8 Best CNC Machines For Small Businesses in 2023

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CNC machining is a subtractive fabrication technology that involves the use of high-speed, automated, numerically controlled machines outfitted with a variety of cutting tools to remove materials from a block to create desired pieces.

The CNC machines will move to perform operations such as turning, milling, and drilling according to the CAM programming instructions, which operate with CAD files supplied by the customer.

A pre-programmed cutting machine may sound like a mouthful, but it is just what you need to save time. Productivity is essential in every organization, and the finest CNC machines for small businesses give precise cuts and quick results.

We propose the best CNC machines for a small business that can work with a broad range of materials and uses, such as creating intriguing seasonal pieces, prototypes, or even a new range of items for your shop page. They’re frequently used to create personalized wooden decorations or metal plaques for a nursery’s doors.

Overview Of The Top 3 CNC Machines For Small Businesses:

  • Best overall:  Maslow CNC
  • Runner-Up:  MakerMade M2
  • Best Premium option: Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018 PROver

Features To Take Into Account When Purchasing A CNC Machine For A Small Business

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router is a significant investment, therefore, choosing the proper one is critical. A wrong decision will waste your time, money, and supplies, not to mention your irritation. In contrast, the correct CNC machine will accelerate your goals while consistently producing a product that you can be proud of.

Here are eight things to think about before taking the step:

Application And Capability

When you start looking for a CNC machine, you’ll immediately realize that not everyone is ideal for the job. An excellent CNC machine is precisely adjusted to match your application and capability requirements.


Now that you’ve identified why you want to acquire a CNC machine, the next item to think about is price. The price of each CNC machine for sale on the market varies. The price is determined by the device’s features and size. You reap the full benefits of owning a CNC machine, make sure to get one that will be useful for your tasks.

Machine Tolerance

Always inquire about the number of hours the machine can run. The length of time it can function is limited, just like any other machine. If the equipment has exceeded its maximum heat tolerance, it may soon wear out. Machine tolerance also includes the ability to withstand environmental conditions such as dampness and low temperatures.

CNC Machine Motor Power

The strength of the CNC machine motor is also important since different types of CNC machines require varying strengths. Determining the intended use of the devices is also helpful in determining the motor power required.

Cooling System

A built-in cooling system is required, especially if the equipment has been turned on for an extended period. CNC machines include spindles, and these spindles may generate a lot of heat. A cooling system will avoid overheating, which will most likely impair work output.

Dust Collection System

Woodworking generates a lot of dust, which can seep inside your machine’s components and damage precision. It also makes your office shambles.

Check to see if a dust collection system exists or if one can be readily added. Many CNC machines include a dust boot that may be linked to a dust-collection device.


A CNC machine can only do what the software that controls it tells it to do. Choose software that is compatible with and easy to use for you.

Some software is better suited for 2D woodworking; if you want to carve 3D shapes out of wood, pick a program that supports 3D CAD/CAM procedures. If your system does not come with a software package, you can choose from several commercial and free software applications available online.

Below are the best CNC machines explained:

1. Maslow CNC – Best For Making Furniture

https://www.amazon.com/Maslow-CNC-Router-Kit- performance/DP/B07VNNKGCT

It is among the best CNC machines for a small company with a workshop in the garage. It’s massive; you can use it to chop large pieces of furniture! However, because it hangs at a 90-degree angle against your wall, it saves room.

Woodworking CNC machine reviews are positive. It is due to its unique combination of cost and capacity to build furniture. The Maslow CNC, with its 4 x 8-foot workspace, allows for large wooden projects such as bespoke seats.

The $549 price tag is unexpected for a variety of reasons. First, you shouldn’t anticipate getting every feature the Maslow CNC offers – although you will have to make some concessions. The assembly takes a little longer because it requires bricks, plywood, and two by 4’s.

Also, it isn’t ready to use right out of the box, so you’ll need to install the software and make a few adjustments before you start working on your first woodworking project.


