Top 25 Chewy Interview Questions And Answers in 2023

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A practical and well-prepared interview is crucial to make a great first impression. It reflects your specific skills, experience, and personality. Most interviews include questions regarding qualifications, personal skills, career interests, and prior work experience. To appear for an interview at Chewy, you do not need to memorize answers but take an idea of how to respond. The more you prepare, the more you will feel confident to give the answers to a few common or standard questions. To help you to design the formal interview, we have compiled a list of all-time best Top 25 Chew interview answers and questions 2022.

1. How Well Do You Know Chewy?

Chewy is an American online pet supply retailer that offers various foods, pet-related products, treats, supplies, and medicines in Dania Beach, Florida. In 2017, Chewy was acquired for $3.35 billion by Pet Smart, the largest-ever purchase of an e-commerce business at the time. Customers can purchase goods on its website for a wide variety of pets, such as dogs, cats, horses, fish, or reptiles. They provide pet food to pet supplies with more than 2000 favorite brands, including Blue Buffalo, Tidy Cats, and Natural Balance. Some examples are health goods, training equipment, toys, and animal shelters such as aquariums or kennels.

2. Tell Us The Vision And Mission Of Chewy?

Chewy’s mission is to be the most convenient online destination and trusted partner for pet parents (and partners) anywhere. Chewy sees pets and parents as family members and is always eager to provide their needs with the best quality. Through every interaction with customers, they are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience.

3. What Drives You Appealing To Join Chewy?

After researching, I found Chewy offers a real opportunity for advancement, competitive pay,  and a cooperative working environment for their workers. I found more than 90% of employees were happy with chewy. It was also encouraging that the legal team reported the best experience at Chewy. Moreover, I love caring for animals for their well-balanced nutrition, comfort, and joy. Chewy is serving through their unmatched customer service by providing the best supplies to their loved pets, I would enjoy being a part of Chewy.

4. How Does Chewy Ship Fresh, Refrigerated, Or Frozen Items?

Chewy ships fresh, refrigerated, and frozen items separately. They keep frozen items aside from other things for the fastest delivery. They use insulated packaging and dry ice to keep stuff cold or frozen during shipping. The dry ice may be accompanied when the package arrives, but items remain cold or frozen after receiving.

5. What Is Compounding? Why Do Some Pets Need Compounded Medications?

Compounding is a method for licensed pharmacists to formulate a customized medication that accomplishes a pet’s specific needs. The pharmacists mix or alter one or more FDA-approved medications. Thus they prepare a particular drug for a pet. For example, suppose a medicine is only available in pill form. In that case, the pharmacist creates it in syrup, gel, or capsule form. Sometimes, the pets have an allergy or cannot take standard medicine, so a particular compounded drug is prepared.

6. What Causes An Excellent Online Customer Support Experience?

A good customer experience is possible through website branding and promptly addressing customer concerns. Companies use the right tools and processes to engage customers and provide excellent online customer service. Thus, the customers can quickly identify and navigate the company brand or products. With a more engaging experience, the customer would like to explore the eCommerce platform repetitively. Another essential factor is to provide online security to protect customers’ transactions. It will build a strong relationship between customers, the company’s online experiences, and other reaping benefits.

7. What Are The Core Components Of A Robust eCommerce Platform?

The three main components of eCommerce are customer experience, back-end integration, and digital marketing. These components enable connecting the eCommerce business and building potential customers to visit an online store.

8. Explain The Advantages You See In Ecommerce Versus Traditional Retail Stores

One of the main benefits I observe in eCommerce is the ability of companies to make the buying process easy and saves money. The companies do not need to buy physical space or on-spot stores. Another benefit is that companies can advertise and market their products with unlimited boundaries. By displaying an online store, customers can buy products by comparing prices and products more flexibly. It enhances the potential buyers globally as compared to the limited area.

