Top 25 Dutch Bros Interview Questions and Answers in 2023

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The interview is a means for employees to decide if the individual’s skills and character align with the company’s needs and culture. Many interview questions are foreseeable and can be anticipated before the interview by analyzing the job description. People applying at Dutch Bros ensure their abilities and expertise to support business activities through an interview. Suppose you have an opportunity to appear for an upcoming interview. In that case, you must review a few samples of personal, professional, and behavioral questions that are frequently asked. This article covers the top 25 Dutch Bros. interview questions and answers in 2022 to facilitate you land your ideal job.

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1. How Well Do You Know Dutch Bros.?

Dutch Bros is a publically held drive-through coffee chain in the United States. Dane and Travis Boersma founded it, and its headquarter is in Grants Pass, Oregon. Many franchise locations are located in the Western United States. In the early 2020s, it expanded vastly as far east as Nashville. Dutch Bros employees are known as “baristas,” and currently, more than 19000 thousand employees are working.

2. What Are The Mission And Core Values Of Dutch Bros.?

Dutch Bros company’s mission is to make the fun-loving, mind-blowing experience that creates massive difference one cup at a time. They depend on people to uphold the core values of speed, quality, and service. They are adaptable, a servant leader, and community-minded to protect the company’s culture and ensure the growth remains limitless.

3. In Your Last Job, List The Top 3 Skills You Acquired That Will Help You In This Role With Dutch Bros. Coffee.

My last role was to lead a team. During my previous position, I continuously strive to polish my personal and professional skills. Through that experience, I’ve learned a lot about adaptability, active listening, and conflict management. Those were new skills and sometimes challenging to learn, but I believe that makes me a much stronger leader. These skills will help me to fit for the current positions well to join Dutch Bros. Coffee at this level.”

4. Why Do You Eager To Work For Dutch Bros?

I have enjoyed my previous work in this role and am looking to extend my expertise and relationship with the company to a more permanent post. I am excited to work here because it is a booming business that started locally. I have learned that the company allows workers to grow and excel in a healthy working environment. They offer tasty food and beverages, and I am also impressed by their services to communities. They serve through different programs such as “Buck of Kids,” which supports the organization, and “Be Aware,” which donates to fight against breast Cancer. It is the best place to serve the company and grow personally.

5. Dutch Bros. Coffee Looks For Tomorrow’s Leaders. Tell Us About Your Leadership Qualities.

Leadership, along with effective communication, plays a crucial role as it is to Dutch Bros. Coffee. I exhibit humility and present myself as a consistent and supportive role model. I have taken a few workshops to develop my leadership skills this year. I want to improve and be ready for more advanced leadership roles. My leadership qualities are best described as collaboration, attentiveness, and self-awareness. I like to empower my employees’ small wins because that motivates them to stay authentic and motivating.”

6. Dutch Bros Has Three Main Qualities: Speed, Quality, And Service. Which One Do You Think Suits You The Most?

I am suitable for Dutch Bros keeping in mind all these three qualities. I see myself as appropriate to these qualities as I am energetic to complete and fulfill the speedy work. Genuineness and honesty lie in my blood to meet the required quality standards. Professionalism is the key to performing effective services, and I do my work with good communication and punctuality.

7. What Are Your Imperfections?

I think I am too honest, and it is my biggest weakness. I sometimes do an effort to be confident in my work. Usually, I do not satisfy myself related to my work and recheck it. I like to go into detail about every fact, and it consumes extra time. I have been working to improve myself to improve my speed for more quick, productive results, but still in progress. With time, I am improving a lot.

8. What Are Your Most Significant Strengths?

My dedication, determination, and discipline are probably my greatest strengths. Whatever the task is assigned to me, my dedication with passion helps me achieve my goal. I accept every challenge that seems to be difficult due to my strengths. My knowledge, organizational skills, and proficiencies assist me in adhering to rigid deadlines. I have gained extensive experience in critical discourse, research methods, and record interpretation through my previous job. I have also nurtured strong analytical and communication skills.

