Is Husky A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Finding the best tool brand can be a daunting task owing to the number of options available in the market. It’s therefore easy to make the wrong purchase decision if you don’t find out as much information about the different brand options available. One of these brands is Husky, a production line known for its various hand tools,  pneumatic tools, and tool storage products.

This article will walk you through certain specifics related to Husky to help you decide whether it is a good brand. However, before going deeper into that, let’s give you some background information about Husky.

What Is Husky?

Husky is an American brand that manufactures and sells hand tools, tool storage solutions, and pneumatic power tools. The company was officially founded in 1925, even though it made its first product, a wrench, in 1924. Not long afterward, Husky joined forces with J.H Williams Tool Group, which saw the formation and rise of a beautiful corporation.

The rights to the Husky brand name were later sold to New Britain Machine Company in 1932 by the Olsen Manufacturing Company of Britain USA Connecticut’s office. Husky was later acquired by National Hand Tool in the 80s and, a decade later, made a turnaround into one of the most successful tool brands in the market. Husky became a common feature at Home Depot and later obtained exclusive home improvement product rights from the store.

Husky was formerly owned by Stanley Black and Decker Inc, the owner of Black & Decker, which we have covered in one of our articles. However, Home Depot currently owns it. Now that you know a little about Husky, let’s find out whether it is worth your money and time.

What Does Husky’s Sell?

Let’s look at Husky’s product catalog to determine what they offer.

1. Hand and Mechanic Tools

Even though Husky manufactures an array of tools, its main focus is on hand and mechanic tools. It has dedicated most of its efforts to this product line to the point that it competes with some of the best brands in the market. A hand tool from Husky can last you a lifetime.

2. Tool Boxes

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, Husky also produces tool storage solutions, such as tool boxes. It is lauded for some of the best toolboxes and bags in terms of quality. From the reviews, these products open and close seamlessly and have smooth rolling casters. Some people are also highly impressed with the overall construction of these storage solutions.

3. Wrenches, Sockets, and Ratchets

Husky is also known for having some of the best options when it comes to ratchets, sockets, and wrenches because it specializes in hand and mechanic tools. Remember, the company’s first product was a wrench, showing just how important the tool and its associates are to the company.

4. Storage Cabinets

You know by now that Husky produces a range of storage solutions. Apart from tool boxes, this brand also makes storage cabinets, which act as tool storage and organization systems. Most of the cabinets offered by the brand are made of steel, which assures you of added security and durability. You need one if you can’t afford high-end storage options from relatively more lucrative brands.

Is Husky Worth Your Time And Money?

The best way to determine whether Husky is a good brand is by judging it based on several features and specifications. Let’s see how this brand performs based on the following:

1. Heavy-Duty Usage

As a brand that prides itself in its pneumatic power tools, hand tools, and storage solutions, it is only right that we find out whether its products support heavy-duty usage. Husky tools are made to support heavy-duty usage, which explains why they are preferred by experts and beginners alike. From the reviews, these products are durable owing to their superior quality, which points to heavy-duty usage.

Although this brand’s tools may lack the versatility other brands’ products have, they know how to handle tough jobs and strenuous tasks.

2. Product Portfolio

You can judge a brand by the products it has in its lineup. You should settle on a brand with all the tools needed for your tasks. Husky’s products consist of primitive tools, pneumatic tools, mechanics, automotive tools, and different accessories such as tool storage products. We must also mention that a large percentage of its portfolio consists of ratchets, wrenches, sockets, mechanics tools, and screwdrivers.

It is safe to say that Husky’s catalog is not as extensive as other brands, such as Craftsman’s, which even offers power tools and outdoor products. All in all, you will still find various basic hand tools to choose from.

4. Portability

A tool’s portability depends on its size and weight lifting. It’s, therefore, important to consider this feature before buying a power or hand tool since it will dictate the level of convenience you unlock with your tool. Small tools can also be easily stored since you don’t need a larger storage space.

Luckily, most of the tools in Husky’s catalog are designed to be portable and easy to store, making them the perfect solutions for DIYers or experts who are always on the road. This also means that you will comfortably work in tight spaces.

2. Design

You need a well-designed tool, regardless of the task you are targeting. Remember, a tool’s design has a bearing on its durability, performance, and overall usefulness. Fortunately, Husky makes sleek tools with modern designs for increased comfort. Owing to their unique design, Husky tools offer the strength and durability every amateur or pro needs in their hand or mechanical tools.

3. Pricing

The way a company prices its product will influence your purchase decision. Luckily, Husky sells affordable products that are just as functional and great as those of similar but highly-priced brands such as MAC. Note that this brand caters to both DIYers and professionals, meaning you will be getting more value than the money you spend on the products.

You can compare this brand’s pricing to tool manufacturers such as Ryobi and Skill, which also offer a range of options.

4. Warranty

What happens when your tool breaks down or comes with a defect? Return it to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, which is made possible by a warranty cover. Luckily, Husky offers buyers excellent warranty coverage, including lifetime warranties. You can always send your tools to Husky whenever they break down for repair or replacement.

Even though these products are durable, the lifetime warranty offers additional assurance. You can use your products knowing at the back of your mind that they will be repaired or replaced if they break down. A lifetime warranty also shows that a company believes in its products.

However, note that the company offers a limited warranty of 2 years for its pneumatic tools and air compressors.

From what we have just covered, it is safe to say that Husky deserves your time and money.

Husky Pros

From the above discussion, here are some of the pros we have discovered when it comes to what this brand offers the market:

  • It produces affordable and high-quality storage solutions such as toolboxes and storage cabinets
  • The storage options are lightweight and, therefore, highly portable
  • It produces some of the best hand tools on the market
  • It has extensive toolkits in its product catalog that caters to both beginners and experts
  • Husky’s products can handle heavy-duty usage
  • The products are affordably priced as compared to other brands

Husky’s Cons

  • The brand’s power tools have been criticized and may not be the best option to settle for in the market.
  • Its products are less versatile than other brand’s offerings, even though they can support heavy-duty usage
  • Husky has specialized in one line of products, i.e., hands and mechanical tools, which means less focus on other products, such as its power tools.


Is Husky a good brand? Yes. Based on different online reviews and customer feedback, this brand produces high-quality, affordable products that amateurs and professionals can use. It also has some of the best storage solutions in the market, fairly competing with other renowned high-end brands.


1. Does Husky Manufacture All Its Tools?

Even though Husky is known as a tool and storage solutions brand, its products are made by other companies. The ones we know include Iron Bridge Tools, Western Forge, Apex Tool Group, and its parent company, Stanley Black & Decker. Also, even though most of the tools in Husky’s catalog were built in the USA, they are currently manufactured in Taiwan and China.

2. Is Husky The Same As Craftsman?

No. Husky and Craftsman are two different but competing brands. At one point, they had the same parent company, Stanley Black & Decker, which changed when Home Depot acquired Husky. Note that these two also have different markets based on the products they manufacture. Husky manufactures limited tools, i.e., hand, pneumatic, and storage tools, while Craftsman manufactures a range of tools, including power, outdoor gear, and gardening equipment.