30 Best Social Media Marketing Companies In The USA

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Many businesses now rely heavily on social media as a marketing channel, and there is no shortage of skilled social media marketing agencies to help them. We’ve ranked the top 30 social media marketing agencies in the US here. They are experts in social media marketing, and their clientele ranges from startups to Fortune 500 organizations. That being said, these businesses are worth checking into if you need a professional social media strategist.

1. Disruptive Advertising

PPC Management, Site Testing, Analytics Consulting, and Software are the four main offerings from Disruptive Advertising in Utah. They put most of their efforts into pay-per-click advertising, particularly Facebook and LinkedIn ads, for their social media marketing campaigns.

Profit maximization for their customers is of utmost importance to them. They optimize their customers’ PPC ads weekly to increase profits. They are always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of their advertisements while minimizing their spending.

According to their website, Disruptive Advertising is trying to “transform the world, one click at a time.” Every step of your campaign will be thoroughly examined, tested, and optimized from the first click to the last sale.

Disruptive Advertising acknowledges the significance of Facebook for B2C marketing and LinkedIn for B2B marketing, despite their belief that Google Ads is the primary PPC advertising platform. They’re aware that both options provide a variety of ad targeting options. They do, however, highlight the need to know one’s intended audience well to create effective and lucrative advertising.

2. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

On its website, Thrive flaunts the outcomes they’ve achieved. They have over 100 positive ratings on Google, 50 positive ratings on Facebook, and 30 positive ratings on Clutch. They also prominently display testimonials, demonstrating their faith in the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing.

Since 2005, they’ve been serving as a one-stop shop for digital marketing needs for businesses of all sizes and specializations. They are confident that they can enhance every aspect of your digital profile, from website layout and content to SEO and social media promotion.

Their business entails social media marketing. As part of their social media marketing packages, they provide the following services:

  • Timely and recurring updates, as well as breaking news and feature stories
  • The consistent investigation, monitoring, and adjusting to changes in available internet tools and resources
  • Constantly monitoring and responding to social media mentions and comments
  • Promoting understanding and solidarity among bloggers and online discussion groups
  • Promoting your brand Emphasizing essential keywords, phrases, and subjects
  • Target audience identification and evaluation
  • Utilizing analytics and monitoring data to better plan

3. Sociallyin

SociallyIn provides companies with outcome-driven services in social strategy, content generation, community management, paid social advertising, influencer marketing, and more to assist in their social media marketing efforts. Their offerings are broken down into four distinct categories: content creation and production, community management, social media strategy, and social media advertising.

All SociallyIn’s customers’ social media material is created in-house, including filming, capturing, making, painting, recording, baking, constructing, hatching, composing, writing, and drawing. To choose the best approach for their social media campaign, they first have a conference to discuss the demographics of their target audience. Each member of the creative team contributes to the meeting to assist generate ideas for material that will appeal to the target demographic.

After everyone on the team is familiar with the company and its brand, they can start talking about the brief. It might be anything from a promotion to a seasonal holiday. Following the brief, the group engages in a brainstorming session to generate original content for each supported social media channel. After the plan has been fully developed and is ready for launch, they will continue testing, measuring, and optimizing it.

If you hire SociallyIn to handle your community, a team of community managers will act as your brand advocates, posting engaging content and conversing with your followers on your behalf. Every month they take stock of their activities and assess their progress in terms of engagement and new followers. Also, they provide social media management in more than 36 different languages.

4. LYFE Marketing

A social media management company with its headquarters in Atlanta, LYFE Marketing provides website design and development, PPC, SEO, and social media services.

LYFE Marketing is a full-service social media management business. In addition to website design services, they provide social media and search engine services. They design and oversee clients’ successful social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Their services were divided into:

  • Internet marketing services
  • Management of social media
  • Services for Social Media Advertising
  • Web design services

LYFE Marketing has overseen more than 2,000 social media marketing projects since 2011. They claim that their use of digital marketing has generated over 983,287 leads for customers. Their customers’ companies benefit from social media marketing services as their following, engagement, and website visibility increase (traffic).

