Who is Bowser Jr’s Mom | Does She Exist?

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You can’t separate boys from their video games. So instead of that, I joined them. My brother and I were discussing the character of Bowser Jr.

While discussing, we came across a certain point, which was who is bowser jr’s mom. Do you guys always want to know the answer? Then let’s find out the answer.

Who is Bowser Jr

My intelligent mind came up with an idea. Let us know a little about Bowser Jr. This way, we will all be a part of his situation. And enjoy the experience of his tales.

Bowser Jr, also known as Koopa Junior, is a fictional character in the world-famous Mario franchise by Nintendo. He is the son of the main antagonist, Bowser. 

A Child Who Wants to Impress His Father

We often believe the antagonist of any story is always evil. Maybe we think that because of their deeds. And the thought is justified. But maybe for some time, we should also see the reason behind all this.

Bowser Jr has always been on the aid of his father, and he helps his father kidnap Princess Peach and defeat Mario. But honestly, he did all this for only one reason. That is to dazzle his father, which is the wish of every child.

Blindly Following Bowser

When Bowser Jr kidnapped Princess Peach, the reason behind it was very emotional. It seemed like that, but in reality, it is nothing like that.  

Bowser told his son Princess Peach was his mother. So he needs to save her from Mario and protect her. 

But later, on we got to know that it was false. And the more astounding thing is Bowser Jr knew that his father was lying from the beginning and still followed him in this quest. 

Either Bowser Jr is more twisted and evil than his father or loves Bowser too much to see right or wrong.

Who is Bowser Jr’s Mom

Now that it is clear that Princess Peach is not his mother. But still, the burning question remains who is bowser jr’s mom. Well, there are many speculations and theories so let’s unravel them.

Who is Bowser Jr’s Mom

Bowser Jr Mother Theory

There is no specific mention of Bowser Jr’s mother. Besides, fans think that in the Mario Universe, all the animals are asexual, and like the other animals, they have their offspring without any partner same goes for Bowser. Besides, Mario Universe has no similarity with reality.

The fact of the animals being asexual can be said more confidently. With the evidence seen in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. 

Storks bring the babies to their parents. Stork is a supporting character in the series who is known to have bought baby Mario and Luigi to their parents. Even the younger self of Bowser looks identical to his son, and further supporting asexual fact.

Interesting Facts About Bowser Jr and His World

  Bowser Jr is evil, but still, he is a child. So let’s know about the tantrums and wicked adventure of the child. And also some peculiar things about his world. 

Change of his height

Our little devil may seem very small in size. But in different games, his size keeps on changing. He was in a cute tiny size in Super Mario Sunshine, but he would be taller than Princess Peach in Super Mario Galaxy.

His affection for Princess Peach

Despite knowing the fact that Princess Peach is not his mother, and he still kidnapped her. The reason is behind is pure, not evil.

He wanted Princess Peach actually to be his mother.

 As shown in Mario Superstar Baseball, he continues to call her “mama.” Which clearly shows the child’s affection for Princess Peach.

 Heir to the Koopa Land

As he is the one child of Bowser, he is entitled and heir to the throne of Koopa Land. Besides his father, known as the second antagonist of the series. 

Bowser Jr’s description

Our little evil prince is the complete replica of his father. He has yellow skin with a green head and a small tooth on the left of his snout.

Tiny black eyes and hair tied up in a ponytail. Bowser Jr’s belly also called the plastron, is made of four scutes like his father.

And lastly, he has padded feet with a green shell in the back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that the mystery of who is bowser jr’s mom is solved. Here are some of the commonly asked questions for Mario or Bowser Jr. Hopefully, they help you ease your curiosity.

Who is Princess Peach’s father?

King Toadstool, who is also the king of Mushroom land, is her father.

Are the Koopalings siblings?

Yes, they all might be siblings.

Does Bowser Jr have a sister?

Yes, he does have a sister.

Who is Roy Koopa?

He is one of the seventh members of the Koopalings.