30 Business Ideas For Nurse Practitioners In 2023

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Nurses have different skills, experience, and in-depth knowledge as they embark on their careers. However, the reports say that nurses gained more experience through running a successful business. Registered nurses are looking to start their own companies to experience nurse entrepreneurship. In fact, several nurses have started their own businesses, transitioning from being professional nurses to small business owners.

So, considering the high demand, let’s demonstrate the top business ideas nurse practitioners follow when adapting to start a new business. If you are looking for business ideas that you can employ besides practicing nursing or as a full-time career, this article is for you. Let’s take a look and dig deep for ideas!

1. In-Home Senior Care Service

In-home senior care services will allow you to serve your aged clients within the comfort of their homes. You can look around that several experienced caregivers are providing their healthcare services, catering to the exact needs of the clients where seniors and families prefer to avail distinct types of health services than finding a typical nursing home nearby. The plus point is several people prefer calling nurses at their homes than visiting hospitals all the way long due to multiple reasons. It is one of the highly paid and rewarding business ideas for practicing nurses. Most of the clients leave excellent reviews, which can boost your business.

2. Becoming A Nutritionist

Being a nutritionist is one of my top career choices. It includes teaching healthy food habits or ideas involving nutrition, vitamins, and minerals for maintaining health and preventing diseases. However, there are different courses to learn before practicing as a nutritionist, like food sciences, nutrition sciences, clinical nutrition, or any other area. Yet, being a nutritionist helps you to employ your extended expertise in guiding people effectively about their practices in the long run.

3. Private Nurse Services

Private nursing homes can also be another better option for especially home-bound patients requiring healthcare facilities. As a private nursing attendant, you will be responsible for helping patients in their daily activities like bathing, feeding, and maintaining personal hygiene.

We can also add private nurses to this list living with patients’ families in their homes and working long hours.

Considering the popularity, private nursing is the most asked facility for people as it allows them to have the individual attention of their attendants. It is a recognized business idea globally, employed in different ways by nurse practitioners.

4. Health Care Training

Working as a healthcare trainer is also a less time-consuming and profitable business. You can learn a wide range of programs and assist others in these fields. As a healthcare worker, you can offer career preparation to help workers to learn new skills and gain employment stability. Your basic goal is improvising employee performance by generating trained and compassionate professionals.

5. Hospice Caregiving

Hospice care is growing rapidly in the USA as the number of people requires growth opportunities that you can provide. Yet, your choice of hospice care is crucial for people suffering from a terminal illness to provide physical and emotional relief from ailments. Hospice caregiving is a rapidly growing sector in the healthcare industry, especially in 2022, and you can benefit from it.

6. Medical App Developer

As a medical app maker, you can be an integral partner of any senior physician. Doctors need access to the latest reference points throughout the cases for healthcare technology. You can facilitate them in it by handling medical applications. You will see that the healthcare industry has already sacrificed billions of dollars on different kinds of paperwork, filings, and inefficient systems for sharing patient information through a secure information system. So it will be an advanced addition to the medical field.

Nevertheless, digital transformation hasn’t left the medical industry behind, as every medical industry now involves coding and app building. However, with ample nursing knowledge, you will require to learn these skills to master this business idea.

7. Creating An Online Course

In today’s world, online courses have become the fastest mechanism for learning business models or different practical or theoretical, as you can see on multiple websites.

An online course is a significant way to generate extra income as it can allow the monetization of the knowledge already adhered to you.

Many people are still taking online courses every day, and there is 15-fold growth among the people and users that extract benefits through online platforms.

8. Fertility Business

Fertility problems are so commonly seen in society nowadays. You can provide effective fertility treatments to the needy by offering solutions. Plus, starting a fertility business can give you a higher level of flexibility as you can adjust your schedules accordingly. However, finding potential clients and targeting them is daunting and takes time.

9. Fitness Nursing

Apart from fertility, fitness is also one of the major trends to be studied. As a group of fitness nurses, you can offer multiple levels of support, treatment, and backup options to patients by providing ideas about GP surgery.

For help as a fitness nurse, you can provide first-line supervision of exercise programs that can ensure effective and ideological trends.

So, we can say that it is a growing and exciting healthcare career. The researchers predict that it will see a more exciting growth period. The rationale is two million jobs will be posted by 2024, making it a skyrocket-based idea through clinical exercise specialists.

10. Supplements Company

There are different ways of earning money, including selling dietary supplements, vitamins, and protein powders of healthy foods to consumers.

These products are sold directly to customers through distributors and retailers, and you can sell them at a profitable price.

It is comparatively easy to attract customers to this business idea as health-conscious people, wellness influencers, and people prioritize daily but firm fitness goals. You can also fix your old clientele through your qualitative service.