They use a five-step social media marketing method:

  • Assign an account-specific social media manager.
  • Create a social media plan tailored to your company.
  • Create marketing campaigns and content calendars
  • Growth optimization and ongoing care
  • Reporting and communication

5. Cleverly

Cleverly is a smart option if you mainly need assistance with LinkedIn. Their organization can assist you in using LinkedIn advertisements to get tangible results, from campaign management to lead magnets and targeting. In other words, they send personalized LinkedIn messages to your target customers based on information from hundreds of outbound B2B campaigns.

They also provide a LinkedIn lead gen course as an alternative if you don’t want to outsource it to an agency. To help you automate and expand your company, they will teach you all their tried-and-true LinkedIn processes and tactics in this course.

Their offerings comprise:

  • Candidate recruitment via LinkedIn
  • Creating leads on LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn’s sponsored advertising
  • White-label prospecting
  • Lead generation on LinkedIn

6. Moburst

A marketing called Moburst focuses on digital and app marketing. It has collaborated with well-known companies, including Google, Pfizer, Reddit, and eBay. Its offerings include site development, translation, email marketing, campaign idea and design, SEO and CRO, and video creation.

One of the top businesses in the industry is Moburst. Most of the leading applications in the world—those with over 1 billion downloads—collaborate with the agency.

In addition to managing social media, Moburst also caters to developing mobile apps. Their algorithm balances sponsored and organic social media efforts by examining the post kind and frequency that will benefit your company the most.

The firm provides end-to-end services, including brand narrative, design, copywriting, and video content creation. The various options are tried and analyzed to find out which cross-channel assets connect with the target market the best. Advanced engagement metrics assess everything and ensure coherence with the brand’s goal. Moburst can provide the specific actions needed to increase brand recognition and conversion.

Their main offerings are:

  • Creative and Content
  • Advertising Plan
  • Buying media
  • Organic Understanding
  • Development and Product

7. Sculpt

A social media marketing company, Sculpt, deals with international B2B businesses. Their competence areas include team counseling, converting difficult items into shareable content, and producing qualified leads for intricate enterprises using social media platforms.

What method do they use? They do this by determining a client’s social media marketing maturity level, updating their social media strategy, and then putting it into practice. Additionally, they put a lot of effort into managing LinkedIn-specific sponsored social media campaigns that generate demand. The most incredible thing about this agency is that it also gives your internal team, including executives, training, and direction. To create a capable internal team that will be helpful long-term, you recruit them for more than just a campaign.

  • Providing executive mentoring, listening analysis, and content designs for social media
  • Organic social media services such as community management, social-first content, and influencer campaigns
  • Paid social media services such as ad creation, experimentation with creatives, and conversion optimization

To help companies boom via better social media strategies, Sculpt was established in 2012. Currently, Sculpt only collaborates with B2B technology, service, and manufacturing companies, including Adobe, Blend, Velo3D, and Schneider Electric.

8. Ignite Social Media

Ignite Social Media was established in 2007 and has shown its skills for over a decade. They do identify as “the first social media agency.” They received the 2016 Corporate Social Media Awards’ global Social Media Agency of the Year honor.

They have often assisted the most valuable businesses in developing their social media strategies, putting them into practice daily, and tracking the outcomes. They concentrate on generating quantifiable results via social media. From its locations in North Carolina and Michigan, the firm does business all over the globe. They have received certification as a women’s business enterprise from the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the most prominent independent certifier of companies run and controlled by women in the United States.

The goal of Ignite Social Media is to revolutionize social media marketing. Among its offerings are:

  • Development of a strategy
  • Consulting
  • Management of Communities
  • Paid Social Advertising
  • Making social media content
  • Promotions
  • Influencer Participation
  • Monitoring and measurement
  • Listening to others in social situations
  • Emergency Management

9. Online Optimism

An online digital marketing and design firm, Online Optimism, is well-versed in seeing the good in everything. This organization was created in 2012 with the sole purpose of assisting companies in New Orleans, the Gulf Coast, and around the nation to expand via efficient online and offline marketing.

