Is Porter Cable A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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While exploring different tool manufacturer brands for your next home construction or commercial building project, you may be conscious to know what the best tool brand is that your money can buy.

Of course, many different brands make tools, whether hand tools, power tools, outdoor equipment, or anything in between. This makes you need clarification about what brand to go for.

If you are a price-sensitive person and want to opt for an affordable tool option, choose Porter-Cable. 

Porter-Cable tools are best suited for basic and lightweight use, particularly if you don’t want to spend too much of your cash—professionals, craft workers, woodworkers, home builders, general contractors, and much more use these tools.

Stanley Black and Deck own Porter-Cable, a popular entry- to mid-level power tool brand headquartered in Tennessee. 

Porter-Cable is substantially less expensive. Because these tools are price-friendly, they are less popular among professionals. You likely wouldn’t find companies or experts that use Porter-Cable tools more extensively.

Despite being low in price, Porter-Cable tools are functional, comfortable, and lightweight.

If you still want to know the answer to “Is Porter Cable a good brand?” We have provided information that will help you make an informed purchase.

Brand History And Reputation

Porter-Cable is a renowned and well-established brand, mostly seen among small work repairers, homeowners, DIYers, and other similar professions.

Porter-Cable is an American-born company that started its operations in 1906. It was initially an east coast company. Porter Cable started with its first machine shop in Syracuse, New York.

Over the years, Porter-Cable has built its reputation as the most trusted name in the power tools industry. The company was established by three people, two brothers, R.E. and G.G. Porter, and their friend F.E. Cable. This partnership between brothers and a friend resulted in the brand’s amalgamated name, “Porter-Cable.”

By the 1960s, Porter-Cable was sold to the Rockwell Corporation. During that time, Porter-Cable name dropped drastically when they decided to compete with Black and Decker’s line of super-budget home power tools. 

In the mid-80s, Delta Machinery acquired Rockwell’s power tool division and brought the Porter-Cable name back to life – increasing production quality along the way.

Porter-Cable is a brand that offers diverse tool options and a decent category of products. From recip saws and circ saws to drills, drivers, flashlights, and vacuums, there’s a lot to choose from.

The company manufactures, distributes, and markets electric and cordless power tools, pneumatic tools, compressors, pressure washers, generators, and related accessories for the professional woodworking, commercial/residential construction, plumbing, and electrical markets.

The competitive advantage of porter’s cable tools is that the prices are relatively low. These tools are ideal for people who need some essential tools for occasional use and light work, mainly when a tight budget is in question.

Based on research and reviews, it is clear that Porter-Cable tools are decent or just around average. People seem to agree that these tools are reasonably functional, ergonomically designed, easy to hold, and generally work well at their intended purposes.

The only drawback is porter cable tools are designed for something other than heavy-duty usage. They will last up to a few months or over a year if used for heavy-duty or rugged tasks, mainly if used daily. So, while Porter Control tools work fine, they may not last that long.

What Makes Porter Cable Power Tools A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know.

Porter-Cable has been known for its high-quality tools for over 100 years of service. They built these power tools to last with incredible durability and fantastic performance.

If you still want to know about “Is porter Cable a good brand?” Read along for everything you need to know about what makes it a superb choice.

1. Provide Quality Tools at a Budget Price

Porter-Cable is the right tool option if you’re concerned about cost-effectiveness. Porter cable products are cheaper than other brands in the same category. Despite being more affordable, it will keep its quality high.

If you want to use tools occasionally, Porter-Cable tools will fulfill your tool need without spending hundreds of dollars on a high-end toolset. 

Porter-Cable is cheaper than many other brands in the market. They offer many budget options, but even their more expensive lines are inexpensive. Porter-Cable is the obvious answer if you’re looking for affordable tools.

2.  Target the Precise Market

Porter-Cable does not target a market that looks for high-quality innovative offerings; instead, caters to a market with a precise strategy when it comes to its tools.

Porter-Cable Addresses mid-level semi-professional workers that need high-quality tools at a reasonable price.

