22 Best Books On Social Media Marketing for New Entrepreneurs

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Books about social media marketing educate business owners and marketers on how to use social media to expand their customers and brands. They remain one of the most effective approaches to enhancing one’s knowledge of the sector. Books on social media marketing provide readers with novel insights from subject-matter experts with years of experience and proven expertise. In addition, they provide material that is unique and unavailable in any other online tutorials or courses. It is because social media marketing books cover many topics, each of which is much more in-depth than can be adequately covered in a single blog post. Studies into the core ideas of digital marketing, such as marketing psychology, how new communication channels affect marketing, and maintaining one’s relevance in the digital era, call for the kind of in-depth research that books can only provide. If you’re looking for some books on social media marketing to read this year, here are 22 to consider.

1. Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach

Authors: Mary Lou Roberts, Melissa Barker, Janna Parker, Donald I. Barker, and Debra Zahay.

One of the most helpful books for people just starting in this industry is Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach. This book offers a comprehensive introduction to the field, including a vocabulary explanation and a synopsis of its historical development. The graphs, figures, and statistics are in bulleted lists and easy-to-read figures throughout the pages. Everything related to social media marketing is in Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach, including core goals, engagement criteria, monitoring, and planning. In addition, this book digs into merging social media marketing with other kinds of digital marketing, such as live video streaming, online discussion and news sites, and mobile advertising. In addition to analyzing social media marketing, this book covers the topic in depth.

2. Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand In The Age Of Social Media

Author: Brittany Hennessy

Writer turned brand ambassador Brittany Hennessy has a fantastic track record as an influencer. When she was the chief of influencer marketing at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, she frequently communicated with crucial figures in the field. Hennessey put her knowledge to good use by writing “Influencer,” a book about social media marketing with plenty of helpful tips for people who want to become Instagram stars. Reading Hennessey’s book may teach you everything from branding to conducting successful interviews, coaching sessions, and newsletters to promote your business.

3. One Million Followers: How I Built A Massive Social Following In 30 Days

Author: Brendan Kane

Regarding books about the evolution of social media, “One Million Followers” is among the most well-known. As the headline suggests, Brendan Kane managed to amass one million followers across multiple social media channels in 30 days. He has the authority and credibility to advise on the best types of material and strategies because of this experiment and his experience building internet presences for major corporations and celebrities. While most readers won’t hit a million anytime soon, meeting these standards can help you stand out in today’s competitive online community.

4. Social Media Marketing Workbook

Author: Jason McDonald

According to the book’s author, the social media platform you use is compared to a party you are hosting that has sold the most copies on social media marketing. To successfully host a wedding or celebration, one needs experience and understanding of technology, invitations, cuisine, and entertainment. Likewise, to be successful in SME, you need to have content, a marketing strategy, and a solid understanding of the technical aspects of each social media network. The author, Jason McDonald, incorporates material from the book into his seminars at Stanford Continuing Studies. To understand social media marketing and how to use it to accomplish your goals, you need to educate yourself on this topic. It comprehensively explains platform marketing, covering Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yelp, and Instagram. Additionally, it covers Snapchat and Instagram. In addition, it describes how to locate the information created by other people and how to spread it, generate and promote your content, and make the most of your time on social networking platforms.

5. The Rule-Breaker’s Guide To Social Media

Author: Damian Keyes

The Rule-Breaker’s Guide to Social Media’s provocative front cover gives the impression that the book is for small and medium-sized businesses that take a more unconventional marketing approach. So it’s time to pick up where we left off and take a new approach to web marketing. The author, Damian Keyes, is constantly on the move as he helps businesses worldwide establish their social media marketing strategies. His writing has a conversational tone, and he leads you skillfully through stories, thoughts, and pieces of advice. A task to complete in thirty days is also featured in the book. It is the kind of book that you will refer to again and again for both direction and motivation.

6. 10x Marketing Formula

Author: Garrett Moon

A fundamental rule is presented in this book, stating that if you carry it out correctly, the results you achieve should be ten times greater than the amount of effort you put in. Garrett Moon came up with a way for his company to reach these goals, and he is sharing it with anyone who wants to follow in his footsteps. The 10x Marketing Formula demonstrates how to recognize shortcuts that will lead to higher outcomes in a shorter amount of time. You will find the key to your marketing success within the pages of this book.

7. They Ask, You Answer

Author: Marcus Sheridan

This book provides an overview of a fundamental strategy for harnessing the potential of the Internet to develop your company and boost sales. After reading it, you will undoubtedly reevaluate your spending patterns and conclude that you should allocate a more significant portion of your budget toward digital advertisements as opposed to those for print, radio, and television. It is because digital advertisements are becoming increasingly popular. You won’t have trouble modifying formulas in this book to make them suitable for your business. Regardless of the sector, you can locate the people that make up your target audience online. Marcus Sheridan illustrates how he was able to revive his business by only responding to questions posed to him.

