Top 25 Robinhood Interview Questions And Answers in 2023

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The advent of the 21st-century age has birthed a lot of financial products, some of which have redefined the way human beings approach matters of financing and investments. One such product that has set a global pace in this age is Robinhood. This company which started in 2013, has become the shoulders upon which many people rest for financial freedom. Robinhood runs with a vision to democratize finance for all, thereby creating financial products that cater to the needs of everyone in society without excluding anyone. This company has greatly grown since its creation in 2013 and has become part of the global fintech leaders of this age with a workforce of almost four thousand employees. You might be preparing for an interview with this fantastic organization; in the lines of this article, we will explore how to approach Robinhood Interview questions and the likely questions you might encounter during your Robinhood Interview.

1. Please Relate To US Your Experience

I am Franklin Lindon, with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in financial accounting for banking systems. I have five years of working experience in an accounting startup. My working experience has covered system applications such as QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Sage, and other accounting software. I am confident that I am the person you want for this role. I have some extensive experience with taxation and corporate accounting as well, and all of these are the factors I bring to this role if I’m considered.

2. Does Your Experience Cover Anything In The Crypto Niche?

Yes, sir, in the first year of my career buildup, I had considered classifying this asset as cash since it isn’t exactly accepted as legal tender in many countries of the world. However, crypto is an intangible asset; I have had some experience working with assets such as Ethereum and Litecoin, especially in the fintech world.

3. Why Do You Want To Work With US?

For one, Robinhood would be a significant leap in my career advancement because I love challenges. Robinhood would seriously challenge me to improve my accounting and tech buildup skills. Although I am currently running some courses in JavaScript coding and UI UX design processes on Coursera, I hope to gain industry-level experience in these fields. All so I can apply them while also contributing my financial accounting experience to the growth of Robinhood. I have also done extensive research about Robinhood, and I know that Robinhood doesn’t just cover one aspect of the industry. It would be a place for me to gather enough versatility in experience. Aside from all this, Robinhood seems like a properly structured company and a leading global brand in the fintech niche, combining finances and technological innovations. This organization is precisely the kind of organization I would love to be in. I also believe Robinhood allows me to proliferate and rise the ranks in its structure.

4. Why Not Work For Our Competition?

Well, from my research on the internet about Robinhood, I have found that Robinhood is quite versatile. One can say this versatility is responsible for the organization’s stability. I have seen how Robinhood products cover retirement plans, investment plans, stocks, cash returns, web3, crypto, and even loyalty rewards programs. I mean, that’s just no competition big enough to withstand an organization that has grown as versatile as this at a go. I found many competitors for the products Robinhood offers, but not one competitor stands up to the totality of the brand, and that’s just why working with Robinhood would be the pride of my career now.

5. You Seem To Know So Much About US; What More Do You Know About US?

Well, I certainly don’t know as much as you do, sir; I only did my fair share of research before coming to this interview. In my finding, I discovered that Robinhood was founded by Mr. Vladimir Tenev, who’s the current CEO, and Mr. Baiju Bhatt. I also found that Robinhood was created to give everyone access to the financial markets, not just the wealthy. I also found that Robinhood was founded in April 2013 and has grown in worth to about $10.2 billion today. The one mission which unites all of Robinhood’s products and assets is the desire to democratize the financial market for all. I resonate with this mission, which is why I’m doing my best to be a part of this noble goal.

6. What Do You Know About Web 3?

I know it’s a recent invention and version of the world wide Web. I know web 3 is an improvement of the second World Wide Web version interaction, and it breaches the gap of having to trust third parties in the way the internet and digital products are accessed. I know that web 3 requires no special permission to access because it creates an equal opportunity platform through which everyone can get equal access regardless of location or background. I also know web 3 is decentralized, and ownership is distributed across users and its builders.

7. Which Of Our Products Most Appeals To You?

I especially like the concept of the cash card, which involves a way of turning spending into investments. The excellence of the idea and the synopsis of how those cards work is something I would very much like to understand and further develop for a global audience. I also love the support behind the operation of the cash cards, which I know the unrelenting team of Robinhood is constantly behind to keep the face up.

8. What Are You Bringing To The Robinhood System, If Selected?

I am bringing my financial accounting background and five years of working experience to the table. However, aside from all of this, I am bringing a highly motivated individual who’s resolute in the mission to support what the Robinhood brand stands for. I am bringing to Robinhood, a person who’s innovative enough to make decisions and work excellently in a team setting. I am bringing all of my knowledge and expertise in the financial and tech world to contribute as my quota to the growth of this organization.

9. Do You Know What Stocks Are?

The word ‘stocks’ is interchangeably used with equities, and they both mean the ownership of a part of an organization. Shares are affiliated with the concept of stocks because they are the units of measuring stocks. I know stocks are traded on stock exchanges; the shares are the rights through which shareholders of a company exercise ownership rights. I also know that Robinhood has a stock exchange platform through which everyone can access ownership rights to corporations globally. I also know that Robinhood provides a system through which a user can own a part of many corporations at once. A user’s investment asset powers this possibility.

10. In Your Opinion, What Are The Merits Of Combining Finance With Technology?

In my opinion, the marriage of technological innovations with finances is the most remarkable financial breakthrough of the age. For one, organizations can easily track assets and access data efficiently. With the advent of the fintech industry, financial activities such as auditing become more easily trackable because of the data and easy information accessibility that technology provides.

I think that data access that technology provides also helps fast decision-making processes in the managerial part of the financial industry.

