Is Pacifica a good brand? Everything you need to know

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Finding an economical makeup line with high-quality products is difficult, so once you do, you don’t want to lose it. One such reputable company is Pacifica, whose line of excellent makeup products is truly remarkable. The epitome of cruelty-free beauty is Pacifica.

This drugstore cosmetics brand is evidence that a dedication to the environment doesn’t have to compromise accessibility or quality because it was built on moral and ethical business principles.

Plus, anyone can avail of their products because these are cost-effective. So, let’s deeply examine what Pacifica cosmetic products have to offer, including the reasons that make them surpass other brands.

What Is Pacifica Beauty? 

The Portland-based company has been in business since the middle of the 1990s, a long time before concepts like sustainable or clean beauty was as popular as they are now.

Brook Harvey-Taylor and Billy Taylor, a married couple, started the business in the Northwest. They set out to develop a non-toxic beauty line that would be affordable for the typical consumer.

Pacifica’s four main brand pillars are clean ingredients, cruelty-free, sustainable packaging, and community and compassion. 

Harvey-Taylor conceptualized and produced every one of the company’s numerous products, participating in every stage of the process. Since the beginning, the company has been committed to using vegan ingredients.

It employs some preservatives and chemical sunscreens, but these products are still in the making, and Pacifica continues to advance them. For instance, in 2018, the company introduced a recycling program. It has affordable, very powerful, and widely accessible vegan beauty products. 

Pacifica is by no means a newcomer: It has been operational for more than 25 years, and during that time, plant-based ingredients have always been its main priority. Perhaps you might even notice the label in your neighborhood stores. We want to bring attention, in particular, to the astonishingly broad selection of vegan items that cover every requirement.

The product line includes perfumes, lotions, deodorants, makeup, skincare, and much more, and this is why we believe Pacifica Beauty deserves to be on your radar. 

How Is Pacifica Beauty Exceptional In Their Products?

Some of Pacifica Beauty’s most well-liked skin and hair care products are as follows. Regardless of where you are in your vegan beauty journey, you should include these effective and reasonably priced bestsellers in your regime. 

1. Shields From UV Damage 

One of the most well-known star ingredients in the Pacifica Vegan Collagen Every Day Lotion SPF 30 is vegan collagen: a hydrating substance produced using a special plant-fermentation technique. This $20.00 sunscreen offers the same advantages for skin care as collagen made from animals. This hydrating sunscreen will nourish your skin while shielding it from UV damage. It contains a blend of vegan collagen, Aloe Vera, and hyaluronic acid with SPF 30 for sun defense. 

2. Repairs Skin Barrier

For someone with dry, sensitive skin who wishes to stick to vegan beauty, Pacifica Vegan Ceramide Barrier Face Cream is the perfect daily moisturizer. Ceramide is lipid that can greatly improve the skin’s moisture barrier, and Pacifica’s plant-based substitute will work extra hard to protect your skin from irritants and inflammation. Niacinamide, amino acids, and Shea butter help to speed up hydration and protection. This face cream is available for $18.00 on their website and stores. 

3. Does Not Dry Out Your Skin

If you’re looking for a face cleanser that cures acne without drying out your skin, you are at the right spot. The Pacifica Wake up Beautiful Dream Jelly Face Wash contains such ingredients that gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Your morning will be off to a fantastic start with the delightful rose and hibiscus aroma for only $12.00. 

4. Gives You Thicker And Longer Lashes

This list wouldn’t be complete without Pacifica’s acclaimed Vegan Collagen Fluffy Lash Mascara, which is available for $16.00. Nearly 90 percent of users claim that their lashes instantly appear longer, thicker, and healthier and that the effects last up to 12 hours. The product was recognized at the People’s Beauty Awards of 2021. Also, the Pacifica Vegan Fluffy Lash Mascara comes in a glass bottle to reduce plastic usage. 

5. Moisturizes Your Under-Eyes

Finding an eye cream that works effectively and is affordable is challenging. The Pacifica Vegan Collagen Recovery Eye Cream is a vegan collagen eye cream that is suitable for use both in the morning and at night because it is rich without being overly gummy. Its moisturizing and firming capabilities are on par with many of the pricier eye creams on the market. 