8. Hashtag Authentic: Finding Creativity And Building A Community On Instagram And Beyond

Author: Sara Tasker

Hashtag Authentic features contributions from the Instagram coach and author Sara Tasker, who draws on her five years of expertise in the field to offer advice, direction, and insights. She discusses various topics, including maintaining a healthy work-life balance, improving your photography talents, and expressing stories visually. It is ideal for customers and proprietors of businesses who wish to engage in meaningful relationships with others online and in person. It will assist you in getting the most out of Instagram and growing your business while allowing you more fun.

9. The End Of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand In The Age Of Social Media And AI

Author: Carlos Gil

“The End of Marketing” refers to a contemporary marketing philosophy. Examples of how to advertise a brand and a message on social media are provided in the book. Carlos Gil explains best practices for social media in general and how to utilize specific platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook in this video. The reader gets a toolkit for “hacking growth” and “raising engagement,” including tactics such as keeping track of mentions, measuring the impact of information, defining a message, and creating a plan. The guide’s primary emphasis is on developing authentic and unique material, all while catering to the audience’s needs. The book “The End of Marketing” demonstrates how to use social media to humanize a business, communicate with customers directly, and develop an authentic relationship with the market you are trying to reach.

10. The Art Of Social Media: Power Tips For Power Users

Authors: Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick

Guy Kawasaki is a well-known author, in addition to being a successful businessman and an expert in marketing. As one of Apple’s early employees, he was instrumental in the company’s marketing efforts for the Macintosh computer in 1984. Peg Fitzpatrick is a well-known figure in the community of people operating in social media marketing. She is a social media expert who writes, talks, and teaches classes. Her primary concentration is on imparting growth techniques to owners of small businesses in the hopes of assisting them in establishing a good reputation. Regarding social media marketing, the book “The Art of Social Media: Power Tips for Users,” co-written by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick, is an indispensable reference. The purpose of this book is to assist individuals and organizations in “rocking social media” by utilizing the reader’s prior knowledge of social media platforms.

11. Made To Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive And Others Die

Authors: Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Chip and Dan Heath, also known as the “Heath Brothers,” have built a solid reputation for educating their audiences on the principles of achieving financial success. The title of their book, “Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive, and Others Die,” has become an international bestseller due to its publication. This book provides in-depth discussions on idea architecture and instructions on how to harness the Velcro Theory of Memory to ensure that ideas stick with a specific audience. Since then, both of them have developed new works based on concepts that are related to one another. The main goal is to teach the reader how to get the most out of their ideas and strategies so that they have the most impact.

12. Social Media Success For Every Brand: The Five Pillars That Turn Posts Into Profits

Author: Claire Diaz-Ortiz

The structure presented in Social Media Success for Every Brand help businesses in publishing exciting and attention-grabbing content in any industry. The Claire Diaz method that Ortiz uses, which she refers to as the SHARE model, is founded on the following five significant characteristics, all of which were inspired by Donald Miller’s Building a Storybrand: story, how, audience, reach, and quality. By adhering to this strategy when publishing on social media, marketers can expand their audience and make the most of their efforts. Different examples in the book show how to use this strategy. In addition, the tone of the text is casual and conversational, which makes it an easy book to read.

13. Content Mavericks: How to Grow Your Business with Insanely Shareable Content

Authors: Andrew and Pete

Andrew and Pete are good friends who started the company ATOMIC together. It is a startup that assists entrepreneurs, and small companies expand their sphere of influence and revenue. Their primary focus is on marketing and sales. The book “Content Mavericks: How to Grow Your Business With Insanely Shareable Content” explains seven steps readers can follow to develop a successful content marketing strategy that inspires professional content creation. Their primary area of expertise is in professional content creation. In addition, the reader will learn how to identify themselves in the increasingly competitive content marketing industry, which places a premium on unique ideas more than ever.

14. Social Media Marketing Handbook for Soulful Entrepreneurs

Author: Beckie Coupe

The use of social networking sites has the potential to be both very powerful and quite confusing at the same time. This book will guide you through the first and most crucial step in the solution process: figuring out how to use social media. This comprehensive introduction to social media is for business owners and entrepreneurs interested in building a successful brand based on their enthusiasm and honesty. If you run a company, you must place this book on social media marketing at the top of your to-read pile. It will assist you in selecting the tactic that is optimal not only for your company but also for you personally. It seems like a simple book but it contains helpful tips for making and keeping exciting information.