9. How Do You Benefit Online Customers?

I understand that happy employees make happy customers. I will focus on the objective from start to finish by understanding the customer’s needs. I would listen to their feedback by setting a realistic approach and delivering quality services. When they discover the site, I will add a survey link to their automated confirmation email to ask them to provide feedback about their experiences. It will develop a relationship by understanding the circumstances and giving quality information to other team members.

10. Do You Have Any Acquaintances Working With Pets?

I worked in a local animal shelter home for one year after my school hours. I have the edge over my competitors because I know the different breeds of cats, dogs, and reptiles. I helped many families by answering questions about other foods and supplies for cats and dogs that would suit their lifestyles. I also assist them in taking care of their pets by adopting hygienic methods, vaccination courses, and regular checkups. I always feel overwhelmed by guiding them on which food, toys, or collars best suit their new pet babies.

11. What Information Do You Have About Pet Nutrition?

As Chewy deals with pet food that offers a variety and range of pet food, I have sound knowledge about their products. My experience working in the industry enabled me to become familiar with the type and variety of pet food. I can suggest the right food for customers’ pets based on their age, breed, and state of health. I am skillful in reading labels to ensure that the food we sell is nutritious and safe.

12. What Do You Do When You Receive Criticism?

Criticism plays a constructive role in overcoming my deficiencies. I always perceive it positively. I give extra attention to complaints and try to know in-depth flaws. I work on it, find the solution, and commit myself never to repeat this mistake. I always respond politely and say thanks for highlighting my weakness. By changing my strategy and employing a positive outlook, I will never repeat that mistake or this act after criticism.

13. Describe A Time You Failed Your Last Role And The Lesson You Learned.

Failing is one of the most horrible feelings in the world, either professionally or personally. There was a time when working in the animal shelter home, and the dog became fainted due to a slow or abnormal heart rate. We fail to evaluate quickly when this happens. After this case, there was a debriefing to discuss what went wrong. I take that time to probe my participation during activities and realize that I forgot to give food on time. I must not be in a panic and report to my seniors quickly. After this incident as a young student, I became more vigilant while caring for the animals.

14. What Would You Do If You Observed A Colleague Stealing From The Store?

At the very outset, I would try to avoid confrontation. I will ensure I have solid proof of the theft before reporting the matter to the manager. I will give undeniable evidence to the manager for prompt ad strict disciplinary action on his part in line with the company policy. Quick and efficient handling of the matter will ensure that other team members are not influenced negatively by one person’s acts of omission or commission.

15. Do You Work Well Under Pressure?

I will make an effort to complete all the assigned tasks on time. I will try my best to maintain my composure when facing challenging situations. Stress motivates me to give my best to get things done in no time. I have exposure to working in demanding conditions where many things are happening simultaneously. If I have a deadline, I will prioritize my work to meet all the deadlines. A focused approach will be used in sync with time management techniques.

16. Can You Tell Me About An Experience When You Acquired Positive Feedback From A Customer?

I recall assisting customers as they were looking for the right dog food. His pets had a medical condition as they were suffering from allergies. After providing services to the customers, I received their feedback about my recommended food. They believed that my advice was correct what they required and expressed their gratitude to me for assisting them in finding the right product. Their feedback helped me gain confidence in my abilities and that I am a good professional who provides excellent customer service.

17. Is There Any Time You Aren’t Available To Work During The Day Or Night?

I love to work 24/7 if needed, as I am passionate about joining it with zeal and zest. I am available on weekends, but if you ask me about my preference, I prefer morning shifts. My spouse is committed in the evenings owing to work. If I can work in morning shift regularly, this would be an ideal situation for us to spend quality time in the company of each other. At the same time, I would enjoy a cheerful time with my kids, as in the evening, they spend time at home after school. Indeed, I make myself available to work during the evening or night shifts as needed.

18. Can You Adhere To Chewy’s Dress Code?

In my opinion dress code makes the environment at the workplace conducive. Companies still define rules and regulations for their employees about business dresses as it creates a professional image in the workplace. Professionalism demands that employees wear a business dress at the workplace. Another reason for adhering to a proper dress code is to be prepared to receive unexpected company guests. There are chances of unforeseen meetings outside of the company with the customers as you are the one who will represent your company. Identity at the workplace is created with the dress code.