So, the startup of a supplement brand can become increasingly popular with inexpensive development but providing enough income.

11. Healthy Meal Delivery Services

Another best idea is a delivery business. You can start a home-based delivery service to offer consumers nutritional and healthy meals according to their diet plans.

These services include DIY meals or ready-to-eat meals delivered through an online website. Create a business website, update your menu with prices, and start earning by contributing to a healthy society. You can choose to serve meals from a long provided list as per your consumer demand. The quality and calorie count will aid you in attracting more consumers. You can also connect your delivery service with a broader range of local restaurants and foods. It will enable you to work alongside extended food chains. You can also deliver your food through other online applications like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Foodsby, ensuring convenience.

12. Online Fitness Coach

Besides healthy meals, people have been inclined towards online fitness coaching, considering the pandemic. You can provide the potential learners an online fitness coaching through live videos or recorded video versions with fixed charges. This business idea involves providing fitness tips to learners in an atmosphere similar to on-site fitness coaches. However, you have to adjust your teaching style and service provisions according to the client’s demands, needs, and goals.

13. Respite Care Service

Respite care offers temporary health treatment to adults or children. Starting an in-home respite care service can give a sense to people for quality care as it can allow families to get a break from their daily responsibility. It involves the provision of around-the-clock care, even if temporary, to provide relief. Respite care is a significant domain and the best business idea for retired nurse practitioners or passionate nurses. Moreover, the reports expect a considerable market growth of respite service business in the USA amidst pandemics and virals.

14. Child Care Business

If you love children, a childcare business is a great way to build a steady income with different learning opportunities to be proficient in this field.

Child care business is perceivably an excellent idea for you for personal and economic development. However, you need to build one-on-one relationships with children and help them grow over the years. Plus, this idea requires a licensed practitioner as a minimum requirement. It offers a rewarding job combined with a learning opportunity about children’s development. It will also aid you in forming strong relationships with different people as you interact with children’s parents to assist them in their growth.

15. Daycares

Another important business idea for you is starting a daycare partnered with different educational and social services for children. It is the best opportunity for both parents and providers as it offers an effective and stress-free learning solution to the child’s parents.

You can associate it with your home for an extended period of time by categorizing it as a lucrative enterprise for daycare in the needed areas. Moreover, you can also benefit people struggling with multiple jobs and newborns but with no sustainable income. Amidst the economical crisis, the need for daycare is increasing, offering an open market to publicize your skills.

16. Nurse Blogging

Most people tend to understand other people’s lives through social media and relate with them. For you, this scenario is pretty much the same.

Nurse Blogging will also give you a perfect opportunity like Mayo Clinic or Nurselabs, where you can blog out your experiences and let people know of endeavors so that they can take help for their everyday life. You can take examples of different blogs and people that are earning bucks through blogging their nursing knowledge.

17. Telehealth Business

Telehealth business calls for providing services through mobile applications or other platforms. It can be like 911 emergency calling, except only for nurses. It will allow your fellow nurses to again take help from you whenever needed. The primary goals of this business are to provide health assistance, minor treatment, diagnosis, and health awareness to the needy.

It can also be economical to set up and create a better scope of bringing positivity to the nursing society in the better trends to follow in the upcoming time period.

18. Nurse Staffing Agency

There are various types of nurses, with specializations in different age groups and specific diseases; you can cluster them all together. Some even are differently oriented based on their specialties of locations such as hospitals, care homes, or health facilities. What if there was a way of making an agency of all these nurses within a singular space? Starting a nursing staff agency will do the task! You can supply specialized nurses for specific tasks whenever and wherever you want. However, you will require to hire registered or licensed nurses providing different healthcare facilities to improve the authenticity of your business.

19. Becoming A Public Speaker

You can also become a public speaker through different sources utilized. Public speaking can be an important way where your experiences related to your profession of nursing will be able to motivate other people relatively involved around you. It will allow them to utilize and relate their experiences with yours. You can teach them different tips regarding their diet, work routine, professional habits, or public speaking-related feedback. Nurse practitioners can employ this business idea online or on-premises as per their feasibility.

20. Childbirth Educator

There is a whole journey that women go through when they are in the pregnancy period and the process of giving birth. These women need to recognize the challenges of labor and deliver the best possible results. You can teach the women how to bring a healthy baby into their lives and what after-effects it will leave for their bodies. This childbirth education service can be helpful for these people and also generate a better business prospect for you in the long run throughout this period.

21. Doula Service

Doula service-providing business is another popular business idea for nurse practitioners in 2022. They help an expectant mother in relieving their pregnancy pain, educate them about the process, and motivate them to ease the process. Doulas serve patients with emotional and physical support. They also have the responsibility to teach new mothers about the motherhood phases. They provide them with suggestions or remedies to make it a memorable phase for them.

