Is Eddie Bauer A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Planning to go on your adventure trip is the most exciting thing to do. But the next problematic thing is to hunt for your outdoor adventure clothing. 

If you are looking for an affordable, stylish, high-quality fabric, check out Eddie Bauer.

Eddie Bauer is one of the prominent leaders in the technical gear and outdoor clothing industry. It is a great shopping brand and has been appreciated by customers for many years. The products are of good quality, affordable, and backed with a warranty.

If you need to know more about Eddie Bauer, Read this article to find out “Is Eddie Bauer a good brand?” Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from the brand.

What Is Eddie Bauer?

Eddie Bauer was a real-time adventurer and sports outdoorsman that started his business after experiencing hypothermia during a casual fishing trip in the winter of 1923. At that time, he was severely caught by the freezing rain, which left him completely soaked.

This makes Eddie realize he needs to introduce something lighter, warmer, and drier than the heavy wool garments of the time. After experimenting with different style jackets and designs, he hit upon the idea of the quilted-down jacket, the Sky liner, which is still a running product to date. 

Eventually, Eddie Bauer ventured into outdoor equipment and apparel and has been a dominant brand ever since. They have patented a variety of items, including the first quilted down jacket and badminton shuttles.

Today, the brand is recognized as the most famous American outdoor apparel company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. It operates in a range of products, including down jackets, footwear, adventure gear, and much more. Established in 1920, the Eddie Bauer brand has become the top clothing choice for many adventurers worldwide.

Eddie Bauer is a specialty retailer that provides a wide range of options, including designs from light tops to high-performance jackets, covering vast demographic needs and requirements for outdoor activities.

What Kind Of Brand Is Eddie Bauer?

Eddie Bauer has been active for 100 years in the outdoor clothing industry. It is a brand that works in two categories Sportswear, which offers outdoor apparel, sports attire, and accessories, and Eddie Bauer Home, which features bedding, home furnishings, and decor.

The brand specializes in winter outdoor clothing and gear for men, women, and kids. It has been serving the market for decades and is sought-after for its lightweight and high-quality design.

Eddie Bauer has a rich history and is greatly appreciated for its adaptation through different times and needs that is the reason why the brand has survived and thrived for so long.

Its focus is to sell high-quality casual sportswear and accessories for the “modern outdoor lifestyle.”

Eddie Bauer is an active outdoor brand with uncountable loyal consumers worldwide. It sells its merchandise in more than 400 stores in the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and other international markets.

Is Eddie Bauer A Luxury/Designer Brand?

Eddie Bauer is a great brand but is not considered a luxury or designer brand.  Eddie Bauer sits in the middle-range category – it isn’t that cheap, but not too expensive.

Eddie Bauer is still a preferable shop for durable and comfortable clothing. It provides a plethora of apparel for different seasons. The quality of its gear is impressive, as they have been tailored using authentic materials.

Eddie Bauer is also reasonably affordable. Jackets range in the $200-$400 range and can often be found on sale too. Other Luxury brands seldom have deals.

What Makes Eddie Bauer A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know.

Eddie Bauer is recognized as an affordable brand with high-quality materials and well-designed fabric. This unique selling proposition made them stand out in the clothing industry. Eddie Bauer has consistently created the highest quality apparel at affordable prices. Each product goes through rigorous testing before it reaches the selling point.

Below we have mentioned a few reasons why it is a good brand. Follow along for everything you need to know about this brand.

1. They Offer Waterproof Outerwear Jackets.

From foggy mornings to evening downpours, Eddie Bauer waterproof jackets are fully seam-sealed and completely waterproof that help keeps you dry and warm all day throughout the non-stop rain and protect you from whatever harsh weather conditions you face.

A common issue with waterproof jackets is that the inner lining or material makes them uncomfortable and stiff. But this is not the case with Eddie Bauer’s waterproof range.