19. Have You Searched About The Company Before The Interview? Who Are Chewy’s Competitors?

Before applying for any job, I get thorough information about the company. I found Chewy an excellent place to start working, as there are opportunities to excel in the career. I have reviewed that sometimes there is a heavy workload with awful schedules that is open 24/7. However, I am eager to spend my energy to meet the company’s goals and missions dedicatedly. BARK, Amazon, Wayfair, Bitnami, and Petco are the competitors of Chewy. Chewy is graded at the top in CEO Score on Comparably vs. its competitors.

20. Why Is Chewy So Successful?

Chewy is a well-reputed brand that offers excellent customer service. Chewy made warehouses to meet orders quickly. Chewy offers personalized customer service, including personalized hand notes and oil paintings of pets. The timing of the launch of the company enabled its founders to achieve exponential growth as it is a $31 billion specialty pet retail brand. Pets and online retail seem to complement each other if a customer buys 30-pound bags of specialty food for Fido, so it is more convenient to do it via the internet than having to visit the outlet in person.

21. Why Did Petsmart Split From Chewy?

To give value to PetSmart shareholders seems to be the motive behind splitting up the two companies. It was done at the cost of its creditors by giving PetSmart’s shareholders a direct proprietorship of Chewy shares (instead of PetSmart owning the shares). The market rejected the development as PetSmart’s valuations slumped to $3.35 billion as the news of the purchase of Chewy was received in the market. At the fag end of 2016, sales at PetSmart Inc. stores started to go down.

22. Where Do You See Yourself After 5 Years At Chewy?

I want to make a niche for myself in the company. I love to take on challenges in a futuristic scenario. I am not fixated on titles, but I want to climb the learning curve quickly. I am looking for responsibility in the position, which may lead to a place in a leadership role. In the forthcoming five years, I would like to see myself as a person with broad-based knowledge and capability. I am hungry for more opportunities that will improve my skill set and deepen my knowledge base. I believe that working in your business will diversify my experiences.

23. What Are The Best Qualities That Make You Suitable To Work With Chewy?

I think so; these four characteristics make me a suitable candidate for Chewy;

  • I have a strong professional attitude and outlook.
  • I put in consistent efforts to solve problems efficiently and more accurately.
  • Steadfastness, constancy, and a strong sense of duty and responsibility are my core values.
  • With excellent communication skills, I can articulate my views with clarity and precision.
  • Working as a proactive member, I believe teamwork is needed to solve problems.

24. Are You Familiar With Anyone Working At Chewy?

My cousin and a few college friends also serve in different departments at Chewy. They Find this company with great team members that make them feel comfortable. My cousin told me about this job requirement and encouraged me to apply because of the innovative environment. He assured me of having a great time if I got an opportunity. He explained the cooperative environment, developed organizational structure, and flexible timings. During his career development, he advised me that I could pursue opportunities that provide a comfortable work environment that promotes the employee’s success and aligns with the core values.

25. What Will You Do To Make Chewy Company A Better Place?

By using my professional and organizational skills, I will do an effort in the following ways;

  • I will deal with all employees respectfully, regardless of their position.
  • I will adopt a flexible approach in my interaction with coworkers.
  • Good work done by anyone will be commended.
  • Spirit of cooperation will be encouraged in sync with the promotion of healthy competition.
  • I will promote a culture of teaching and learning among my colleagues instead of criticizing them.
  • Inclusivity and diversity will be accepted with open arms.


Before applying for any position, you must analyze the job description and background skills. Calculate your interest in this career and practice these questions and answers verbally. Before any interview, research thoroughly about the company and look up information resources about the job position. The interviewers will always ask questions to get insight into your personality and whether you fit this job. So, by demonstrating a well-rounded answer, you will have a positive impact. They always look for a passionate, productive, and caring candidate. By preparing these top 25 Chewy Interview Questions and Answers 2022, you will be mentally prepared to reply confidently.