15. The Tipping Point

Author: Malcolm Gladwell

“Tipping point” is a term used in marketing to describe the point at which a particular good, service, or concept begins to enter the territory of what is trendy. Malcolm Gladwell hopes to demonstrate, with the assistance of this book, that all it takes to start a discussion is one fascinating question on either side of the table. After finishing this book, you will have the knowledge and skills necessary to readily identify the individuals accountable for the phenomenon of word of mouth, which is effectively the tipping point for every organization.

16. The Age of Influence: The Power of Influencers to Elevate Your Brand

Author: Neal Schaffer

The book “The Age of Influence” guides how to work with influential social media users. By gaining an endorsement from a well-known public figure, a company has a better chance of growing its client base and increasing the number of people familiar with their brand. Readers get an explanation of the nuances of the influencer market and recommendations on how to approach these individuals by Neal Schaffer. This book teaches how to establish a distinctive brand voice that garners respect and attention. It also teaches where to discover prominent individuals in your industry and how to contact them, budget for them, and assess the return on investment (ROI) of these partnerships. If you want to collaborate with people at the forefront of digital innovation, “The Age of Influence” is one book you need to read.

17.  See You on The Internet: Building Your Small Business with Digital Marketing

Author: Avery Swartz

Avery Swartz, an author, is the chief executive officer and founder of Camp Tech, a digital marketing company. Her best-selling book, “See You On The Internet: Building Your Small Business With Digital Marketing,” has been of great assistance to a large number of aspiring marketers as well as marketing teams, allowing them to enhance their marketing tactics, knowledge, and overall efforts. The fantastic thing about this book is that you can be an expert in marketing to comprehend and profit from Swartz’s suggestions and ideas. It is one of the many reasons why this book is so excellent.

18. Likable Social Media: How To Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, & Be Generally Amazing On All Social Networks That Matter

Author: Dave Kerpen

This book is a crash course on establishing a social audience using likable social media. This article will cover various important topics, including thinking like your audience, distributing unique content, responding quickly to comments, and utilizing an authentic and transparent tone. However, Likeable Social Media also contains a wealth of case studies that provide readers with concrete examples of companies that operate in a manner analogous to that described in the book and that serve to demonstrate the ideas above. This book functions as a streamlined training manual for social media platforms.

19.  Digital And Social Media Marketing

Author: Aleksej Heinze

You will get the information and skills necessary to gain an advantage over your competitors by reading this book on digital and social media marketing since it is practical, easy to grasp, and user-friendly. The book was created in collaboration with the Search Engine Marketing Trade Association and drew on research and real-world examples from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. This book, ideal for postgraduate students and small and medium-sized businesses, also covers new ethical dilemmas due to the digital age. Also, its Digital Business Maturity Model helps small and medium-sized companies figure out how far they have come in using technology solutions.

20. Social Media Marketing

Authors: Michael Solomon and Tracy Tuten

Michael Solomon is a marketer, author, and thought leader in the advertising and marketing industries. Through social media marketing, he instructs businesses in a style of marketing that demonstrates how to analyze customer behavior and respond to the requirements and wishes of consumers. Tracy Tuten is an authority on marketing strategy and the author of several books on the subject, all geared toward assisting businesses in maximizing their marketing potential. The book titled “Social Media Marketing” was written by Solomon and Tuten to instruct readers on applying marketing theory to social media to gain insights into their audience. In addition, the most recent findings from research conducted in social media marketing are in this book. As a result, readers get the most recent trends and strategies for expanding their brand and using social media tools to monitor their brand’s success across various platforms.

21. Profitable Social Media Marketing: How to Grow Your Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More

Author: Luke Nicholson

People interested in making money should read this book; this remark is sometimes absent from social media marketing instructions but is included in this book. According to the writers, every component of your strategy for marketing through social media should generate a profit. This book is crucial for small and medium-sized enterprises competing in a crowded market since it is full of tactics and good shortcuts that firms owned and controlled by entrepreneurs may implement.

 If you are interested in public relations, advertising, social media, or marketing, you should read this book to understand the fundamentals of running and promoting social media sites.

22. Everybody Writes

Author: Ann Handley

You will learn from Ann Handley the most efficient methods for writing with a purpose, allowing you to produce more impactful work. Ann Handley has a wealth of expertise that she may draw from to instruct you on what strategies are most successful and how to adapt your writing for the year 2022. Make thoughtful word selections demonstrate compassion for the people reading your work, and write authentically. This book is recommended as your primary resource when generating Internet content.


Social media marketing is an essential topic of debate in our increasingly digital world, and there is no shortage of advice on the subject. But not all information is reliable or helpful in the same way. To give readers a fuller understanding of social marketing, the authors of the guidelines above frequently have a wealth of information and experience to impart. You are welcome to learn more about the backgrounds of these authors and get to know a few of your favorites.