Is Onn a Good Brand? Everything You Need to Know

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Are you planning to buy a T.V.? but at the same time, your budget is tight. You want a T.V. at a low rate without compromising the quality and features.

However, do you need help deciding which brand to go with? Which will give you the best result within the minimum budget? It would help if you had clarification, as the market is flooded with various brands. Everyone claims to be the best.

We are here to help and assist you. For the past few years, Onn T.V. has been the talk of the town as it is less expensive than famous brands. Yes! Onn T.V. has made their good name in the market.

Onn T.V. is a perfect selection if you are seeking a budget-friendly T.V. With a sleek design, good audio, and boastful design, this smart LED T.V. provides an ideal average picture in this price range.  This article discusses why Onn is a good brand and why their televisions are high quality.

Who Are Walmart, And What Do They Make?

The main question that you must want to know is who Walmart is. If you think Walmart itself manufactures the T.V., then you are wrong. Here we go with the story!

Walmart does not manufacture Onn T.V. They have introduced its private brand known as Durabrand, a trading name of Walmart that manufactures T.V. for Walmart.

Simply put, Walmart is the parent company of Onn T.V. You can only purchase their T.V.s from Walmart stores as they distribute them globally.

Durabrand took a start in early 1999 as a brand for electronics. It spread worldwide due to the famous name of Walmart and makes T.V.s of different features and sizes.

The Onn T.V.s are made-up and assembled in different parts of China and Thailand by different companies working with Durabrand. The quality is low compared to top brands. Still, prices are very affordable and make it possible to be within reach of everyone.

South Carolina-based American electronics company Element Electronics was responsible for maintenance and handling warranty repair.

Onn T.V.S: Top Of The Line Features

Onn T.V. brand is a trustful option to make it a part of your home. It has almost all the features of other well-known brands. They have Roku, voice control, and exceptional customer service along with multiple features.

1. Offering Great Value For Money

Onn T.V. offers a low rate, even dropping to as low as $88 during Black Friday sales compared to other brands such as SAMSUNG or HIGH SENSE. At this price, the overall efficiency and quality are worth availing. They are always concerned that their customers are comfortable while spending money covering every feature.

If you are fine with using average-quality pictures, then it’s the best choice for you at this cost. Of course, you get outstanding features and warranty services at a low price compared to globally established brands.

However, you are a higher-end electronics buyer who needs help finding the middle ground on the fascinating features and video streaming quality. In that case, you must opt for globally known brands such as Sony.

2. Buying Onn T.V.S Online And Offline

It’s great! You can buy T.V.s online or offline from Walmart stores only. There are stores in 24 countries where you cannot purchase from any other store.

However, second-hand T.V.s are also available on eBay and Amazon. It has been noted there is little difference in prices between new and old ones. So, buying a new one from the Walmart store is better.

3. Sleek Designs Of  Onn T.Vs

With the passage of time world is shifting towards more smart and sleek design. Onn T.Vs are close to this approach. Their designs are sleek on a friendly budget other than your expectations. You must be expecting something other than this option in this budget.

Onn T.V.s offer sleek and up-to-date designs with very thin bezels. All of their current models are of the flat-screen variety. The resolution is perfect that doesn’t disappoint you. You will enjoy all the time features.

4. Onn T.Vs Roku Brand

A Roku feature is one of the most unique and important features of Onn T.V. The Roku Smart Soundbar is powerful and has various speaker drivers. The device comes with an enhanced voice remote control and fewer pre-installed apps that your t.v can not delete. It causes to reduce the memory of your device.

The Onn Roku T.V. has a Roku player for 4K, H.D., and HDR video streaming. You can use a simple setup with variable-provided cables and accessories with three HDMI ports. It can also lodge an Ethernet cable so you can go online anytime. You will get the opportunity to enjoy free T.V. programs, live sports, news, shows, and much more.

Bluetooth streaming features are another main quality. In most cases, you do not have to pay to activate the Roku. It is completely free. You have access to control everything with simple steps of remote control.

5. Onn T.V. Remote – The Universal Remote

The remote control of Roku T.V. is universal. It can be utilized for all types of Onn Roku T.V. A universal remote control T.V. can control DVD players and VCRs. These universal remote controls are easily available on Amazon at reasonable prices.

6. Outstanding Price-To-Performance Ratio

I am honest to tell you the truth. Suppose you have bought an Onn T.V. and compared it to leading brands. Then you need to be corrected. You may find the difference in picture quality. However, it would help if you considered the compromised picture display with the low price. What a great deal! Surely, you have got a great display at such a low price.

Right now, it sells for above $200. But some have gotten the T.V. for around $80 during sales. For a low price, even at 80$ during the sale, you’ll avail:

  • Widescreen display
  • Built-in Roku
  • 4 K UHD resolutions
  • Wider viewing angles


7. Onn T.V.S Connection To Smart Assistants

No doubt! Onn T.Vs performance is outstanding. That is a great option because they allow you to use your voice to control your T.V. If you have lost your remote, talk to your T.V. to give the command, and it will act accordingly. It can connect to all the major smart home assistants, such as:

8. Good Customer Service

One of the attractive customer services is that they are always attentive to every customer service request. They show diligence and try to solve any issue within less time.

They have got many positive reviews on Consumer Affairs for immediate response. They quickly send it to Element Electronics company for maintenance and repair.

9. Excellent Warranty Offer

Suppose you face any trouble in Onn T.V. In that case, Element Electronics has been performing its part for repair and maintenance under warranty. Since 2014, they have been handling all the Durabrand repair and maintenance. In case of any glitch, you do need to worry as their services are exceptional.


1. Should I buy Onn Brand?

Yes, Onn is reliable and has earned its name throughout the years. Onn T.V. brand has all the main features that anyone expects from a smart T.V., like HDR, DLED, sleek and smart design, and good user experience. The T.V. is minimalist and looks awesome on a wall, with its thin bezels complimenting a frameless design and appealing look. Compared to other leading brands such as SONY, SAMSUNG offers good quality features at an affordable cost.

2. Is Onn T.V. Budget-Friendly?

Yes, Onn T.V.s are budget friendly as compared to other leading brands. They offer all the salient and required features at a low price. They offer the best features, quality, and experience in a low price range. Their priority is to make budget-friendly T.V.s that are within range of everyone.

3. Can I Buy Onn T.V.S Online?

Yes, You can buy T.V.s online from Walmart stores conveniently. There are general stores in 24 countries where the online purchase can be completed in a few simple steps. You can only purchase from the allocated stores of Walmart. The online delivery is quick and fast due to excellent customer service. You only need to wait up to two days for delivery as it will be delivered within 48 hours. However, suppose you are living near the store. In that case, you can visit and avail of it with all physical accessories.

4. What About Onn’s Customer Service?

In case of trouble, they offer the best quality customer service. They try their best to remove any glitch instantly without wastage time. As mentioned earlier, Elements Electronics plays an active and trustworthy role in providing this service on behalf of Onn T.V. manufacturers. They always deal with customers respectfully and listen to problems actively. They listen to their customers patiently and resolve issues through continuous cooperation and commitment.


Surely! You will enjoy the features at an amazing price. Their exceptional services will never disappoint you. Onn Tv brand is becoming more famous gradually due to friendly budget at affordable prices. Walmart distributes their product with exceptional services. In case of trouble, they always keep in touch with their customers. You will always enjoy the outclass experience with reliability and quality. With all the positive reviews from owning an Onns TV, it is safe to say that it is a trustworthy company to purchase a Smart T.Vs.