Is Rough Country A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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You look for ways to boost your vehicle’s suspension while going over rough terrain. Oh really! You wanted to make your journey smooth and give it an aesthetic look. A lift kit is the best solution for it.

Rough Country is a famous lift kits producer, but are they any good? If you know the cons of the Rough Country lift kit, then you will surely be satisfied with the product.

You will get quality, reliability, and durability at the same time. If you have little money and want to install a lift kit, then the Rough Country lift kit is a great choice.

Rough Country manufactures aftermarket automotive and off-road suspension and lift kit products. Their lift kits will work well and last a good amount of time. They are a great choice as you can lift your SUV or truck but still not break the bank.  

Rough Country products are made with high-quality materials designed to withstand off-road hardships. Let’s have a detailed outlook by knowing the features that make it a good lift kit brand.

Who Are Rough Country And What Do They Make?

Tennessee’s Dyersburg serves as the home base for Rough Country, which was established in 1992. The firm is well renowned for delivering items of excellent quality at competitive rates and for its steadfast dedication to client satisfaction.

Off-road vehicle accessories and aftermarket components are produced and sold by Rough Country. They are well recognized for making various goods, including lift kits, suspension systems, lighting, and other performance components for Jeep, SUV, and truck vehicles.

Should You Avail of a Rough Country Lift Kit?

For your understanding, before buying a Rough Country lift kit, it is vital to understand what a lift kit is. What is its purpose, and how will it enhance your on-road and off-road driving experience?

A lift kit consists of different aftermarket vehicle parts. These parts lift a truck or SUV higher off the ground. Some people don’t care much about the suspension but like installing lift kits for fun or aesthetic purposes.

The vehicle manufacturers do not prepare the vehicle parts. Third-party companies prepare them to work with specific vehicles that design lifts to work. Different lift kits are sold on eBay but are of low quality due to a lack of use of quality material.

1. Durable Products

What else do you need if a product is durable and reliable? Rough Country’s products are built to withstand the rigors of off-road use. It’s only possible because of high-quality materials and various construction techniques.

One of the key features is that Rough Country always keeps quality high. Their lift kits are made with heavy-duty steel components to withstand the stresses of off-road or on-road driving. The lifts include quality shocks.

To withstand the harsh conditions of off-road, the company uses high-quality polyurethane bushings and other components. They pass their products under rigorous testing to ensure they can perform under various circumstances.

2. Easy Installation Procedure

Rough Country always strives to make your life easy. Their products are designed for easy, bolt-on installation. They can be installed without the need for welding or cutting. This easy process allows all customers to install by themselves without any experience.

Rough Country lift kits are available with detailed instructions sheets and hardware. To make the installation process easy, they provide thorough instructions for the complete installation process through website videos.

Overall, the ease of installation is one of the vital features of Rough Country products, making it an attractive and appealing choice for those looking to upgrade their vehicle’s suspension or lift kit. You do not need to spend the whole day, a matter of just a few hours.

Moreover, another useful feature is that Rough Country’s products can be easily removed if you need to bring them to their original condition.  

3. Rough Country’s Affordable Prices

Most of us go for a product at a cheap rate but with good quality. Most lift kits from well-known brands are just out of the reach of various people.

The Rough Country lifts are quality products and stand out in the industry for their low prices and value for money. Rough Country lifts to both options in the best possible way.

The company offers a variety of products with different price options. Customers can find the products that fit their needs. Rough Country provides lift kits, such as body lift, leveling, and lowering.

The fact is that the company prepares the in-house products, which gives the reason to produce the products at a low rate. The company also offers promotions and sales throughout the year.

4. High-Performance Lift Kits From Rough Country 

You are always eager to enhance the performance of a vehicle. Rough Country’s products are popular among enthusiasts and designed to enhance your vehicle’s handling, stability, and overall performance.

Rough Country’s kit gives your vehicle more clearance and suspension, allowing you to drive on rough terrain easily. When the suspension is better, your body will not feel bumps due to more ground clearance.

Rough Country always puts extra effort into providing convenience, leading to additional utility. They offer suspension components, such as shocks and springs, which can improve your vehicle’s ride quality and handling.

The company offers headache and bed racks for pickup trucks among the different categories. It provides additional storage space and allows customers to carry more vehicle gear. Enhancing performance is the key quality feature that makes this company more popular.

5. A Life Time Warranty

Rough Country works to provide the utmost customer satisfaction. They offer a lifetime replacement warranty on many of its suspension products. All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship.

In general, the lifetime replacement warranty covers defects in materials and artistry. It also covers the cost of replacement parts and labor for the repair or replacement of the product.

Following the manufacturer’s instructions for installing and operating said products is important. In this case, they replace the defective parts at no cost. However, it’s important to note that the lifetime replacement warranty is only an option for the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable.

6. Customer Service

If you ever need help, you can contact to at their phone numbers via live chat or text. You can easily find contact numbers on their website.

A knowledgeable and cooperative customer service team is available to help you. The company’s customer service representatives are trained to assist customers with questions or issues.

They provide helpful information and guidance on the use and maintenance of its products. They provide technical support to customers experiencing issues with its products. However, few customers have complaints about their customer service.


1. Why Buy Rough Country?

Rough Country’s product quality, durability, pricing, and customer services are unmatched. They use high-quality materials built to withstand the rigors of off-road use. The lift kits are made with heavy-duty steel components. The robust steel parts help to withstand the stress of off-road or on-road driving. Their lift kits are best to use due to low and affordable pricing, keeping in mind the quality. In case of any trouble, they have a good customer services team that is always ready to remove the trouble or give the answer to any inquiry.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Rough Country Lift Kits?

Rough Country lift kits Increase the ground clearance to navigate rough terrain by raising the overall height of your vehicle. It would allow you to use large tires to enhance road performance. It can also enhance the vehicle’s aesthetic beauty and increase stability, especially on slippery roads.

3. Is The Installation Of The Lift Kit Easy?

Rough Country’s lift kits are relatively easy to install and can be done with basic tools. In contrast, some others may require more advanced skills and specialized equipment. The installation of lift kits is easy as it only takes two to three hours to adjust. The process takes a few hours as it can be installed without welding or cutting. Even anyone can install it without experience due to the easy installation procedure. It’s important to carefully follow the instructions provided with the kit and ensure you have all the necessary tools and materials before beginning the installation.

4. What Is Your Warranty Policy?

Rough Country offers a Lifetime Warranty. So, if there is any trouble, they repair it without charging any cost. The company is confident in the quality of its products but understands that sometimes new-model owners are hesitant to lift their vehicles due to the terms of their warranty. They have covered the warranty when your manufacturer doesn’t.


Rough Country lift kits with sound quality are more affordable than most other lift kits. A Rough Country lift kit might be best if you want a cool, lifted truck but cannot afford it. You can effortlessly install and remove it. Rough Country Company strives to furnish its customers best services to their satisfaction. You will always have a smooth ride to enjoy your journey in the coolest way.