Is Makita A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Be it any construction site, woodworking shop, a plumbers toolbox, or a homeowners tool kit; you’re likely going to find Makita tools somewhere in there.

Among many great options, the power tool manufacturer Makita is the most popular brand.

But what makes Makita tools superior? To know the answer, follow along about this company and its products.

Makita is a Japanese brand with more than a hundred-year history of making high-quality power tools. It offers a multitude of products, including impact wrenches, drills, saws, and much more.

Makita tools are best suited for serious amateurs and even professionals.

Makita power tools are the ultimate lifesaver when you need to accomplish tool-based tasks faster and more efficiently.

What Kind Of Brand Is Makita?

Makita is a Japanese manufacturer of power tools and related products. Makita started trading its business by repairing and selling motors, transformers, and lighting equipment.

Currently, as a global brand, Makita operates in nearly 50 countries with sales in over 170 countries. Makita brand is well known and regarded for producing high-quality products across the globe.

Makita manufactures tools across a wide range of industries. They cater their product to multiple divisions, such as construction, building, cleaning, landscaping, and gardening (OPE).

Makita is a great option if you’re looking for a quality, durable, reliable power tool.

Makita has a reputation for being a prominent player in quality compared to other brands in the same category. With a higher price tag, Makita products give professional-looking results.

Makita tools are great for home uses, construction, DIY jobs, crafts, and many more. 

Makita products are marketed toward professionals, artisans, laborers, and anyone who needs high-quality and reliable tools for heavy-duty, prolonged, and everyday use.

The vast majority of consumers find these tools worth using when it comes to Makita power tools and accessories.

Brief History Of Makita

  • Makita was founded in the year 1915 in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan by Mosabura Makita. Initially, it started as Makita Electric Company, which specialized in manufacturing lighting, motors, and transformers. 
  • In 1958, Makita became the first company to introduce its first power tool, a handheld electric planer.  Also, in the same year, they introduced a portable groove cutter that was a hit product of the time.
  • Later in the 1960s, they came out with their circular saw and drill, which the users appreciated.
  • The year 1978 was the year of Makita’s innovation: they introduced a cordless drill that was more powerful, longer-lasting, more powerful, and easier to charge than competing products. 
  • By the 1980s, Makita expanded its operation by introducing new tools to its lineup, which include grinder drills, circular saws, and so much more. Fifteen products made up their line of 7.2 V tools, and all of these used the same battery and charger. 
  • The 1990s would see the introduction of the 9.6 V line, which included ten tools. Later, it opened branches in New Zealand, Mexico, Poland, and China.
  • In 2004, Makita served the defense and aerospace industries by bringing brushless motor fastening tools. 
  • Today, Makita has the most extensive line of 18 V tools, and in 2021 Makita’s revenue was 5.718 billion, up just over 26% from a year prior.

Types Of Products Makita Made

Makita’s product catalog includes hand tools, power tools, landscaping equipment, construction tools, automotive tools, storage solutions, and accessories.

Makita tools are getting popular and used in many countries, such as the USA, but their origin is in Nagoya, Japan.

In its early years, the company was into selling and repairing electric motors, transformers, and light equipment. Gradually, after continuous success, the company decided to venture into manufacturing. This is what accelerated their overall growth as a business.

It was until 1935 that they first exported their first generators and electric motors to the Soviet Union.

Since then, the company decided to venture into different businesses, making some of the best power tools we enjoy using now.

Over the years, the company has continued to improve its product catalog and expand to different regions worldwide.

Makita tools are very tough, durable, and long-lasting. It uses very high-quality raw materials and functions with high professional standards.

Their electrical components, motors, and other such mechanical components can withstand high amounts of heat, friction, and general wear. 

A good amount of people have recommended this brand and agreed that Makita tools tend to be fairly comfortable, functional, and feature friendly too.

Is Makita A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

Every tool manufacturer has its area of expertise. Some brands offer affordable tools, while others compete in functionality. However, it is tricky to choose which tool brand to choose. 

Makita is one of the best-known and best-selling brands committed to using high-quality materials for reliable and efficient tool performance. 

Recently, the company has introduced a two-battery system that allows the tools to get powered automatically without needing special batteries.

Before grabbing the tool for your around-the-house work, read what makes Makita a good brand.

1. It Offers A Diverse Product Portfolio. 

In order to compete effectively, Makita provides its customers with a diverse product lineup. Makita has an impressive product portfolio, each with accurate precision and functionality.

Their wide selection of products also makes Makita a preferred tool manufacturer.

Whether the project is woodworking, metalworking, dust extraction, or concrete work, Makita offers a wide range of products ready to use anytime, anywhere.

Being an innovator in the industry, it offers the best high-in-class products with ten manufacturing plants operating in 8 countries.

All products deliver power, speed, and run-time to handle any project. If you are a tool enthusiast and love an impressive tool collection, check out Makita.

2.  Tools Are Backed By Strong Research And Development.

Makita products are known for their unparalleled durability and quality performance. Using the company’s strong R&D capabilities, each tool is designed with care and precision to ensure the work is done professionally. This is why the brand has earned the trust of professional users worldwide. 

The company takes its time to design and test the tools to ensure the final product is the best. Each time you buy a Makita product, you are sure about its overall durability.

Makita delivers the power, performance, and durability that professional users demand with more compact products with less vibration and more efficiency.

3.  Each Product Performs Incredibly Well.

Makita tools are well-known for high performance. Each product makes them worth investing in.

When it comes to choosing a professional brand that is worth your money, Makita finds it to be an appealing option. Makita goes above and beyond to ensure its tools perform in line with or better than competing products.

Their wide range of portable electric power tools is built with performance in mind, which is the reason so many people trust their products.

4. It Offers An Impressive Build Quality. 

Along with being able to perform well, Makita products are built to last.

This means you don’t have to worry about your drill breaking down after just a few rotations, nor will you have to worry about your saw overheating and burning out.

Makita tools are great because they are easy to operate, powerful, and versatile. Makita is one of the top brands in regard to building quality. The next time you look for a model that delivers quality construction, you should consider a Makita product.

5. Products Are Made Using Innovative Technology

As a leading power tool brand, Makita carries a well-rounded series of innovative products. Each tool is designed with modern technology that promises fast, reliable, and efficient output. Following are some of the features present in Makita tools

  • LITHIUM-ION BATTERY PACK- the 18V lithium-ion battery pack has the highest voltage with a battery to get powered in 30 mins or less.
  •  X.P.T Technology- Extreme Power Technology promises great protection against dust and water. With its air vent with a double filter and a sealed switch, you are at relief from getting your power tools damaged.
  • Built-in LED Lights- Some of the models of Makita have this feature that enables you to work easily with small components. Their LED light illuminates the poorly lit areas.


Whether you’re looking for battery-powered tools like a cordless drill, or corded tools like some of their circular saws, Makita is a great brand to pick.

For more than a century, this Japanese power tool manufacturer has been a leader in the space.

The company has invested a lot in making the best tools so that you can enjoy their performance.

As much as their tools might be slightly more expensive than competitors, their performance makes you forget about paying a lot more for them.

All in one, if you are looking for a robust and reliable power tool brand, go with Makita.


1. What is Makita best known for?

Makita has a reputation for being a major brand in the power tool industry. Makita has a deep drill arsenal with great options in 18V/20V Max and 12V classes.

2. Are Makita tools expensive?

Compared to other tool brands in the market, Makita is reasonably expensive. It promises great quality with high-grade materials and components in its products, giving quality results and excellent performance.