9. Rate Your Communication Skills From 1-10 And Tell Us Why You Chose That Rating.

I think so. I want to give myself a 9 grade as there is always space to learn more. I believe in effective communication, consultation, and a solution-driven approach. As an active listener, I can communicate complex matters through negotiation. I am confident enough to lead and guide my team members through solid communication to remove any confusion.

10. What Animal Would You Like To Be If You Could?

I want to be a lion as I see some of the lion qualities and traits I admire. Lion possesses positive and robust leadership showing determination and dedication. We make choices daily, and Lion is brave enough to make daring decisions to support me in my goals.

11. Dutch Bros. Coffee Is Open 7 Days A Week. We May Plan You For Early Mornings, Evenings, Weekends, And Holidays. Are You Able To Offer Flexibility In Your Schedule?

I am available 24/7 and at your back and call whenever my services are required. I am a firm believer that work is worship. I am a great organizer and handle time management properly. I will adjust my daily routine and family time whenever the company calls me. I am looking onward to making the most out of this opportunity. I would make sure to convert this temporary position into a full-time job for as long as the company requires my services. I am flexible and will prioritize my career over anything else.s

12. What Type Of Skills Is Most Important When Dealing With Customers?

In my opinion, communication skills are fundamental when dealing with customers. Persuasive speaking skills come in handy in any organization which puts a premium on its customers. Clarity in communication is of utmost importance. Staff should have the ability to use positive language. Empathy with the customer is also required to see things from his perspective. Adaptability as per the demand of the situation is also required. Controlling one emotion, taking responsibility, and patience are some traits that will add value to a person.

13. What Drives You In Your Profession? What Are You Passionate About?

I have many passions, but I have recently been volunteering the human society. I love their mission and am passionate about working with aged people. While doing this duty, I get the opportunity to hone my organizational and professional skills. I learned how to communicate and be sympathetic and caring in compliance with Human Society safety. Others include a spirited, honest, result-oriented, optimistic, orderly, and systematic approach makes me more passionate.

14. Can You Devote Yourself For A Year? What Is Your Objective?

Yes, I commit to serving for more than a year or beyond. I am excited and energetic to taste my dream goal of leadership. For this purpose, I stay focused and do something big or small for the progress and rise of Dutch Bros. Looking at the big picture keeps me motivated, even if others demotivate me. I am a savvy, observant, energetic, creative, and organized person who always pursues to meet goals.

15. What Is Your Favorite Dutch Bros Drink?

Shark Attack Blue Rebel Energy Drink is a delicious drink to boost my energy. I enjoy its flavors like blue raspberry, coconut, and lime with a pomegranate sprinkle topping. Without making me sluggish, I enjoyed both blended and iced. Another perfect drink I like most is The Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze, an iced blended coffee drink sprinkled with chocolate and caramel sauce and crowned with fresh whip cream. Besides taste, I like its beautiful presentation, as Caramel and chocolate are drizzled around the cup. It’s visible from outside the cup, perfect for all those Instagram posts. I enjoy it also because there are so many flavors to pick from. They also blend coffee drinks with Caramel, vanilla, and coconut tastes.

16. What’s Your Main Priority In Life Right Nowadays?

I have three priorities right now: physical health, relationships, and missions. Physical health is my top priority if it exists both of the other elements exist. I do yoga at weekends and eat healthy food to make myself fit. I go for a morning walk depending on the weather; otherwise, I use the treadmill in the morning, even if I have a few extra minutes. I seek quality time with family, friends, and well-wishers, even if I am swamped. I live a life with a passion that gives the happiness and meaning of life.

17. It Can Sometimes Be A Hectic Day At Dutch Bros. Coffee. How Do You Face Pressure On The Job?

It is crucial to manage a hectic day with efficiency and productivity. I must be mentally prepared and organize myself beforehand. Time management techniques will help me not to take and feel more pressure. Additionally, I will follow the following steps to avoid daily stress:

  • Try figuring out the customers’ expectations and make efforts to meet them.
  • Try to be as relaxed and calm as possible.
  • Do not indulge in hot arguments with your colleagues. Controlling one’s temper is of utmost importance.
  • Focus on one task at a time.
  • Zero error mentality is to be avoided.
  • Try to shun stressful situations in the morning.
  • Walking is good for releasing stress.

