Who is IG Influencer Jenny, 69? Controversy, Age, Relationships

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If you are both on Instagram and Twitter, you may have encountered the name Jenny 69, an Instagram influencer. Going by the username jen_ny69, she has over 2 million followers on Instagram, which is no mean feat. She also enjoys a massive following on other social media platforms. However, her rise to fame has been challenging, as she’s been trolled in the recent past. We will look at who she is, her age, relationships, and controversies to help you know her outside of Instagram.

Who Is Jenny, 69? (Real Name, Age, Residence)

Jenny 69, real name Jeniffer Ruiz, is a famous Mexican-American model, musician, and social media influencer. She first became famous because of the plastic surgeries she talked about proudly. According to different sources, she was born in Corona, United States, on March 11, 1994. She still lives in Corona, a small city in California.

Jenny 69 Early Life

As mentioned, Jenny was born and raised in Corona, California. She comes from a family of Mexicans with American nationalities. Jenny grew up in a household of five, i.e., her parents, siblings Annette and Ruben Ruiz, and her. Growing up, she was interested in makeup, which explains why she started recommending makeup products and giving tutorials long before she gained significant fame. The only problem is she had to wait till 15 to start applying and experimenting with makeup products owing to a tradition among the Mexicans known as Quinceanera. After 15, she had the liberty to use any makeup products of her choice and, in 2012, uploaded her first makeup tutorial on YouTube.

Her rise to stardom, albeit bleak then, began in 2012.  Over the years, Jenny has used her fame to become one of Instagram’s most formidable beauty influencers.

How Did Jenny 69 Rise To Fame?

Jenny 69 rose to fame when she started selling makeup products and using her Instagram profile to offer makeup tutorials. This was before her widely-discussed music video, which people, especially Twitter users, called ‘awkward.’ She also caught Instagram users’ attention because of the different plastic surgeries she has undergone over the years. The Instagram model doesn’t shy away from sharing the news of her surgeries with her followers.

For example, she underwent a lip procedure in 2015 and shared the before and after pictures of her lips as proof. The next year (2016), she informed her Twitter fans that she underwent ‘boob surgery,’ a procedure she did to increase the size of her breasts. Four years later, she posted a YouTube video telling her subscribers she underwent a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, popularly known as BBL. She affirmed that she will always be open about her plastic surgery procedures because such information might help someone trying to decide on one.

It was not until September 24, 2022, that the social media influencer turned singer became the talk of the internet. She shared a snippet of her debut music video, which was set to be released on October 1 and underwent what is better termed as the ‘trolling of her life.’ It attracted thousands of memes and trolls who described her music as awkward. The video was uploaded on YouTube by Lumbre Music and currently has 12 million views. The comments under the video are hilarious, with some YouTube users denouncing their association with her despite being her fans.

Jenny 69 Professional Career

Jenny’s career started in 2012 when she uploaded her first makeup video. She continued giving her subscribers tutorials on how to apply different makeup sets. She then proceeded to Instagram and Twitter, opening her first accounts when the two social media platforms were just picking up. She used her Instagram profile to upload pictures of her makeup styles and others wearing different companies’ makeup products; that’s how a social media star was born.

Several brands soon approached her, asking her to promote their products owing to the massive following she had already amassed. She later became an internet sensation when she talked about her plastic surgeries, which we discussed above, gaining millions of followers on different platforms. She later started her makeup company that deals in fake eyelashes called Baddie B Lashes. Shortly after, Jenny started a website dubbed jennysixtynine.com, an online shopping store dealing in clothing, fashion accessories, dresses, bottoms, shoes, and nose rings.

Jenny also decided to focus on singing, releasing a snippet of her debut song on September 24, 2022. The reception wasn’t good. Nevertheless, it received 11.4 million views in under four months, which is by all standards incredible owing to the reviews it had at first. She released another song titled Mas Cabrona Que Bonita in January 2022, following her first song’s ‘success’.

Jenny 69 Relationships

Is Jenny 69 dating or single? Well, neither, because she is married. The Instagram celebrity is married to a man only known as Emmanuel, who she wasn’t shy to show on her TikTok. She doesn’t talk about him at all. Her fans knew about Emmanuel when Jenny posted a Tik Tok video of him playing with his phone in the background. They met in 2014 and started dating soon after.

Jenny also has a son with Emannauel, known as Manny. Manny was born in 2016, and one year later, Jenny and Emanuel exchanged vows. She and her family live in Corona, the same city in Riverside County, California.

Jenny’s Net Worth

Jenny makes money from social media influence, fashion events, online boutiques, and her songs. Even though she hasn’t shared her net worth publicly, it’s estimated to be around $800,000.

Jenny 69 Controversies

Jenny 69, officially Jenny Ruiz, hasn’t had many controversies save for her first song, which attracted heavy online backlash and trolling, and her endless surgeries, which some internet users talked about negatively. The ‘La 69’ singer seems to be living her best life doing what she does best- selling beauty products and hosting fashion events.


Jenny 69 is an Instagram influencer who rose to fame making and sharing makeup tutorials. She has also been open about her plastic surgeries, winning millions of fans over the years. The mother and influencer branched into singing after her debut song ‘La 69’ was released. We hope to hear more from her in the future. Keep reading our articles; we will keep you updated on any occurrences.


1. How Many Surgeries Has Jenny 69 Had?

Jenny 69 has always been open about her surgeries. She has shared three with her followers and subscribers: lip, boob, and Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) surgeries. We only know of the three so far.

2. Is Jenny 69 Married?

Yes. Jenny 69 is married to a man known as Emannauel. They exchanged vows in 2017 and even have a son known as Manny. She rarely talks about her husband and child, unlike other celebrities.

3. Did Jenny 69 Get Into An Accident?

Jenny posted on Instagram on January 25, 2023, that she was unwell and had been hospitalized for the last three days. Even though the post had no other details attached, she later clarified that she had been involved in an accident that almost claimed her life. However, she was later discharged.

4. Has Jenny Released Another Song?

Jenny’s debut song didn’t go as she may have anticipated since she was trolled and ridiculed, with many internet users calling it awkward and making jokes about it. However, its views surpassed 10 million in under five months, motivating the Instagram influencer to release another song, Mas Cabrona Que Bonita.