Is Olly A Good Brand? – Everything You Need To Know

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As the quest for health and wellness increases, so does the number of brands that deal with related products. Even though this gives customers a variety to choose from, it also comes with one major drawback- identifying the right brand can be challenging or time-intensive. To help you make quick purchase decisions, we are committed to reviewing both popular and not-so-popular brands in the market, such as Olly. We will look at what this brand has to offer to help you determine whether it is a good brand.

Before we go any further, let us give you some background information on Olly to help you get more acquainted with the brand. For example, do you know when Olly was formed? Do you know its range of products? We will answer these and many other questions in the next part of our article.

What Is Olly?

Eric Ryan founded Olly in 2014. It is an American brand headquartered in San Francisco and best known for offering affordable, delicious chewable supplements. Its most popular products are undeniable beauty gummies, goodbye stresses gummy supplements, and sleep gummy supplements. It is loved by people because its products are delicious thanks to its range of flavors. You feel like taking candy instead of medicine, which is pretty awesome.

Olly’s formation follows an interesting occurrence.  At one point, Jessica Hertz, the company’s vice president of brand marketing, said that the decision to form Olly was born from Eric Ryan’s experience at Target when one of the consumers thought he was a Target employee and asked for advice on a supplement that would address certain health needs they had. Let us now find out more about what Olly produces.

What Products Does Olly Sell?

According to Jessica Hertz, the company’s vice president of brand marketing, who we quoted not so long ago, Olly is interested in making gummies, soft gels, and capsules that are expertly formulated. Here are some of the most popular Olly products you may have come across:

1. Goodbye Stress Gummies

Even though stress can be a constant factor in our lives, it doesn’t mean we cannot combat it. As one of Olly’s best-selling supplements, the Goodbye stress gummies are made with L-Theanine, an ingredient known and revered for its calming effect. It is meant to help people deal with daytime stress and wade through stressful moments and weeks.

2. Sleep Gummies

Olly also has a solution for people struggling with sleep. Its sleep gummies are composed of L-Theanine and melatonin, with the former known for its calming effect and the latter for its sleep-inducing effect. Olly sleep gummies include bedtime beauty, immunity sleep, extra strength, classic sleep, and kids’ gummies, all of which come packed with sleep-boosting benefits. Most people love sleep gummies because they do not leave any aftertaste and have an even texture.

3. Active Immunity Gummies

You must have realized by now that supplements serve different purposes. Olly Active Immunity Gummies help boost your immunity, allowing you to fight colds and other related illnesses easily. They are made with Vitamin C, Zinc, and Echinacea, all known for their disease-prevention properties.

4. Olly Women’s Multi Gummies

Olly has a range of products, some catering to specific demographics of consumers. This product tastes great and is packed with several vitamins, i.e., A, D, C, E, and B, and other substances, such as biotin and folic acid, needed for the optimal functioning of women’s bodies. Vitamin A supports sight, C helps disease prevention, and D leads to stronger bones. Vitamin E helps in fighting off free radicals, while biotin plays a role in achieving healthy hair and nails. Lastly, folic acid plays a big role in preventing and treating anemia. Getting all these benefits by just chewing two gummies is, to say the least, incredible.

5. Daily Energy Gummies

The daily energy Gummies are meant for people who often feel exhausted or burnt out. Like the goodbye stress gummies, they improve your daily routine, allowing you to handle relatively difficult tasks easily. Note that these gummies have Vitamin B-12 as their main ingredient, which can help your body produce the energy you need for your daily functioning.

6. Hello Happy Gummy Worms

The Hello Gummy Worms are a little bit expensive owing to their role. They are packed with saffron and Vitamin B 12 and target people with mood disorders and symptoms of seasonal depression. They have a tasty tropical flavor that most people love. All you need to do is take two, and you are set for the day.

7. Plant-Powered Protein Powder

Olly also has the plant Powered Protein Powder in its catalog, which has a creamy and delicious flavor. You can either get the chocolate or vanilla variations. You will enjoy 18 grams of plant protein whenever you take your protein powder, as long as you get the serving right.

8. Undeniable Beauty Gummies

The undeniable beauty gummies are one of the most delicious products in Olly’s catalog. It targets people concerned about their skin, nails, or hair who want to do something about them. This supplement comes with keratin, biotin, and vitamins C and E, which are basically all the nutrients required for long, strong, and bright hair, skin, and nails.

Is Olly Worth Your Time And Money?

Now that you know a few of the products this brand sells, let’s find out whether it deserves your attention or money. We will look at different features that should guide your purchase decision, such as:

1. Price

Unlike other brands that manufacture and sell supplements at higher prices, Olly’s products are affordable. Almost all the products we covered above retail at $14, with a few going for $20, which is still cheap compared to other brands. Note that the brand also offers free shipping to its US customers for orders above $59, which is a good incentive as the cost doesn’t go higher.

2. Certifications

You should ensure that everything you ingest is safe. How do you do that? By looking for the relevant certifications. Fortunately, Olly supplements are certified by NSF, a body that tests for the purity of products to ensure that they contain whatever has been indicated on their labels. Olly is also certified by B-Corp, which means that it acts to benefit society, which is pretty reassuring.

3. Flavor

Supplements, especially chewable, should be tasty, given that they are taken without water or food. Luckily, Olly supplements and vitamins have a range of flavors that make them delicious. Some of the most common are chocolate and vanilla, which are known to be tasty.

4. Accessibility

Good brands ensure that their products can be accessed by several people, which is made possible through websites, marketplaces, or physical shops. To get Olly’s products, you can either order from their website, Walmart and Amazon or try the physical health supplement store near you. We can safely say that their products are indeed accessible.

From this brief discussion, we can say that Olly is worth your time and money. However, note that the brand also has its shortcomings. For example, their website doesn’t offer international shipping, which means people from other locations have to use third parties such as Amazon.


Is Olly a Good Brand? Yes. Olly has consistently offered cheaper alternatives to supplements, helping more and more people gain access to them. It also has a range of products that serve different purposes. You can visit their website to learn more about their offerings.


1. Do Olly Gummy Vitamins Work?

From the reviews we have come across, some consumers report seeing changes in their sleep patterns, immunities, and bodies after taking these supplements for some time, while others report no effect. All in all, some of the ingredients found in Olly products’ labels have proven to work, and if it is true that they are present in the vitamins, then there’s no reason why people shouldn’t see changes after a while.

2. Are Olly Products Safe?

From what we have gathered, Olly products seem to be safe. This is because the manufacturers that make them are FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices compliant. A quick look at some supplements shows an NSF certification, which is only given for products whose purity has been checked to ensure that they contain whatever their labels say.

For improved safety, desist from taking any Olly supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless a certified medical practitioner gives you the green light. Also, Olly products should not be given to children unless exclusively meant for kids.

3. How Long Do Olly Products Take To Work?

Our bodies are different, and therefore, these products can take a longer duration for others and shorter for some. However, a glance at the company’s website reveals that most people notice benefits quite fast, provided that they use the supplements regularly. However, if we were to estimate, we would say roughly 3-5 weeks. You can go ahead and seek advice from your medical practitioner if you don’t see any effects by then, or better yet, reach out to Olly.

4. Is There A Specific Duration/ Time For Taking Olly Vitamins?

The packaging on Olly vitamins and supplements suggests that the supplements can be taken anytime, save for the sleep supplement, which has to be ingested 30 minutes before going to bed. As for the others, you can choose when to take them. Find a time that works for you and stick by it.