11. What Makes You Think You’re The Best Candidate For This Role?

Well, for one, my experience is a massive plus for me, and it could become a strong foundation for the innovation I hope to achieve at Robinhood. My experience in the fintech world is a strong pillar. Aside from this, I have excelled in most of my work, so much so that I have had the opportunity to lead at work for almost the entirety of my career. My educational and knowledge background in finance and accounting are also factors that contribute to my qualification for this role. Asides from all of this, I am currently on a course to learn more about JavaScript and UI UX design of processes. All of these would be the basis through which I will excel at Robinhood. I am the best candidate for this role, not just because of my experience and knowledge. I have the proper disposition to work and believe in and resonate with Robinhood’s mission to spread wealth globally.

12. What’s Your Career Mission?

I hope to be able to be the shoulders upon which many people worldwide rest and depend for products that make life and living easier. That’s why I want to work at Robinhood. In 25 years, I want to have laid the foundation for a world where every living person can access equal opportunities. I know this is a huge mission, and that’s part of the reason I want to join Robinhood because my goals align with those of the organization. I hope to have created many financial solutions that would attend to the needs of as many as live in the world at the time, ensuring everyone has access to these opportunities for a good life.

13. From What You Know About US, If You Could Change One Thing About Our Organization, What Would It Be?

Well, for starters, in my research, I found that there’s a need to make more educational materials available for Robinhood users. Thereby helping users make up-to-date and properly informed financial decisions in the Robinhood web of products. I know there’s always something more, but that’s just one of those things I’ve found that might need to be attended to sooner rather than later. And this is not to say that the current Robinhood educational materials aren’t good enough, it’s just a versatility need I would hope to address.

14. What Would You Say Is The Most Extraordinary Feat You’ve Achieved In Your Career?

Well, my most recent work experience involved the deployment of a vast accounting and ERP software for one of the largest hospitals in all of Europe. I was involved in the accounting part of the project; I actively participated in the project from start to finish. From planning to development to testing, deploying, and eventually monitoring, I was an active part of the project. This project is one of the largest I have carried out in my career, and I was proud to be a part of it. My most active part involved laying the groundwork for the planning of the software deployment.

15. How Hard Can You Be Pushed?

I’m almost like a rubber that doesn’t overstretch; I adjust to pressure as needed. This is because I understand organizational goals and that they need to be met, so I hardly break under pressure.

16. What’s Your Idea Of A Bad Working Day?

My idea of a bad working day is one when I don’t meet my set goals for the day. I work well with goals and have a personal target I hope to achieve daily. When I do not meet up with my set goals, and time wouldn’t allow me the luxury of extending itself to accommodate those goals without exceeding the threshold for completing the tasks, I feel terrible. But I don’t give up; I work more to meet my goals for the day and the next day’s goals.

17. What Would Your Last Employer Say Of You?

He would say I am a great person to work with, and I’m sure he would assert my knack for meeting up with goals. He would attest to the fact that I am a motivated worker and a team player. In fact, he would also assert that I am a leader in teams.

18. What Are Your Hobbies?

I love to read because of the knowledge I gain, especially when I read along the lines of tech. I also love to sing; in fact, I sing in my church choir when I have the opportunity to do so. But reading is most prominent on my hobby list.

19. How Familiar Are You With Trends In The Finance Industry?

Well, because of my working experience, knowledge, and knack for reading, I am familiar with current global finance trends. I know, for example, that data security is one of the industry’s global focuses at the time. I know organizations are looking for ways to better secure user and customer data, especially for fintech organizations and everyone in the financial line of this age.

20. What’s Your Greatest Motivation?

The common folk. Almost all my life, I have been working to equalize opportunity so that the common folk can access as many opportunities as the wealthy folk. I want to create a society where everyone has a life advantage. That’s my greatest motivation, sir.

21. Who Inspires You The Most?

Barack Obama is and will be my greatest motivation for the foreseeable future. I have learned a lot from him, and many of those lessons are applied in my life and career today. The fact that he became the first to break a trend in the United States is another factor that inspires me about him. His family life also inspires me; he adores his wife, Michelle, and how she comports herself is genuinely inspirational, especially to my wife.

22. Give US Some Insight Into Your Personal Life.

I live in Tennessee and am married with two natural-born kids, both male. I am a Christian and occasionally enjoy going out with my family. My personal life right now is almost all about my family.

23. What Are Your Expectations For Remuneration?

I wouldn’t want to impose or overstretch my influence in this interview, but I also would not want to be undervalued. Therefore, I would if considered, conform to the organization’s offerings for this role. Moreover, there is an industry-standard compensation range for this role, and with experience accompanying me to this role, I would appreciate it if I am compensated according to those standards.

24. What Questions Do You Have For US?

Well, I would like to know the organization’s expectations of me if I am considered for this role; what skills and expertise would I be needed to improve upon so I can, as a person, become a global product just as Robinhood is a global brand?


When going for your interview, be sure to dress appropriately and do some background research into the fittings of your role. Get to the interview on time, as you can also be assessed based on timekeeping and dressing as well. Sound confident in your response to every question thrown at you, as that will give your interviewer(s) the perspective that you are in charge of your career and experience and not just reciting answers.

The questions and answers above are from the perspective of an individual with some experience in the fintech industry, but if this is not your situation or background, be sure to pick the questions that best relate to you and do some research into your background. You’re on your way to being employed at Robinhood if you can align with the solutions we have provided you in this article.