22. In-Home Senior Care Business

There is an immense need for full-time nurses for older people globally as they need extensive care. You can serve the community by starting an in-home senior care business involving expert practitioners to do the job. Older people call for empathy, love, and attentive care, which becomes impossible in clinics or hospitals. So, people prefer hiring nurses that can do all this by coming to their homes or comfort places. However, you will need to prove your business in the market through honesty and authenticity. The rationale is that everyone doesn’t let unknown people inside their homes without their satisfaction.

23. Intravenous Hydration Consultant

Physically handicapped individuals are prone to several additional diseases. So, they need intravenous and infusion hydration according to their fitness goals and bodily needs. They also need an attendant to help them in performing daily rituals. However, the intravenous hydration consultant business requires employing an efficient business model with a designed strategy. You will also have to get IRS registration for your business to prove credibility. IH consultant providing services is a very demanding job, so the providers should be detail-oriented and focused to progress in this business.

24. Lactation Consulting Business

In the lactation consulting business, pregnant women consult with certain healthcare providers to gain lactation consultants. They do so to gain expert knowledge about breastfeeding. So, the owner requires a specific license to practice this business idea. Lactation consulting nurses also assist mothers with related issues like nipple soaring and assist in identifying comfortable breastfeeding positions. So, if you have expertise in diagnosing breastfeeding issues and have considerable knowledge regarding it, it is the best business opportunity for you to work on in 2022. You can start your own corporation or partner with other businesses to provide your services.

25. Legal Nursing Consultants

Your job can be to help nurses tackle all law-related issues. These can include nursing malpractice through healthcare-related legal cases handled with the collaboration of attorneys. However, one requires recognition from the American Association for Legal Nurse Consultants to serve as a legal nursing consultant. It is a highly paid business opportunity as the legal consultants charge maximally $175 per hour. It may go to as high as $200/hour if you have the required experience.

26. Massage Therapist

Starting a massage business is the most cost-effective plan. It is critical for you to strike a healthy balance between handling the ailment and handling the luxury. You can be a luxury provider to your clients by filling this gap and becoming an exceptional massage therapist. This business only requires a peaceful location to calm your patients and the sweet thing is it can be your home. Every stressed individual long for a calm and comforting place to have a soothing massage that provides him the memorable experience he deserves. It will also aid you in gaining customers from your clientele.

27. Medical Devices Company

If you have a passion for designing and manufacturing, it is for you. You can start your business of medical devices where you own the authority of designing, developing, marketing, and selling the medical devices to the consumers. You can also collaborate with hospitals, medical industries, or relevant companies to grow your business and audience. It is highly profitable as almost all medical industries are always on the look for advanced machinery to ease their functionality. Above all, you can add more to the advancement by innovating new equipment that will offer physicians an advanced way to handle the treatment process.

28. Mindfulness Coach

A mindfulness coach can help you save time with their medical expertise through extensive experience in this field. They work with mind psychology and use a holistic approach to heal the emotional timing of wounds.

Mindfulness can be an essential technique and a positive idea to deal with chronic stress. People approach mindfulness coaches to treat their mental diseases or alleviate their stress. It involves providing counseling or medicines that treat their concerned issues. Mindfulness coaches have the duty to calm and comfort their patients by employing specific techniques.

29. Pharmaceutical Salesperson

Medicinal salespeople help pharmaceutical in analyzing the hospitals’ and patients’ needs and suggest accurate solutions. However, as a nurse practitioner, you can work with doctors and prescribe lighter medications that work best for their patients in the long run. You can also work in pharmacies as a medical representative as you provide them suggestions or explain the essentials to the consulted physicians.

30. Medical Scrubs Business

Medical scrubs are one of the highest demanding essentials within clinics and hospitals that call for scrubs of all sizes and colors. These are essential for maintaining the health of the doctors and nurses, besides patients and their family members. However, it is a demanding job as the customers want quality and comfortable wearables during work. So, you have to be on the go to provide satisfactory results to your clients. Yet, once you do it, you can secure long-term customers and high reach in the business market. So, it is a risky one but highly demanding if fulfilled.


Nursing is the most rewarding and demanding field that fulfills the souls of both patients and nurses. The plus point is nurses are multi-talented. So, isn’t it a good way to provide your skills more artistically through owning a small business? However, likely for all businesses, it is ideal to identify the target audience before investing in the idea. It will help the nurse entrepreneurs to provide services or products according to the surrounding consumer needs. Above all, relying on a particular business idea from the long list is also challenging. So, we have listed the 30 most popular business ideas for nurse practitioners that are rewarding, beneficial, and profitable. The plus point is these ideas only require licensing or skills to excel in this field, not a heavy investment. So, a good treat to avail of for the nurses in 2022.