions.

Furthermore, exploring central bank digital currencies, shortened CBDCs, payments, and tokens will possibly create new use cases for them.

Continuous progress will contribute to a universal grasp of the basics of web3

These initiatives are yet to be consolidated, but positive effects can already be observed. They take the form of increased audience knowledge about the web3 realm, shining a light for the average internet user on the complexities and intricacies involved. While there’s a lot of buzz surrounding web3, and everyone seems to have an opinion on the phenomenon, it’s safe to say that those unfamiliar with tech may find becoming thoroughly knowledgeable of it a tough row to hoe. Nevertheless, with the ongoing commitment to making technological advancements accessible and easily learnable for everyone, the future holds much promise.

Bitcoin and APT soared moments after the news broke

Everyone’s watching the performance of altcoins and stablecoins after new press releases appear and numerous expert opinions pop up. Needless to say, the partnership between Microsoft and Aptos could only cause spikes in the major cryptocurrencies’ prices. Following the news, Bitcoin traded above its $30,000 threshold, increasing its 24-hour gains to over 1.65%. But it wasn’t the only digital currency trading in the green that day. Solana soared by 5.6%, XRP grew by 3.8%, and Ethereum rose by 1.5%.

While the tokens mentioned are among the most prominent in investors’ digital wallets worldwide, those holding APT saw the most significant price increases. Aptos’s blockchain’s native coin, APT, increased by over 16%, being the first beneficiary of the news.

Yet, it’s not the first time Microsoft dipped its toes into the blockchain’s waters

To date, Microsoft has already tapped into its potential to make blockchain technology more mainstream. To date, the giant has partnered with other blockchain companies besides Aptos to lower the barriers to entry into this tech space. In February of this year, it joined forces with blockchain-backed infrastructure provider Ankr to facilitate access for businesses needing blockchain solutions. The developed tools would further level the playing field for developers to work with blockchain data, relay transactions, and create smart contracts. They’ll provide node hosting services for organizations and enterprises needing access to blockchain data.

The combination of the tech resources of the two companies aims at strengthening the infrastructure layer and helping developers scale their apps more time-efficiently.

Internet will receive an entirely new meaning

It would be illogical to assume that the internet isn’t crossing a transformative period and that it will stay the same in the future. Aptos and Microsoft are already paving the way for tomorrow’s internet. Leveraging Microsoft technology will ultimately change how people use and think of the internet. Move, the programming language deployed by Aptos that focuses on blockchain and is used to build adaptable and secure smart contracts, continuously improves the blockchain realm. For the power of example, it enhances brand safety, fees, and the speed of blockchain-related solutions.

Weekly, there were 4.9 user transactions on Aptos, and the figure is set only to grow. With the decreasing barriers to entry into the space, more participation is expected to be witnessed.

Wrapping it up

Aptos is integrating Microsoft technology into its operations to develop AI and blockchain tools and products to facilitate a smooth transition to web3 and a revolutionary transformation for the internet. Internet users worldwide will have more opportunities to understand and learn about blockchain, leading to a universal grasp of its use cases and promoting more advances. The demystification of web3 and its cohort of tech deployments will only contribute to increased participation from anyone interested.

Indubitably, the combination of blockchain and AI has significant potential and represents one of the most exciting technological developments. More use cases are expected to be deployed, so keep an eye on the news to stay updated on the upcoming enhancements.