6. Revitalizes Dull Skin

The current fashion trend is for skin that looks dewy. Pacifica’s Glow Baby Super Lip Booster Serum will unquestionably assist you in achieving that. Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, and glycolic acid, known to improve texture and revitalize dull skin, are two ingredients in this serum that brighten the skin. The serum is available for $18.00 on Pacifica beauty’s official website and app. 

7. Scent That Relaxes Your Mind 

The fascinating combination of pink rose, sandalwood, and patchouli in Pacifica’s Dream Moon Spray makes it one of their most enticing aromas. This scent makes you feel at ease and relaxed after a couple of spritzes for just $22.00. 

8. Hydrates And Reduces Puffiness 

Regardless of the items we use, we all awaken gorgeously. However, if you’re genuinely interested in improving the appearance of your skin and reducing aging symptoms overnight, this product might be right for you. Pacifica’s Wake up Beautiful Retinoid Cream, a concoction of granactive retinoid, melatonin, mushrooms, and quinoa, is intended to encourage hydration while reducing puffiness. This retinoid cream is $25.00 for 50ml. 

9. Nail Polish In Beautiful Colors

Naturally, concerning self-care, we can’t forget about our nails. You can level up your nail game with Pacifica’s Plant Magic Polish. 96 percent of users reported that their nail polish was still intact after six days without a base or topcoat. This vegan formula is extensively available in around 26 colors, from vibrant to neutral, costing $10.00 each. 

10. Deodorant That Does Not Put Your Health At Risk

There are so many strange and frequently dangerous components in deodorants. However, Pacifica’s Coconut Cream Clean Deodorant will prevent odors without endangering your health. This product, made without aluminum using organic coconut oil, arrowroot, and baking soda, claims to keep your underarms dry and fresh. It is available on the website, app, and in stores for $12.00 only. 

11. Calms And Soothes Your Scalp

Use the Pacifica Scalp Love Rosemary Mint Serum to properly cleanse your scalp and get rid of product buildup from shampoo and hair care products. Your roots will be calmed and moisturized by herbal elements like witch hazel, sage, and thyme. Before shampooing, add a few drops and massage them into your scalp. You can also leave them overnight. It costs only $11.00. 

12. Gives You Wonderful Curls

Lastly, while protecting your ends, the Pacifica Pineapple Swirl Curl Defining Cream, the enticing lotion, will give your hair wonderful curls. Simply work a little amount into damp hair and blow-dry with a diffuser attachment. Thanks to the sweet pineapple scent, your hair will appear shinier and more buoyant and receive many praises for just $12.00. 

What Makes It Unique From Other Vegan Beauty Brands? 

First, Pacifica is probably among the first beauty companies in the world to use vegan ingredients. Another is their genuineness; unlike many other natural beauty brands, Pacifica never charges more for healthy components.

In a similar vein, many products absurdly claim to be cruelty-free yet fall short of being fully vegan. The only way to ensure your products are cruelty-free is to make them vegan.

Pacifica was among the first companies to put the PETA Certification emblem on the packaging and has been cruelty-free and vegan since the beginning. Clean ingredients, being vegan and cruelty-free, having superior packaging, and social justice are all part of their brand truths, which guide all they do as a business. 


1. Are Pacifica’s Products Vegan? 

Yes, every item in the Pacifica line is vegan or free of animal products. 

2. Are Pacifica’s Products Cruelty-Free? 

According to Pacifica, neither they nor anyone else on their behalf does animal testing on their goods or materials. Moreover, none of their suppliers do animal testing on their behalf. Plus, they don’t sell their items in shops in mainland China or any other nation that would need animal experimentation. 

3. Is Pacifica Non-Toxic? 

Among more than 400 products, just four of Pacifica’s sunscreens have the high danger designation in the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. The majority of its goods are labeled as low to moderate hazards. 

4. Where Are Pacifica Products Sold? 

Products from Pacifica are offered for sale both online through the Pacifica website and in various physical stores, including Target and Walmart. 


It is difficult to find an affordable beauty line with high-quality items, so Pacifica Beauty has your back. With its outstanding selection of cosmetics and skincare, Pacifica Beauty’s products are for everyone and available in a reasonable price range. It is also the pinnacle of cruelty-free beauty, making it unique from other beauty brands. This drugstore cosmetics company proves that a commitment to the environment need not sacrifice accessibility or quality.