Eddie Bauer jackets are developed using several layers of fabric to come up with a waterproof outer layer while ensuring breathability. Eddie Bauer Rain foil Packable Jacket provides windproof and waterproof protection without compromising the overall breathability of the jacket. 

The Eddie Bauer women’s Charly Jacket is a huge travel favorite for rainy-day travel. It is super durable and well-constructed with high-quality material that ensures you stay protected in harsh weather conditions and lasts you a long time. 

2. They Offer A Safe Return Policy.

Eddie Bauer initially offered an unlimited lifetime guarantee of their merchandise, prioritizing that customers’ satisfaction comes first.

But today, this lifetime warranty is no more. In case buyers are unsatisfied with the product, they can return it (keeping the label intact) with the original proof of purchase for a full refund or exchange. Keep in mind that the return should be within one whole year from the date of purchase to avail of this policy.

Despite the nationwide policy change, their warranty policies may vary by location.

3. Offer A Reasonable Product Price.

Eddie Bauer is a relatively affordable brand. If you are limited on budget, it is a perfect place to shop.

Eddie Bauer follows a cost-effective pricing policy for the majority of its products. However, their winter wear is quite expensive, but the quality is priceless. Hence, Eddie Bauer is an excellent value for money. 

They also offer a rental program that is built to remove the obstacles for people buying expensive outdoor gear for using it once or twice. Under the rental program, you get access to technical clothes at a cheaper option.

4. Deliver Products In All Sizes

In an effort tTog an impression, Eddie Bauer is committed to being an organization that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion in its product offerings.

Eddie Bauer’s products are designed by keeping real people in mind.  They empower their business by delivering products inclusive of everyone. The Eddie Bauer offers a wide range of sizes from XS to XXL and additional tall (S-XXL), petite (XS-XL), and plus sizes (1X-3X). 

They also deal in a category for gender-neutral shoppers. It includes a wide range and variety of options to ensure shoppers feel comfortable and confident in their clothing.

5. Offer A One-Stop Shop Facility.

One of the most compelling features of Eddie Bauer is that they have products for every level of people. Whether you hunt for men’s clothing, women’s clothing, girls’ clothing, boys’ clothing, or even kids’ clothing, Eddie Bauer has products for all. It offers a good selection of quality clothing for your entire family.

New products get added to the catalog, giving people more options and alternatives to choose from.


Eddie Bauer is an apparel brand with a 100-year history of providing high-quality, durable clothing to active outdoor enthusiasts. 

Eddie Bauer is an excellent option to consider if you are willing to get your hands on new winter gear without spending hundreds of dollars. From good-quality, comfortable designs and affordable prices, you can enjoy a wide selection of products to choose from.  Its sound quality and economical pricing make it accessible to diverse customers.


1. Is Eddie Bauer affordable?

Eddie Bauer is reasonably affordable compared to other outdoor apparel brands. Having a range of products for adventure travelers makes the brand a perfect place to shop. It is preferable for those looking for a budget-looking option to pick up a few items before setting off on their next expedition. 

2. Is Eddie Bauer a good brand?

Eddie Bauer is a brand worth considering if you’re a frequent backpacker or traveler looking for quality brands!

Eddie Bauer could be a perfect match if you’re simply looking for fashionable, reliable, and affordable adventure clothing!

3. What is Eddie Bauer known for?

Eddie Bauer is a specialty retailer that creates the most distinctive yet versatile outdoor clothing for everyone. Eddie Bauer offers outdoor clothing for all types of professions, whether you’re a professional outdoorsman, a mountain climber, an athlete, a hiker, or a light stroller.

4. Is Eddie Bauer a good brand for winter jackets?

Eddie Bauer has countless winter jacket options to save you from winter coldness. You can pick any from their winter catalog range from trench coats, parkas, goose-down coats, rainwear, softshells, and jackets. The best part is, each product is product inclusive of every gender and size.

Additionally, the jackets are excellent quality and use goose down to insulate. Many also feature Storm Repel technology to keep the jackets waterproof in bad weather, which helps you stay warm and dry.