According to Online Optimism, their services have the most effect when their entire staff participates in your advertising initiative. Online Optimism specializes in social media marketing, website design, pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements, graphic design, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Several websites, including the Huffington Post, Forbes.com, Social Media Today, Fox Business, and others, have profiled the firm due to its exceptional skills. Since its inception, Online Optimism has expanded in terms of personnel, customers, and its workplace’s quality coffee to become what they are now. This comprises a group of over a dozen Optimists who work with over 100 different groups in cities across the United States and have launched over 35 websites.

When you deal with Online Optimism, they keep you informed via thorough reports, meetings, and other types of contact to ensure that you are happy with the outcomes of their work. When creating a unified marketing strategy, nothing is more crucial than the strength of a solid client-agency connection.

To help you reach your objectives, Online Optimism uses a data-driven strategy to get the maximum return on your marketing investment. We can deliver beneficial, long-lasting results thanks to their research and skills and your company’s knowledge and experience.

Online Optimism may assist you whether you need a whole marketing makeover or a particular area of your advertising to improve.

10. Vireo Video

A video marketing company called Vireo Video focuses on YouTube marketing. This covers influencer marketing on YouTube, YouTube SEO optimization, video planning, and video advertising on Facebook and YouTube.

Vireo Video creates comprehensive video marketing strategy blueprints to help your business succeed and expand faster. They work with you to develop a video strategy based on statistics that significantly raises your audience and income. The agency locates your target audience online and learns what kind of video material they are interested in and looking for. They then devise a plan to make sure that your films grab and hold your audience’s attention.

Vireo Video increases your ROI with video advertisements by using carefully targeted YouTube and Facebook advertising placements. Three steps are used to do this:

  • Develop a marketing strategy to identify fresh angles for reaching the internet consumers you’ve previously failed to achieve.
  • Use pilot programs to evaluate a variety of demographics and targeting techniques properly
  • Ongoing campaigns, such as ongoing A/B ad testing, text and targeting revisions, and the use of fresh tactics unveiled by the advertising platforms

11. Viral Nation

Viral Nation is the most well-known full-service influencer marketing firm in the world, which is not unexpected given that they are true innovators of the unorthodox.

Viral Nation, founded in 2014 by Mathew Micheli and Joe Gagliese, quickly became one of the most well-known influencer marketing firms. For Mathew and Joe, developing ground-breaking campaigns that fostered connections was the agency’s primary objective. Although the sudden expansion surprised the founders, they knew that becoming a social-first agency would change everything.

Bud Light, Crayola, Calm, Aston Martin, and other cutting-edge companies have partnered with Viral Nation.

Which services does Viral Nation offer? They claim that they only engage in effective marketing. Only services with a demonstrated ROI supported by data are included in their marketing mix. The firm takes great delight in going above and beyond client demands, developing memorable campaigns, and maximizing the power of brands.

Viral Nation does more than only employ influencer marketing, even though the company is widely recognized. Furthermore, it offers services in

  • Strategy.
  • Business-to-business.
  • Original and well-written.
  • Performance-based media and marketing.

Campaigns get viral thanks to Viral Nation. And with justification.

12. The Influencer Marketing Factory.

Excellent clientele leads to outstanding marketing. That is The Influencer Marketing Factory’s (also known as the influencer marketing specialists) main objective. This full-service business works with customers to develop influencer marketing strategies that achieve your desired outcomes.

They aim to create innovative and successful advertisements, says founder and CEO Alessandro Bogliari. and satisfy their clientele.

In reality, this hip agency has a track record of success in its areas of specialization, which include:

Influencer marketing, content marketing, and management are some examples.

The Factory creates wonderfully thought-out social media influencer programs for outstanding businesses on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Every campaign is planned to be sincere, scalable, and ROI-focused. The firm, in the past, has executed successful influencer marketing initiatives. They understand how to make any influencer campaign successful.

13. Evestar.

Florida is the home state of Evenstar. It enables eCommerce firms to run effective, data-driven marketing. Furthermore, Evenstar is more realistic than others. Only some brands are prepared for brand scaling. Thus, Evestar’s strategy is to assess your brand’s level of maturity. It may seem like sales talk, but this is a math issue. A budget and a steady cash flow are necessary for ad purchasing. Scaling is more difficult when one can’t test ad campaigns to see which works best.

