Is Rosewill A Good PSU Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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A PSU, or power supply unit, converts alternating current, popularly known as AC, into direct current (DC) for consumption by a computer’s internal components. Most supply power units work with alternating currents of 110 and 230V, even though others give you the liberty of switching between these two. The latter can also be used for any voltage in the 110V- 230V range. Note that these units are used by laptops and computers, making them quite popular.

Owing to their popularity, several brands in the market offer these devices. Even though that may sound like an excellent idea since there are several options to choose from, it comes with one disadvantage- getting the right brand may be a challenge, and one may end up investing money in a disappointing brand. This is why it’s important that we look at one of these brands- Rosewill, and find out whether it is worth your time or money. However, before we look into that, let’s give you a few details about this brand.

What Is Rosewill?

Rosewill ss a reseller of computing and household products owned by Newegg, one of the biggest computer hardware and consumer electronics retailers owned by Fred Chang, a Taiwanese US immigrant. It was formed in 2004, and a year later, managed to make it to the Internet Retailer’s Magazine Top 10 Retailers, having achieved a sales revenue of close to $1 billion in 2004. Now that you have a brief history of Rosewill let’s find out whether their PSUs are any better.

Is Rosewill A Good PSU Brand?

There is little to no information about Rosewill products online, save for online forums, given that this brand acts as a reseller. From the reviews we went through, most internet users are convinced that Rosewill is both a hit and a miss, given that some of its PSUs are great while others are not, especially the older ones.

Several people praise the Rosewill Fortress series, one of the lowest-priced power supply units but highly functional. The Rosewill Capstone series also has several excellent reviews, with people generally applauding its performance despite its low pricing. Other series that have excellent reviews include Rosewill Green, Tachyon, and Silent Night, which is the brand’s most silent PSU. Most people, however, aren’t happy with the Rosewill Stallion series

We can establish from all the reviews we went through that Rosewill is similar to other brands in that some of their products are excellent while others aren’t as good and therefore attract harsh reviews. It seems that this brand’s low-end models are not as good as those sold by other brands, which can be attributed to the fact that Rosewill rebrands models from different manufacturers.

To answer the question, Rosewill is a good brand when you settle for mid-range or high-end options. The budget options have several negative reviews and may not serve you as well as you expect. Suppose you can afford the expensive Rosewill creations, well and good. However, try other options if you need a budget PSU.

Factors To Consider When Buying A PSU

We want you to get the best PSU in the market, and therefore, if you decide to buy a Rosewill PSU, here are some of the things you should look out for:

1. Rating

PSUs are rated. If you have been thinking of getting one but haven’t bothered to find its rating, this is the right time to do so. It shows the PSUs’ ability to convert power from the AC outlet on your wall or extension to a lower voltage used by your computer’s internal components. Why does it matter? Power is normally wasted during this conversion, and therefore, a PSU with a higher rating ensures that negligible power goes to waste. In this case, you need a PSU with an 80+ rating to be on the clear. This means that the power wasted will be below 20%.

However, note that PSUs with this rating are further subdivided into different categories depending on their quality. You will get white, which is the basic 80-plus rating, bronze, gold, platinum, and titanium. Gold normally serves as a middle ground and will serve you just fine, whether you are a gamer or a general user. The last two, i.e., platinum and titanium, come in handy for heavily loaded systems. You are advised to use them on servers or workstations.

Note that bronze and white-rated PSUs are mostly more efficient than unrated ones. Even though the rating is voluntary, it is better to go for a rated PSU.

2. Wattage

You should know the wattage requirement of all your PC or laptop components so that you choose a PSU that matches it. Even as you focus on the CPU and GPU, given their huge power consumption, do not sideline other components as they also need power to run, albeit lesser. In fact, this should be your first consideration when buying a power supply unit, given that it’s next to impossible to get the experience you need if your PC is underpowered.

To make your work easier,  look for your system’s thermal design power or maximum power consumption specifications to get a rough estimate of the power it needs to function optimally. You can also use an online PSU calculator to determine the power your PSU requires for optimal performance.

We advise that you get a power supply unit that exceeds your PC’s required capacity. This will leave room for your PSU to function optimally, preventing it from overheating. This is a simple hack to achieve a long-lasting and quiet PSU operation that most people don’t know yet. We hope you now understand wattage’s important when selecting a PSU.

3. Pin Connectors

Choosing a PSU that is 80+ rated and can deliver twice the amount of wattage your PC needs is not enough. It is important to ensure that it has the right number of necessary connectors, which include three connectors, a 6+2 cable, an 8-pin cable, a 6-pin cable, and 2 detachable pins. You must also know the type of connector your motherboard needs to complete the connection. You will mostly need a 20 or 24-pin connector, even though it’s not absolute since other motherboards may require a different value.

To make work easier, get a PSU once you have planned for other hardware pieces, such as the ones we have just mentioned.

4. Rails

You must remember the rail listing in your PSU before spending your hard-earned money on it. Even though the concept of rails can be difficult to understand, they basically decide the number of paths or routes followed by power as it travels to different PC components. You will notice these rails on the circuit board, printed in a pathway design.

Now that you understand what rails are, it is time to define multi-rail power supply units and single rail PSU. A multi-rail PSU has several pathways distributing power to your computer’s internal systems, while a single-rail PSU has only one pathway. Multi-rail PSUs ensure that every PC component has enough power, given that power is supplied through different pathways compared to single-line PSUs. It also saves your computer from power surges, which can lead to costly damage. This is because each rail has an over-current and short-current prevention system.

5. Cable Management

You need to reduce your system’s cable clutter for aesthetic pleasantness and proper functioning. This can only be achieved by modular PSUs that allow you to attach and detach the power connectors to them easily. You don’t need a system with fixed cables making your connection look disorganized.

Having fewer cables hanging from your power supply units means better airflow and a cool working environment. However, note that modular power supply units cost way more than their counterparts. On the bright side, you get several advantages, including increased portability, which you definitely need.

If you decide to get a Rosewill PSU, make sure that you consider everything we have covered in our article. However, note that a PSU that ticks all the boxes will be costly, so you may have to dig deeper into your pockets.


We hope we have answered your question on whether Rosewill is a good PSU brand. If you can afford this brand’s high-end models, go ahead and get one. However, if you need a quality budget PSU, go for other brands since their reviews are not that good. Also, learn more about the Rosewill PSU series before parting with your money.


1. Is Rosewill An American Brand?

Rosewill is owned by Newegg Commerce, Inc, an American brand dealing in consumer electronics and computer hardware located in the City of Industry, California. It is, therefore, safe to say that Rosewill is an American brand.

2. Does Rosewill Offer A Warranty On Its Products?

Yes. Rosewill has a warranty cover on its products. Users enjoy a 1-year warranty inclusive of parts and labor. However, note that it is important that one fills out the online warranty form found on the warranty page to register the products.

3. Does Rosewill Have A Return Policy?

Yes. Rosewill has a 30-day return policy that covers returns for replacement and refund.

4. Does Rosewill Manufacture Its Products?

No. Rosewill is a reseller. It, therefore, buys goods from other manufacturers, rebrands then sells them.