  • Astonishingly large four by 8-foot work area
  • Very affordable for the size
  • Fits in your workshop to save space


  •  Takes a while to build

2. Maker made M2 – Upgraded 4×8 CNC Machine For Small Businesses Making Furniture


Another space-saving alternative is the MakerMadeM2, which hangs on a wooden backboard and moves using a pulley system. Because it hangs vertically, it is suitable for small firms housed in a garage or with little space — but who still need to cut and carve massive wooden pieces.

Experienced CNC operators understand how dirty things can get while working on large furniture projects. The built-in dust collection protects the user by making cleanup easy.

It has a repeatability of 1mm, making it one of the most precise CNC machines on our list. It is especially critical when creating furniture, as each component must fit.

The enormous 48-foot cutting surface of the Maslow CNC makes these massive furniture projects a snap. However, it is not limited to massive cuts; it will also make quick work of tiny tasks such as memento boxes and other crafts.

Another innovation is a laser cutter, which ensures we are able to complete large commission works more quickly than most of the competition because of its cutting speed of 40 inches per minute.


  • Vertical layout saves space.
  • Large 48-foot work area
  • Repeatability down to 1mm


  • You must provide your spindle.

3. Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018 Prover – Best Affordable CNC Engraver For Low Cost Or Beginner Ventures


This machine emphasizes simplicity, and its 1.8-inch engraving depth makes it an appealing alternative for anybody wishing to personalize simple items like wooden coasters with character designs for an Etsy store or other endeavor.

Even though it comes as a CNC kit, it is one of the best CNC machines to assemble. It can be up and running in about an hour, ready to put the 300 x 180 x 45 mm working surface to use.

Although it lacks the robust build quality of costlier brands, it can be used for light milling and engraving, so it may be used for a variety of hobby craft business tasks. It is due to its stepper motor head that it is suitable for various sorts of plastics, wood, soft metal, acrylics, and other materials.


  • Easy to set up
  • Very economical (and a cheap way to test out CNC technology)
  • Able to work with a variety of materials
  • Upgradeable laser engraver option


  • Costlier brands are more durable and provide superior quality and a broader work area

4. Vevor Cnc 3018 – Best CNC Machine For A Shop Making Small Crafts


It is suitable for personalizing jewelry and accessories by etching a variety of plastics. It can also engrave metal, wood, and PVC, to name a few materials. The offline controller is a welcome feature, allowing you to operate it without a computer.

You would not anticipate such a build quality while seeking a cheap CNC router for your home business. Aluminum alloy and Bakelite materials exude confidence and appear professional.

The spindle speed of the Vevor 3018 can reach 10,000 RPM, which, although not the quickest on our list, is far from insignificant for engraving signs or phone covers. The 300 x 180 x 45 mm workspace is adequate for modest jobs.

Although it will have difficulty cutting through hard materials and cannot pierce metals, it will be sufficient to manufacture key rings and personalized engravings without any problems.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Made of a strong aluminum alloy
  • A simple setup is ideal for novices who want to manufacture and sell items


  • Cannot work with hard materials

5. Bobscnc Evo 4 – Best CNC Machine For Woodworking


Because it can deal with large plywood sheets, wood, and aluminum, the BobsCNC Evo4 is one of the finest CNC machines for a small business. It can transform your garage into a little factory and bring to life various mid-sized ideas.

BobsCNC is well-known for providing exceptional customer service. While you may not require much further assistance if you are well acquainted with basic CNC problem troubleshooting, if this is your first CNC machine, this can be a great resource.

Its cutting surface is 610 x 610 x 85 mm, making it perfect for a small business that manufactures personalized wall tiles, photo frames, wall signage, and bespoke jewelry. It also has a Birchwood frame, a self-squaring gantry, and a mount for several routers, including the quieter DeWalt DW611.

The assembly of the machine will take a while. Once built, you’ll realize why this is one of the best CNC machines for a home company due to its 0.002–0.004″ repeatability.