Their focus remains on more of a need for practicality by targeting a market where there is less demand for innovation or creativity and work is being made with tools that are easy to work with. They are more inclined towards providing convenience rather than innovative offerings.

3. Offer An Impressive Product Line

Porter-Cable offers an impressive list of products for its customers. These tools allow you to perform a wide variety of woodworking or other home craft projects and finish a work with a smooth and professional-looking project.

With their line of products, you can accomplish virtually any DIY or commercial project, from metal, wood cutting, and more to drilling and installing screws. Many of them come in combo kits for extra convenience and value.

However, there are some limitations as their range is less extensive than with companies like other high-end brands. That being said, their product range is enough for people new to using power tools or who only carry out the occasional DIY project.

FastenersCorded ToolsCordlessAccessoriesFastening tools and Compressor
8 PIN nailMetal working20 MaxNailsRoofing
15-GaugeSpecialty Tools18VStaplersCompressor
18-GaugeDrills8V MaxDriversCompressor Combo Kits
Narrow Crown StaplesFastening RoutersFinish and Trim
Upholstery StaplesOscillating Multi-tools SandersSpecialty
  Screw Driving 
  Drill set 
  Air tools 

4.  Every tool Offer Easy Usability. 

With its easy usability feature, Porter-Cable products are a great fit for a homeowner or semi-professional DIYer with a limited budget. If you want a straightforward power tool, then Porter-Cable is undoubtedly the brand to consider.

These tools are designed to fulfill essential functions, so no complications are involved. You take them out of the box and are ready to go.

5.   Comes in Comfortable designs

Porter-Cable tools are practically designed and well-functioned. The best part is porter Cable makes sure that their devices feel comfortable in your hand. Bearing in mind a budget range, the design of the tools is awe-inspiring.

6.  Tools are incredibly durable and dependable 

Porter cable tools make your work easier and ensure job-site safety. No matter the job task, these tools perform at peak efficiency. Their wide selection of reliable tools, including power tools, air compressors, and cordless tools, makes the job done more professionally.

7.  A wide selection of tools for every situation

Porter Cable Manufactures a diverse variety of power tools, equipment, and accessories. From new home construction, building maintenance, and farms to upscale woodworking, Porter Cable provides products for every situation. . Everyone from seasoned professionals to casual weekenders is putting Porter-Cable tools to work whenever they want the job done right.

8.   Tools are backed by a Warranty

Porter-Cable takes full responsibility for its products and offers after-sales service with warranties to back its products. They claim to repair any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship for one to three years from the date of purchase. 3-year limited warranty on their stapler, Nailer, and palm sander. They also provide a 1-year free service for maintenance and replacement of worn parts. The 1-year offer is only for everyday use. Compared to other brands, Porter-Cable offers a 90-day money-back guarantee making this a great offer. 


Porter-Cable is quite an excellent brand to consider, considering the cost factor. Although it is not a high-end brand worldwide, but still a good choice for homeowners. This kind of brand is well suited for light-duty and occasional use. Porter cable tools are comfortable, lightweight, and functional power tools.

For over a decade, Porter Cable has fueled divisions such as Workshops, Small Businesses, Job Sites, and home projects.

These power tools are generally inexpensive and designed for the average homeowner. They are not tools for professional use but instead intended to be the best option for those looking for a budget option that is used occasionally.

Porter-Cable is an inexpensive and reasonably reliable brand, particularly for things like drills, drivers, impact tools, nailers, combo kits, and other things.


1. Where are Porter Cable tools made?

The majority of manufacturing of Porter-Cable is outsourced, with assembly mainly taking place in China and Mexico.

2. Does DeWALT own Porter Cable?

A whole bunch of porter cable power tools, including DeWALT, Craftsmen, and Black & Decker, are owned by Stanley and Black & Decker.

3. What is the top-of-the-line tool of Porter Cable?

Porter Cable delivers a reliable line of products that satisfy the needs of homeowners, residential contractors, makers, and builders. Almost all of the products are successful, among them are 8 tool combo kits and brushless motors.