Evenstar considers core parameters that show your brand is positioned for growth when determining its capacity to scale. Your conversion rate, average order value, and lifetime value are the strongest indications; as they stack up, things start to move.

Evestar is aware of the need for compelling creative material for scroll-stopping advertising and campaigns. To produce the most lavish commercials possible, they focus on the unique qualities of your brand and product while addressing subtler aspects that connect with your target market. Evestar employs Pinterest and Facebook marketing on social media. Along with email and SMS marketing initiatives, it also provides Google and YouTube advertisements.

14. WebFX.

WebFX is a full-service SEO and Internet marketing business that provides cutting-edge online marketing solutions to mid-sized to big businesses worldwide. Their social media team is an industry leader in developing and carrying out social media management strategies that put the right message in front of your target audience.

Five tiers of social media management services are available from them:

  • A single social network with 15 social posts, 6 unique photos, and 2 ad campaigns every month for $900.
  • Two networks for $1,300 a month, including monitoring ad comments on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This includes 30 social media posts per month, 8 custom pictures per month, 3 ad campaigns, and 2 blog entries.
  • Three networks for $1,500 per month with 45 monthly social posts, 10 monthly custom photos, 4 monthly ad campaigns, 2 monthly blog articles, and daily ad comments monitoring.
  • Four networks for $1,800 a month with 60 monthly social posts, 12 unique pictures, five monthly ad campaigns, four monthly blog posts, one annual contest, and daily ad comments monitoring.
  • Five networks for $2,100 per month, including 75 social posts monthly, 14 unique pictures monthly, six ad campaigns, four blog articles, one contest annually, and daily ad comments monitoring.

15. PBJ Marketing

In addition to paid advertising, website design, brand development, and full-service digital marketing services, PBJ Marketing also provides these services. Among them is advertising on social media. They contend that effective social media activation as a marketing channel involves a systematic, data-driven strategy with targeting, message, and KPIs catered to a brand’s target demographic and goals. Campaigns for social media advertising are excellent for short-term lead generation, conversion drive, and brand recognition growth. They use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram advertisements for their social media advertising.

PBJ Marketing creates advertisements that send a brand’s message to the audience most relevant to the brand’s objectives using data from Facebook users to give influential audience targeting that is conversion-focused. Using a four-pronged strategy, PBJ Marketing focuses on bespoke audiences:

  • Testing A/B
  • Ads with interest.
  • Targeting audiences;
  • Analytics monitoring.

16. Firebelly Marketing

Since 2007, Firebelly Marketing has been guiding businesses toward social media marketing success. They provide social media management, social media channel audits, and social ad management.

The social media audit service from Firebelly is an excellent place to start when figuring out what to do with your social media accounts after that. Your future social media approach may be informed by it.

With Firebelly’s social media management solution, you have access to all the tools you need to succeed on the social media platforms for your company. Publishing and creating content are included.

  • Community administration.
  • Information and reporting.

They work with social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Over $1 million in social media advertising spending for businesses has been effectively handled by Firebelly. Their social ad management solution offers customized social media advertisements to increase their customers’ audience, engagement, traffic, and revenue. There are three sections in it:

  • Audience and creative growth.
  • Constant observation.
  • Reporting and suggestions.

17. Bad-Rhino

Through tailored social media marketing solutions, Bad-Rhino focuses on delivering quantifiable outcomes. Each program they design and deliver for a customer is something they take great delight in doing.

The social media strategy they use is as follows:

  • Content Creation & Approval.
  • Social Media Audit.
  • Recruitment in the community.
  • Evolution of strategy.
  • Recognize Key Strategies.
  • Implementation.
  • Monthly Analytics

Bad Rhino develops and executes a unique strategy for each of its customers. They thoroughly study the social networks that are most appropriate and produce great content that each client’s target audience would like.

