Is Puma A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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The shoes you wear must be comfortable to cushion your feet and guide your ankle during movement, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. If you constantly experience sore feet, painful ankles or hurting hips after walking, it might be that you aren’t wearing comfortable shoes. Whether you wear running, regular or official shoes, the fit should be perfect and keep your feet comfortable no matter the length of time or physical activity.

How Reliable Are their Products in Terms of Quality?

If you have gone shopping for sports gear before, you’ve probably come across Puma products in stores or online. This article examines Puma and offers reasons why we believe it is a good brand.

Utilization Of Sustainable Material 

Puma products are made from durable and sustainable materials and of high quality. Most of their cotton originates from sustainable sources, including polyester in apparel and leather in shoe products. Their long-term plan is to ensure that 100% of their leather, cotton, cardboard, paper and polyester comes from sustainable sources.

Most of the company’s leather is sourced from a tannery awarded by the Leather Working Group. The LWG is a body tasked with improving operations in the leather manufacturing industry. It achieves this by aligning environmental priorities, highlighting best practices and providing guidelines for more effective and sustainable development.

Currently, Puma partners with the Better Cotton Initiative to help improve cotton farming. The company plans to source all its cotton from sustainable sources in the coming days. Thanks to the millions of farmers working in different parts globally, it is possible to produce a consistent cotton supply. Farmers partnering with Puma produce Better Cotton and are working towards minimizing the harmful effects of environmental pollution. Together, they are adapting healthy practices that conserve natural habitats by using water efficiently and preserving fiber quality.

Puma’s polyester is certified by Bluesign, which eliminates toxic substances right from the onset of the manufacturing process. The company has set parameters that prevent using unsustainable materials in its products. Furthermore, the company commits to utilizing recycled polyester, a practice that is currently ongoing. By doing so, they are avoiding waste while minimizing greenhouse emissions.

The company uses 100% RDS approved down. For any products manufactured using down feathers. RDS is a body that regulates the source of feathers and their use.  

Environmental Conservation 

Puma spends much of its revenue to ensure they align with environment-friendly and sustainable processes. The company intends to minimize its emissions and is investing towards achieving that goal. Additionally, they have teamed up with United Nations Climate Secretariat to design the Fashion Industry Charter on Climate Action. This charter commits to eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The company’s efforts to use sustainable materials have earned it a top spot as one of the most sustainable brands in environmental conservation. In addition to minimizing carbon emissions, the company relies on 100% renewable electricity, and its fleet has electric engines.

Packaging Options 

 Over recent years, Puma has used recycled cardboard and paper in its packaging. All paper bags and tags used in all their outlets are FSC-approved. FSC is a body that helps appropriately manage forests where they manage and preserve the natural habitats.

Wide-Range Products 

Most people associate Puma with shoes, not knowing that the company has diversified into several other categories, such as apparel and sports accessories. Apart from sports shoes, they also have a sandals line for both men and women. Their unisex flip flops offer a firm grip thanks to the design and choice of material. The shoe comes with shock-absorbing insoles that protect you from tripping, making them an ideal option for summer. Their shoes are affordable and competitively priced.

Currently, the company has a clothing line for sportswear that includes tracksuits, gym wear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and caps for both men and women. You can also shop for casual or maternity wear and get hoodies, pants, socks, dresses or skirts.

Children haven’t been left behind, as there’s an expansive kid’s line of stylish apparel and footwear, including sports shoes and sneakers for engaging in sporting activities. The children’s clothing line ranges from newborn babies to pre-teens, so no matter your child’s age, they can get products.

Apart from shoes and clothing, Puma has a wide-range accessory selection, including sports equipment like balls, skipping ropes, bats, hockey sticks, etc. Customers also get a chance to shop for socks, bags or watches.

Puma’s Origin

The company was started in Germany in 1948 by two brothers, Rudolph and Adolph Dassle, who registered it as Dassler Shoe Factory. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two siblings deteriorated, and they opted to go their separate ways. The split led to two separate entities, Ruda and Addidas. Later, Ruda’s name changed to Puma.

Over the years, Puma has become highly successful, becoming a top sportswear brand competing with Adidas and Nike. Apart from innovation, the company collaborates with other brands to create new and innovative product lines that are special and unique to meet customer preferences. Their partnerships aim at providing customers with a wide range of apparel, shoes and accessories. Their collaboration with Palomo aims to meet rising needs and customer demand.


1. What Are Puma’s Payment Options? 

Puma has updated their payment options to accommodate customer payment needs and preferences. The company accepts all major credit cards. There’s also the option of using Apple Pay for customers who’d rather not dish out their credit cards or assist those who forget to carry their credit cards. Other payment options include PayPal, which is secure and prevents prying eyes from seeing credit card numbers or bank account information.

Another alternative is Afterpay, which allows customers to pay in installments after making a purchase. The beauty about it is that payments are interest-free and made every fortnight until you complete paying for the remainder of your purchase.

Apart from the wide-range payment alternatives, Puma offers frontline healthcare employees such as doctors, nurses and medical staff a 20% discount. In comparison, teachers and other service member providers are eligible for a 10% discount. To qualify, customers must verify their credentials through Puma’s official website to claim their discounted offers.

Due to its stylish urban look and pocket-friendly pricing, many customers prefer Puma to Adidas or Nike. Customers get the same comfort, quality, and service for less breaking the myth that quality shoes need to be expensive.  

2. How Are Puma’s Products Compared To Other Similar Brands? 

Top Notch Quality 

Apart from shoes, Puma has designed six-pack runner socks for women that guarantee comfort and protect the feet. The socks are made from stretch croslite fabric and moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry even when engaging in rigorous physical activity. The socks prevent feet from sweating, and even though they are well-fitting, they allow for adequate airflow. Most women shy away from socks due to the overwhelming feeling of extra weight on their feet. Not with Puma socks that are so lightweight that customers barely notice them on your feet.

Puma’s wide range of sneakers is made of high-quality material making them durable and comfortable. The design allows feet enough space to breathe, whereas the padded midsole offers maximum support while walking. The wide range of designs and sizes cater for different customer preferences and can be worn on multiple occasions.

The stylish sneaker designs are unisex and everyday shoe that provides stability. Since they are ideal for men and women, sharing pairs with your spouse or sibling is possible if the size matches. With a quality interior lining made of soft textile material and lace closures, it is possible to make adjustments for maximum comfort. Whether you want to go for a run or prefer appearing in a more casual look for the weekend, at Puma, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The padding inside doesn’t affect the weight making them ideal for weekend getaways, parties, social gatherings and training. Puma’s sneaker range offers quality and value for money as the prices are relatively low.

The company also offers modern and durable gym bag varieties. For instance, the Duffel bag is an excellent brand that separates different items from its inner pockets with waterproof coating and easy access. The design offers enough room to store your sneakers and gym clothes. It also comes with a padded removable strap that you can quickly and conveniently adjust to your liking.


From our review, we’ve discovered that Puma is an excellent brand. While Nike is considered a leading brand in the market with its broader range of collections, Puma has grown exponentially and offers an equally fantastic and vast selection of quality shoes and clothing. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get good products. With its multiple stores spread in different parts of the world, the company has become a popular brand that customers depend on and appreciate. 

In case you’ve been wondering, Puma is a good brand and worth the investment. You can never go wrong with its quality, style, and discount options. The company’s unique selling point is its affordability, breaking the myth that luxury must always be costly. No matter the occasion, you can find the perfect products, whether shoes, sports, or casual wear, as this brand guarantees comfort and style.