  • Very precise
  • BobsCNC is known for providing exceptional customer service.
  • a big cutting area


  • It might be hard to find replacement components

6. Snapmaker 2.0 – Best 3-In-1 CNC Machine


This 3-in-1 CNC machine can come in handy if you are ambitious. It may also be used for CNC, 3D printing, and laser engraving, providing its owner with a competitive advantage.

It comes in three sizes to suit different budgets: the A150 ($1,199), A250 ($1,499), and the big A350 ($1,799), which we will go over in more depth. The precision of the carved pieces utilizing the 4-axis rotary module add-on and straight groove v-bit was quite impressive when we tried the largest-sized A350.

It merely takes a few minutes and four screws to switch the heads to employ the various functionalities. It won’t be long until you can 3D print a commissioned 3D superhero figurine, then swap out the 3D printer to engrave and personalize it.

The Snapmaker 2.0 A350 has a build capacity of 320 x 350 x 350 mm, making it a perfect CNC machine for a small shop. It can 3D print materials made of PLA, PETG, ABS, and TPU. Anyone who does not wish to use the 3D printing capacity should stick to a conventional CNC router.

Its spindle speed may be adjusted from 6,000 to 12,000 RPM, and it can engrave text and graphics, so those personalized coasters depicting a treasured memory will look fantastic. It may also be used to carve off the outlines of objects.


  • It is more than just a CNC machine; it also 3D prints and laser etch.
  • There are three sizes available to meet your needs.
  • A whole manufacturing facility in a single machine


  • If you don’t require a 3D printer, this is less beneficial

7. Carbide Shapeoko XL / XXL


With a cutting surface of 16 x 16 x 3 inches, this is an excellent choice for any small craft business. It is compatible with a number of materials, including acrylic, ABS, and Delrin; however, it is most likely beneficial for soft metals and woods up to 14 inches in diameter.

The Carbide Shapeoko is available in many sizes, including standard, XL, and XXL, each with a distinct cutting area. Each model is simple to put together, so you can be up and going in an afternoon, trying out new things for your craft business.

It is built on the open-source network GRBL architecture, so the possibilities for new ideas are virtually limitless. It works with the Dewalt DWP-611 spindle, which feels strong when combined with the heavy-duty stepper motors – it can easily cut through standard materials.

If we’re looking for flaws, we’d have to remark that the lack of a dust collector is a nuisance. It can be easily remedied, especially if you work carefully, but dust will flow over. The control software is not daunting, and the operating system is easy for a novice.


  • A large cutting area
  • Control through intuition
  • Strong spindle


  • There is no dust-collecting plate

8. Zmorph Fab


Another “three-in-one” machine appears to do everything. This expert machine can work with an astonishing selection of more than 50 materials, and its build area of 235 x 250 x 165 mm makes it perfect for 3D printing tiny crafts and finishing them with engraving.

There are five distinct tool heads. Because the SMART Toolheads System knows which tool is in use, switching between them takes only a minute. The superior programming of the Zmorph Fab makes this significantly simpler than on other machines, resulting in a more efficient and effective process overall.

The construction area is completely enclosed, making this one of the safest CNC machines to operate in a small business. It contains a HEPA/Carbon filtration technology that keeps fumes and pollutants out of your lungs.

The Zmorph Fab is a sophisticated, dependable CNC machine for small enterprises and shop usage. It’s dependable and built to function around the clock, so you can rely on it to construct and carve those huge bespoke items all night, saving you time.


  • Professional-level equipment
  • Works with a variety of materials
  • It may be used as a CNC machine, a 3D printer, or a laser engraver – and even 3D print food!
  • Outstanding safety features
  • Simple tool head swapping


  • For some, it may be a little expensive


A good CNC machine may help your production process go smoothly and allow you to perform things that would be difficult to achieve manually with any power tool. These tools will work for your needs whether you’re working on personal projects or managing a small home-based woodworking business.

Although the machines in this category can operate continuously for several hours, if you have high production requirements, they will certainly help you recover the cost of your CNC considerably more quickly.