18. We Have A Lot Of Competitors. Tell Them Their Names. Why Are You More Interested In Working For Dutch Bros. Coffee?

Competitors of Dutch Bros and companies dealing in the same business are Biggby Coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Lavazza, and Krispy Kreme. I have great respect for Dutch Bros. owing to its open-handedness. I feel like being received into the fold of the family. It is a matter of great honor and privilege to join this prestigious company which enjoys a good reputation. I want to make my humble contribution to its expansion in any way or manner possible.

19. How Would You Handle A Position Where You’re Needed To Conduct Multiple Tasks?

I understand that handling multiple projects is part and parcel of this job. I prefer to formulate a plan by using my organizational skills. Maintaining a positive outlook, I plan actions and adhere to deadlines for multidimensional projects. I like to tackle the more difficult tasks early in the day. There are chances of delay if I tackle the complex tasks at the end of time. Dividing heftier projects into bite-size chunks helps me to accomplish all work very well. This strategy allows me to perform my multiple tasks simultaneously in a smooth way.   

20. At Dutch Bros. Coffee, We Have Very High Benchmarks Regarding Food Safety. Have You Ever Taken Any Hygiene-Related Courses?

I have had a Food Safety Hazards course that trains about the risk factors involved when handling food. I acknowledge that dealing with a customer whose health was adversely affected by food prepared at any establishment is worse. I prevent such negative factors from becoming a part of your mission. I am committed to upholding the high standard at Dutch Bros. Coffee by getting the online food safety course.

21. How Would You Respond If A Customer Was Unhappy With The Drink?

If the customer is upset with the drink, I will try to save the situation by cooperation and listening actively. By repeating the concern, I will present a fair solution in the quickest possible way. I will be empathetic and take action to resolve the issue. I can even end up with a better relationship by apologizing to my client. However, I will take immediate steps to reduce the risk of the situation happening again.

22. How Did You Know About Dutch Bros.?

I do not believe in spray and prayer. I search thoroughly before applying for any job. For further information, I read an article and a piece of news that interested me more in Dutch Bros. Company. So, I decided to look for job openings. While researching, I learned about the current vacancy at Dutch Bros. through social media. Thus, I applied, and I am here. I was contacted by a recruiter, who made me aware of this company. I assured myself and thoroughly checked if I was fit for this role.

23. How Familiar Are You With The Sorts Of Products We Serve At Dutch Bros. Coffee?

I am familiar with smoothies, frosts, teas, Italian sodas, Rebels, and freezes. In different flavors, other options are to get the drinks in hot, cold, or blended form. Dutch Bros gives a lot of freedom in making the perfect drink. Their menu includes Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze, Chocolate Chip Muffin Top, Cotton Candy Dutch Freeze, Golden Eagle Breve, Cold Mixture Breve, and much more.

24. What Methods Will You Use To Make Dutch Bros. Company A Better Place?

I will use specific strategies to make Dutch Bros. Company a better place for everyone, including the customers, co-workers, and management. At the very outset, I will ensure the optimum utilization of the company’s human resources and use them to achieve exponential growth in its sales. Relevant education will be imparted to the staff along with professional skills and the latest strategies to stay ahead of our competitors. Improvement in services or products will be ensured to ensure customer satisfaction.

25. How Do You Envision Yourself Five Years From Now At Dutch Bros.?

I see myself as a dedicated and committed worker who gives my best to win a mid-level position in the organizational hierarchy. I am keen to learn about organization and management. After learning the principles of organizational behavior, I will apply the principles to win the trust of my colleagues and build rapport with my co-workers to work as a team member. I will endeavor to incorporate the best international practices in my professional life.


Preparing sample interview questions makes your personality more appealing as you look more confident. Giving precise and concise answers creates a positive impression. Different kinds of questions you can anticipate asked during the interview, and try to prepare thorough and complete answers to each question that will pave the pathway for your induction. Tackling the technical questions and answers perfectly and knowledgeably leaves no traces to be rejected. After preparing the top 25 Dutch Bros. interview questions and answers for 2022, you will get your ideal job.