According to Bad Rhino, social media advertising is now the most economical. They delegate an ad expert on their team to manage social media advertising. They create a concise and transparent ad plan for every company. The ad professionals create the headlines, content, and graphics for each campaign. Hourly, daily, and weekly campaign monitoring is done. They recognize and interrupt underperforming advertising when results start to deteriorate. To maintain the good results coming in, they also release fresh advertising.

18. Volume Nine.

Digital marketing business Volume Nine specializes in social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO. They support your brand development from inception, brand awareness, and brand storytelling.

Can they help you in any way? They can manage all areas of your social media marketing, including influencer campaigns and advertising. They begin by developing a plan for your brand while considering your goals and core beliefs.

Additionally, they oversee the development, marketing, and dissemination of material on various social media platforms.

The following are their primary services:

  • Social media management
  • influencer engagement
  • social media audit
  • social media advertising.

19. JumpFly.

In contrast to most of the others on this list, our agency focuses only on the advertising component of social media marketing.

They can support you in becoming an expert in social media advertising, particularly on Facebook and Instagram.

The two platforms utilize the same ad manager interface, which offers a ton of helpful audience targeting options in addition to other cutting-edge capabilities.

Beginners may find it challenging to master these, which is where this firm can assist you. They can assist you in running effective Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to achieve your marketing goals.

With an emphasis on Facebook and Instagram, their primary social media marketing solution is advertising.

20. Tinuiti.

You may benefit from a wide range of services this digital marketing firm provides since it is an integrated operation. The main areas of focus for each are as follows: Plans and objectives; Target market and demographics; Acceleration and optimization; messaging and creativity; measurement, testing, and learning;

However, they ignore all other parts of social media marketing save for sponsored and creative advertising. That’s why they help promote your advertising on social media. They provide a service called “Messaging & Creative,” which includes material for use on social media platforms.

It is a solid choice for those needing a specialized social media advertising firm. If you need someone to handle your social media accounts, you may have better choices.

21. Convertiv.

A digital marketing firm, they provide services including social media management and paid marketing. They have a dedicated staff of social media experts that can assist you in creating your profile from the ground up.

They brag that their customer engagement rates are double the norm in the market.

What they provide in the way of social media services are: Planning and management of the brand’s direction are both aspects of strategy, Content Creation, Editorial Strategy, Community Management, and Social Customer Relationship Management.

22. Fuel Online.

The United States-based digital marketing agency Fuel online is one to watch in social media promotion. You can trust this company to manage your social media strategy.

It may assist you with managing social media advertising efforts in addition to the organic social media interaction it provides.

Company offerings include social media awareness, social media campaigns, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, and management and placement of advertisements.

23. Socialistics.

This social media firm is an authority in creating engaging brand narratives. Also, they do this with an eye toward outcomes and the analytical tools to back up their claims.

Unlike other firms, this one handles every step of the process, from strategy development through actual implementation and analysis of outcomes. In addition to the organic content development and sharing component, they are also savvy in social media advertising.

Their social media marketing offerings are broken out as follows:

  • Strategy.
  • Content
  • Management.
  • Advertising.

24. Social Media 55.

They call themselves a “digital marketing and social media management firm,” which is exactly what Social Media 55 claims to be. They have mastered the marketing of digital nano-targeting to ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

They see social media’s capacity to connect with consumers in real-time as one of its greatest strengths as a marketing tool. The capacity to establish and sustain these channels is a problem for certain “do it yourself” businesses.

The social media services provided by Social Media 55 are adaptable to companies of all sizes. They offer clients a la carte design choices to improve their capacity to reach specific demographics.

Their social media marketing services are broken down as follows: Influencer marketing; social media management; social media advertising (on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, SnapChat, and YouTube); and finally, SnapChat marketing and Facebook marketing.

25. Social Vantage

This firm is dedicated only to the task of managing social media accounts.

Engaging social media marketing initiatives may be planned and executed by them. They tailor their strategies to your marketing objectives, whether brand recognition, lead generation, or something else entirely.

Two highly regarded publications, Forbes and Clutch, praised this social media firm.

They provide both social media advertising and organic social media marketing. With their help, you can manage and improve the performance of your social media marketing initiatives.

