Who Makes Hey Dude Shoes | Know Why are They So Popular Now!


So many footwear companies are available nowadays all over the country. Among those few companies are popular because of the product quality and services. Hey Dude, Shoe brand or company is one of them. 

The shoes of this brand are very comfortable and popular. So you must know for once about this footwear company. Do you know who makes Hey Dude Shoes? Or who owns them? 

Perhaps you don’t know. But there is nothing to worry about knowing the information. In this content, you will learn all ins and outs about the Hey Dude Shoe. 

Who Makes Hey Dude Shoes

“Hey Dude” is a shoe manufacturer brand that makes Hey Dude Shoes. The Hey Dude Shoe company began in the year 2008 in Italy.

Alessandro Rosano was the one who began to create shoes that were like unique and new design footwear, but these shoes were more comfortable than the slippers. 

He was the one who invented Hey Dude Shoes. From then, one man’s affection and devotion have given the footing for a modern term convenient footwear configuration. This footwear is very satisfying and fits properly. 

Maximum consumers like to wear a comfortable fit that the company Hey Dude usually gives. If Hey Dude Shoes provide you with a flexible fit for comfort, they also provide shoelaces to tighten your shoes. 

Now Hey Dude Shoes’ owner is Crocs. Crocs acquired the Hey Dude Footwear company in the year 2021. The Hey Dude Shoe headquarters is situated in California, United States.

But are you aware of where Hey Dude shoes are manufactured? These shoes are manufactured in China and Indonesia.

Manufacturing Brand of Hey Dude Shoes“Hey Dude”
Hey Dude Invented ByAlessandro Rosano
Owner of Hey Dude NowCrocs
Company Founded in2008
Headquarters inUSA
Manufactured inChina & Indonesia
key data about who makes hey dude shoes

What is Hey Dude Shoe

The company Hey Dude is a footwear company that is specially made for comfort, fit, and style. They manufacture comfortable shoes that are very, very stylish. The Hey Dude company is also available on many media platforms, including Yahoo! Online markets, People magazine, etc.

Who Makes Hey Dude Shoes

What are Hey Dude Shoes Made Of

Hey Dudes are specially made with recycled fiber. These fibers were once plastic water bottles that were formerly labeled as “environmental waste”. These reusable material PET fibers are incredibly soft and retain the stability that you can require from all of their brand shoes.

Types of Shoes Hey Dude Manufactures

There are all sorts of different types of shoes that are manufactured by Hey Dude. You can find shoes for just about any occasion and in a variety of styles.

Men Types

  • Boat Shoes
  • Boots
  • Dress Casual
  • Sandals
  • Slip-Ons

Women Types

  • Boat Shoes
  • Boots
  • Casual
  • Platforms
  • Slip-Ons
  • Sneakers

Don’t worry about your child, there are also different kinds of shoes available for boys and girls.

Do you know why Hey Dudes are popular? These Shoes appeared in the year 2008. The inventor invented these shoes out of a strong intention to make them lightweight, stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive. These adequately made shoes become the standard and popular among people for all the qualities.

Hey Dude Shoes were first inaugurated in the summer of the year 2008. Two Italian footwear professionals, Alessandro and Dario, invented these shoes. By February of the year 2009, the first shoe of Hey Dude company reached the market. 

After just a year, the Hey Dude Shoe company was prosperous enough that they could inaugurate a branch in the USA and opened up by a new fellow of the crew, Daniele.

Perfect to Wear Anywhere

Hey Dude Shoes especially go with casual outfits and can be worn with almost any casual outfit. However, these shoes appear to go satisfactorily with low-sleeved shirts on shorts. These Shoes will also work well on jeans and casual gowns. Wear Hey Dude and look stylish!

Cleaning Process

After wearing shoes, they also get dirty. These shoes also need to be cleaned. So for your betterment cleaning process is given below.

  • First, find a dirty pair that needs to be cleaned and revivify the Hey Dude Shoes.
  • If you want to wash the Shoes on the washing machine, then first rinse off any big clumps of grime to set them up before cleaning them.
  • Discard the laces and insoles. These laces and insoles can also be washed. Wash these parts with a mild dish cleansing and then put them to dry. 

Cleaning Process to Wash Colored Hey Dudes

Colored Hey Dude Shoes can be washed in a washing machine or on a hand wash or light setting. Add a very little portion of liquid detergent. Then wash them only in cold water to protect the shoes from curving. 

Cleaning Process to Wash White Hey Dudes

Spray Dawn Power wash all over the shoes and then leave them for an hour. Then rinse out the Dawn and rub them gently with any fluffy rinsing brush. Pour a sink half full with cozy water and blend in half of a cup of Out White Bright. 

Set the white Hey Dude Shoes with the fabric tops down in the water and put something on top of the shoes. So that, all of the fabric is fully drenched. Then leave them to absorb like this for at least two hours. 

Just rock the shoes in the washing machine and wash them when the time is up. Use cold water without any other cleanings.

Dry your shoes in a place that is not influenced by straightforward sunlight because the rays can damage the fabrics and make them shrink.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Hey Dude? 

Crocs acquired the shoe company Hey Dude on 23 December in the year 2021. It is a world leader in creative casual footwear for men, women, and children. Crocs privately-owned Hey Dude casual footwear brand.

Are Hey Dude Shoes made in the USA?

These Shoes are produced in China and Indonesia. These shoes are mostly sold in online markets as well as in many countries. However, these shoes are also available in the USA.

Is Hey Dude an American company? 

The footwear company Hey Dude was established in Italy in the year 2008 by the CEO of this company. The CEO of this brand is Alessandro Rosano. He wanted to formulate comfortable and convenient footwear. However, nowadays, 95% of earnings come from the market of America

Final Note

The Hey Dude footwear is very comfortable shoes to wear. Men, women, and children for everyone, these shoes are so perfect. It’s comfortable to wear as well as fit perfectly and it’s stylish also. 

You can wear these shoes regularly and also look stylish at the same time. The inventor of these shoes tried to invent perfect and comfortable shoes at a cheap rate so that all budget consumers could buy them. 

So this is all about the Hey Dude company. And hope you also learned about who makes Hey Dude Shoes from above. Must know about the products and be aware before buying.

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