Top 5 Plant Identification Apps

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Often people who are interested in growing plants or even professional gardeners wonder how to quickly and efficiently figure out which plant is in front of you. New technologies have come a long way and even when it comes to learning about plants, there are some interesting innovations! Now with just your smartphone, you can take a picture of your indoor plant and recognize what kind of flower it is and even learn details about the care of the plant. 

Apps like this work very simply! All you need to do is take a picture of your flower, take a picture of the leaves of your flower separately and after a couple of seconds the plant identification app will give you the result. Such applications frequently include artificial intelligence, and we have ranked the best app to diagnose plants

Top 5 apps to diagnose plants


The app PLNT opens our rating. This app has a very high percentage of plant recognition, as much as 98.7%. In the application you will find information about species and types of plants, what diseases a particular flower can get and detailed advice on care. The functions of PLNT are quite extensive: 

  • watering schedule, 
  • recognizing plant diseases from photos,
  • useful tips on how to treat plants and flowers
  • light sensor of the visit in which the plant is located, 
  • calculation of the required amount of water for watering, 
  • blog section, where you can find useful articles about indoor and garden plants and their care.  

2. LeafSnap

With LeafSnap you can even determine the sex of your plants! This is a quite popular app that has a fairly high level of identification, about 90% of all known species. All you need to do for recognition is to take a picture of a plant leaf. The principle of operation is simple: by taking a photo and uploading it, you can recognize the scientific name and main characteristics of the plant. The application helps: 

  • identify plants both indoor and garden,
  • tells you about proper care, 
  • helps you recognize the diseases of your favourite flower, 
  • recognizes the sex of the plant, 
  • has a database of thousands of plants, flowers, trees, shrubs.

3. PictureThis

This app instantly recognizes more than 17,000 plant species from a photo using artificial intelligence, the principle is still the same: take a photo of a flower and get the result. The app has an extensive database with accurate and high-quality photos and background information about different plants from all over the world. In PictureThis you will find the following features: 

  • diagnosing a plant problem using the Plant Doctor feature, 
  • disease identification, 
  • tips for preventing plant diseases, 
  • an advice section with plant care tips,
  • a guide to watering, lighting, fertilizing, 
  • watering reminder function.

4. Plantix

The Plantix app has an unusual machine learning system: the more photos the user adds to the database, the more accurately it will work. The principle of operation is exactly the same as in previous apps. However, Plantix has an unusual feature: in it, you can share your experience of caring for plants and flowers with other users. The application has the following functions: 

  • plant recognition, 
  • diagnosing diseases, 
  • providing information on preventive measures and disease control methods. 
  • Users can make edits to the application themselves. 

5. FlowerChecker

The application is focused on the identification of plants, flowers, but it is also able to recognize mosses, lichens, fungi. What distinguishes FlowerChecker from other applications is that it has no artificial intelligence. The identification process is built on human resources: you upload an image of a plant unknown to you, and other users will share with you detailed information about the plant in the photo. In the app, you will find the following features: 

  • recognition of plants, flowers, mosses and lichens,
  • identification of plant diseases,
  • tips for the care and treatment of flowers, 
  • the possibility to join a community of gardeners. 

To summarize, there are many programs on the app market that help to identify not only indoor plants, but also garden plants. Such applications differ from each other primarily in functionality. In some you can find instructions for the care and treatment of plant diseases, in others you can communicate with other gardeners and share the secrets of effective plant cultivation. In any case, in order to find the most suitable app for you, you should try several options and then decide which app is ideal for you.