Who Makes Angel Jeans? How Good Are They?

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If you’ve been wondering about the brand behind Angel Jeans and who is responsible for creating these trendy denim pieces, look no further. Angel Jeans are manufactured by Mamiye Brothers, one of America’s premier distributors, designers, manufacturers, and marketers of apparel for women, children, and infants.

Mamiye Brothers is a well-established company with a strong commitment to integrity, excellence, innovation, and quality. Their seasoned team of professionals creates distinguished product lines, including the popular Angels Jeans brand. With a focus on staying current with the latest fashion trends, Angels Jeans offers on-trend styles at affordable prices, making them a go-to choice for the modern woman.

Angels Forever Young, the brand behind Angel Jeans, was launched in 1997 and quickly gained popularity among fashion-forward individuals. Known for their variety of washes, pocket embellishments, and flattering silhouettes, Angels Jeans cater to diverse preferences and body types.

You can find Angels Jeans at various retail partners, including JC Penney, Amazon, Kohl’s, and Fred Meyers. With such widespread availability, it’s easy to get your hands on a pair of these stylish denim jeans.

Now that you know who makes Angel Jeans and what sets them apart, let’s explore their unique features and what consumers have to say about them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Angel Jeans are manufactured by Mamiye Brothers, a reputable company known for its commitment to quality.
  • Angels Jeans offer on-trend styles and affordable prices, making them a popular choice among fashion-conscious individuals.
  • You can find Angels Jeans at retail partners like JC Penney, Amazon, Kohl’s, and Fred Meyers.

The Unique Features of Angels Jeans

What sets Angels Jeans apart from its competitors is its focus on the most up-to-date trends and innovative fit technology. The brand has evolved into a true lifestyle brand, offering not just jeans but a range of apparel for the modern woman. Angels Jeans are known for their quality and performance, providing a comfortable fit that enhances, lifts, and sculpts the feminine body. The brand caters to diverse body sizes, making fashion inclusive for all.

With Angels Jeans, women can embrace the latest fashion trends while enjoying superior comfort and a perfect fit. The brand’s innovative fit technology ensures that each pair of jeans is tailored to flatter different body types, offering a customized experience that promotes confidence and self-expression.

Angels Jeans go beyond traditional denim by incorporating innovative features and designs that cater to the modern woman’s lifestyle. From stylish cuts to versatile washes, Angels Jeans offers options for various occasions, allowing women to effortlessly transition from day to night. Whether it’s a casual outing or a formal event, Angels Jeans has the perfect pair of jeans that strike the balance between style and comfort.

Quality and Performance

Angels Jeans takes pride in its commitment to quality and performance. Each pair of jeans undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and long-lasting wear. The brand’s dedication to providing exceptional quality guarantees that customers can rely on their Angels Jeans to withstand the test of time.

Additionally, Angels Jeans are designed to perform. The brand utilizes high-quality materials and innovative construction techniques to create jeans that offer the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Whether it’s stretch denim for added flexibility or reinforced stitching for enhanced durability, Angels Jeans prioritize performance without compromising on style.

Angels Jeans has positioned itself as a leading lifestyle brand, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of women worldwide. With its focus on innovative fit technology, quality craftsmanship, and trend-forward designs, Angels Jeans continues to be a go-to choice for fashion-conscious individuals who prioritize both style and comfort.

Pricing and Availability of Angels Jeans

Angels Jeans offers affordable denim products, providing stylish options at budget-friendly prices. With a price range of $21 to $48 and an average price of $34, Angels Jeans caters to fashion-conscious individuals looking for high-quality denim that won’t break the bank.

Customers can easily find a variety of Angels Jeans styles and sizes at their preferred retail partners. The brand has established partnerships with major retailers including JC Penney, Amazon, Kohl’s, and Fred Meyers. Whether you prefer to shop in-store or online, these retail partners offer convenience and accessibility, ensuring that Angels Jeans is within reach for customers nationwide.

Angels Jeans pricing

Take a look at the table below to see the pricing options for Angels Jeans across different retail partners:

Retail Partner Average Price
JC Penney $30
Amazon $34
Kohl’s $36
Fred Meyers $38

As you can see, Angels Jeans offers consistent pricing across its various retail partners, ensuring that you can find the perfect pair of affordable denim no matter where you prefer to shop.

Consumer Reviews and Concerns

Despite the initial success of Angels Jeans, many consumers have raised concerns about the quality and fit of the product. A significant number of customer reviews highlight various issues that have affected their overall satisfaction with Angels Jeans.

  • Bad Fit: Customers complain about ill-fitting jeans that do not provide the desired comfort and style. The inconsistent sizing and fit have been a major disappointment for many.
  • Quality Issues: Several customers have reported problems such as a dry smell, broken zippers, and even holes in their Angels Jeans. These quality issues have contributed to a lack of trust and dissatisfaction among consumers.