Some of their primary offerings are consulting, Management, and Advertising for Social Media Platforms.

26. Savage Global Marketing

This firm specializes in traditional and modern marketing, including social media marketing. They may aid in the development of your brand, the propagation of your name, the generation of new customers, and the maximization of your return on investment.

This firm is ideal for startups and small enterprises who want to expand their internet presence. Their specialization is developing brand-appropriate content and posting it regularly and often across several channels.

Because of this, it’s a terrific choice if you need help keeping up with and expanding your social network profiles.

27. KlientBoost

Smart digital advertising and innovative conversion rate optimization are two ways KlientBoost increases revenue for its clients. They have three primary service categories: Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Conversion, and Design. A big part of their job is ensuring their clients are represented well on various social media platforms.

KlientBoost’s forte is in the realm of social media advertising. Effective social media marketing on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn is made more accessible with their assistance. In addition, they create tailored landing sites to complement the PPC advertisements. Testing both advertisements and landing pages simultaneously is essential to the success of Facebook advertising. They consistently assist their customers with Facebook ads, landing page creation, and testing. Consequently, they can complete their tasks more quickly.

28. EBoost Consulting

EBoost Consulting is a team of seasoned professionals that can handle your search and social media advertising campaigns to help your company expand. They provide services to businesses to improve their use of advertising platforms, including Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Amazon Ads.

They’ve been in marketing for over 13 years, and for the last 9 of them, they’ve specialized in handling Facebook Ads campaigns.

They think Facebook and Instagram advertising is a one-of-a-kind chance to generate leads and revenue by precisely targeting prospective new clients according to their specific hobbies, occupations, industries, and demographics. They say that Social Advertising differs from Google Ads since it focuses on reaching individuals who are interested in what you offer but may not be familiar with your advertising.

With an eye on return on investment, eBoost Consulting creates and oversees Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns tailored to your needs. For this purpose, they use a four-stage procedure:

  • Research
  • Creative
  • Account Build
  • Administration and Optimization

29. Imagine Media Consulting

Imagine Media provides a complete Social Media Marketing squad for its clients. The firm helps you connect with your audience in a meaningful way online by developing unique, exciting content, implementing highly targeted digital media advertising and providing visually appealing visual assets. This will help people remember your brand, drive traffic to your site, boost sales, and endear you to your customers.

Each of their many offerings is broken down further: analytics/reporting; blogs/newsletters; strategic alliances; corporate training; consulting; video campaigns; digital marketing campaigns; photography/styling; content creation.

Imagine Media, headquartered in Atlanta, serves more than 150 customers globally in industries as varied as food and beverage, fashion, bridal and jewelry, real estate, B2B, beauty and fitness, professional services, and the home.

30. Bastion Elevate

Bastion Elevate, based in California, specializes in public relations, media relations, executive positioning, product placement and review programs, corporate and executive messaging, crisis communication, social media, and digital marketing for businesses in a range of global business and consumer industries.

Even though social media is just one of these areas, Bastion Elevate thinks it is significant. They acknowledge that everyone knows the importance of having an active social media presence that speaks to the target audience establishes connections with decision-makers and other influencers who can help your company succeed, and engages the general public and the targeted few. However, only some people are aware of the strategy that goes into how a company or executive succeeds on social media. And even those who recognize this importance typically lack time to do it justice. According to Bastion Elevate, your brand’s profile will soar after you “elevate” your social media presence.


Many companies need more time and resources to manage their social media marketing internally. They are aware of the advantages and significance of social media marketing. Still, their staff members are all preoccupied with other tasks more closely related to the firm’s specialization. A company might then collaborate with a specialized social media marketing firm. These companies often manage their customers’ social media accounts and social media advertising strategies.

Before choosing a social media marketing firm, be aware of the platforms where your target market spends the most time. Many of these agencies have a focus on specific platforms. You may develop a strategy for your social marketing with the assistance of most social media marketing companies. They can assist you in setting up your social media accounts to generate the most significant interest. They can aid you in producing and disseminating information. They can assist you in managing your social media advertising efforts since many focus on social media advertising.