These negative reviews and concerns surrounding the fit and quality of Angels Jeans have had a direct impact on the brand’s popularity and customer loyalty. Addressing these issues will be crucial for Angels Jeans to regain the trust and confidence of its consumers.

Angels Jeans reviews

Consumer Review Issue
“The jeans had a strange smell and were extremely tight, making it uncomfortable to wear.” Bad Fit, Dry Smell
“I purchased Angels Jeans, and within a month, the zipper broke. The overall quality is disappointing.” Quality Issues, Broken Zipper
“The jeans I received had holes in them, and the size was completely off. Such a waste of money.” Quality Issues, Holes, Size Discrepancies

The Future of Angels Jeans

As the denim industry becomes increasingly competitive, the future of Angels Jeans hangs in the balance. The brand’s reputation has been tarnished by a growing number of negative reviews, primarily concerning quality and fit issues. To regain its position in the market, Angels Jeans must take decisive action.

One crucial step for the future success of Angels Jeans is to revamp its manufacturing processes. By prioritizing quality control and ensuring consistent fit, the brand can rebuild customer trust and satisfaction. This would involve investing in improved materials and technologies, as well as implementing rigorous testing procedures.

Sustainability is another key factor that will play a crucial role in shaping the future of Angels Jeans. In an industry that is becoming increasingly focused on ethical practices and environmental responsibility, brands like Levi’s have set the standard by embracing sustainable manufacturing processes. Angels Jeans would need to follow suit, adopting sustainable sourcing methods and reducing its carbon footprint to stay relevant.

Furthermore, Angels Jeans must closely analyze the competition in the denim industry. By studying successful brands and their business strategies, Angels Jeans can gain valuable insights into what drives consumer preference and loyalty. This analysis can help the brand identify areas for improvement and innovation, ultimately enabling them to better meet the evolving needs and desires of their target market.

The future of Angels Jeans will require a combination of sustainable practices, improved quality control, and a keen awareness of the evolving denim industry landscape. Only by proactively addressing these key challenges can Angels Jeans hope to regain its position as a leading denim brand.

Angels Jeans future

Sustainability in the Denim Industry

Sustainability has become a crucial aspect of the denim industry, driven by increasing consumer awareness and demand for eco-friendly fashion choices. Brands that prioritize sustainability not only contribute to a greener future but also position themselves as leaders in the industry. By adopting sustainable practices, such as using organic cotton, reducing water usage, and implementing recycling initiatives, denim brands can improve their brand image and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Brand Sustainable Initiatives
Levi’s Levi’s has implemented its “Water4” program to reduce water usage in denim production. They also offer a recycling program for old jeans, transforming them into insulation materials.
Patagonia Patagonia utilizes organic cotton and recycled materials in their denim production. They also emphasize fair trade practices and collaborate with suppliers committed to social and environmental responsibility.
Everlane Everlane is transparent about their denim production processes, providing information about factories, material sourcing, and environmental impact. They prioritize ethical manufacturing and reduce waste through a zero-waste denim project.


In conclusion, Angels Jeans, manufactured by the reputable company Mamiye Brothers, was once a popular denim brand known for its on-trend styles and affordable prices. Despite its initial success, Angels Jeans has faced criticism from consumers regarding quality and fit issues, leading to a decline in popularity. Customers have reported problems such as ill-fitting jeans, broken zippers, and size discrepancies, which have affected the brand’s reputation.

Looking ahead, the future of Angels Jeans remains uncertain. To regain its position in the competitive denim industry, the brand would need to address these issues and make improvements in its manufacturing processes. Embracing sustainable practices could also be essential for Angels Jeans to stay relevant in today’s environmentally conscious market.

While Angels Jeans had a strong presence in the past, its current challenges and negative consumer reviews require a thorough reassessment and repositioning. Only by focusing on quality, fit, and sustainability can Angels Jeans hope to regain its popularity and attract new customers in the ever-evolving denim industry.


Who manufactures Angel Jeans?

Angel Jeans is manufactured by Mamiye Brothers, a premier distributor, designer, manufacturer, and marketer of leading apparel brands for women, children, and infants in America.

What sets Angels Jeans apart from its competitors?

Angels Jeans stands out from its competitors with its focus on the most up-to-date trends and innovative fit technology. The brand has evolved into a true lifestyle brand, offering not just jeans but a range of apparel for the modern woman.

What is the price range of Angels Jeans?

Angels Jeans offers affordable denim products, with prices ranging from to and an average price of .

Where can I buy Angels Jeans?

Angels Jeans products are available at retail partners such as JC Penney, Amazon, Kohl’s, and Fred Meyers.

What are some concerns raised by consumers about Angels Jeans?

Some consumer concerns about Angels Jeans include issues with quality, fit, dry smell, broken zippers, and size discrepancies.

What does the future hold for Angels Jeans?

The future of Angels Jeans is uncertain, considering the increasing number of negative reviews and the competitive denim industry landscape. The brand would need to address quality and fit issues and embrace sustainable practices to regain its position in the market.