Is Metabo A Good Brand? Everything You Need To Know

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Metabo tools are noted for their durability, dependability, and versatility, making them a good choice for the homeowner who performs a lot of work around the house.

The most vital equipment in a handyman’s inventory is his power tools. For more than 120 years, Metabo has been at the front, producing tough power tools that accelerate and simplify do-it-yourself projects. When it comes to professional-grade power tools, Metabo is a prominent brand that offers exceptional quality. They are favored by professionals, offer a good assortment of products, and have top ratings for their warranties. Additionally, a pioneer in battery technology, Metabo is interchangeable.

Power tool shopping can be pricey, so you’ll want to have the knowledge to choose wisely based on your requirements. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Metabo, whether it is worthwhile to invest in it, and who manufactures Metabo tools.

Who Manufactures Metabo Tools?

In the 1920s, Metabo tools were manufactured in Germany. These tools are well-known for their durability, dependability, and design with tradesmen and experts in mind. Metabo goods are currently owned by Kiko Holdings Co., Ltd.

Metabo was purchased by Hitachi in 2015. KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, a worldwide investment firm) purchased out Kiko Holdings Co., Ltd, which was previously part of the Hitachi group, a few years later. The Hitachi tool line, along with Metabo, has been separated from Hitachi but remains under the control of Kiko Holdings Co., Ltd.

Advantages Of Metabo Tools

  • It Is At The Forefront Of Battery Technology: Metabo works to establish a cordless construction site by developing batteries that can hold a charge for extended periods and produce the same amount of power as a corded power tool. Their LiHD battery pack, for example, has 1,400 watts and an 8.0 amp-hour capacity.
  • Excellent Warranty: The warranties provided for power equipment and batteries are excellent, with little to no bother in processing claims. For example, their XXL warranty gives a three-year warranty if registered within the first month of purchase.
  • Different Product Alternatives For Various Requirements: Metabo provides typical home equipment such as impact drivers, drills, staplers, saws, and so on. It should be noted, however, that they are primarily aimed at dedicated building specialists.
  • Safety Features: Metabo machines include a variety of features to keep you safe on the job, such as brake technology, dust prevention, and restart protection.
  • Increased Flexibility: Within their volt class, the batteries can be interchanged. Every Metabo battery can be charged using any Metabo charger.
  • High Quality And Durability: Professional tradesmen can speak to the durability and strength of Metabo tools in their daily work. Metabo has shown to be a dependable and long-lasting brand.

The Disadvantages of Metabo Tools

  • It Can Be Expensive: The pricing can vary depending on the goods you require (though still comparable to other top-quality brands).
  • A Slightly Reduced Selection: Metabo may have fewer product options than other brands on the market, depending on your requirements. However, the product portfolio has expanded significantly since the company was acquired by Hitachi and later renamed Kiko Holding Company.

Popular Metabo Products

Below we examine the top-rated products of the Metabo brand:

1. Metabo Miter Saws

For anyone working on DIY or hobby projects that need cutting angles in a number of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and pretty much any other material you can think of, miter saws are an essential tool.

A motor powers the Metabo HPT 10-Inch Compound Miter, providing rock-steady performance across all applications. With a massive 15 (32,70 cm) inch rip capability and a bevel capacity of 52 degrees, this miter saw has a precise, clean cut regardless of whether the task calls for cutting sheet goods to the proper layout or crown molding.

The small Metabo HPT 10-inch Miter Saw provides strong cutting performance. This expert tool is ideal for the job site, the workshop, or the building site because it is extremely rapid, accurate, and easy to use.

2. Metabo Circular Saws

The Metabo HPT 7-1/4′′ Circular Saw, with its 7-1/4′′ blade, is capable of handling about any home improvement task you can throw at it. Cutting 2x4s, tearing plywood, and ripping floorboards are simple tasks for this saw.

The integrated dust blower helps keep your project clean. The table and floor are underneath, and the 15-amp motor can handle thousands of cuts on just one charge. Additionally, you can quickly stow them away when you aren’t using them due to the sawhorses included in the Metabo kit.

A high power-to-weight ratio, zero response, and the ability to cut through even the hardest of materials are all features of the circular saw. It’s built to last and can cut a number of materials, including wood, plastics, and sheet metal.

3. Metabo Angle Grinders

The Metabo HPT Angle Grinder packs a lot of cutting power into a small package.  It can be used to grind, cut, and polish concrete, steel, stone, and wood.

The innovative side handle/trigger switch gives the operator power and control.  You don’t need to be concerned about your safety because the grinder’s overload protection will prevent overloading the motor.

Metabo’s Angle Grinder is a useful power tool for smoothing out rough edges and shaping materials. The grinder’s lightweight and ergonomic design makes it perfect for quickly removing material from metal, wood, or plastic.

It includes a small safety shield to keep your hands safe from flying sparks and an easily changeable safety disc to keep the grinding wheel from hitting your work surface. Its long-life motor reduces downtime, allowing you to focus on getting the work done quickly and efficiently, saving you money.

4. Metabo Brad Nailer Kit

The Metabo HPT Brad Nailer Kit is a pneumatic nail gun capable of holding up to 18 gauge nails.  It features a long stroke that enables nailing medium and hardwoods easier without splitting the wood.

Because of the longer stroke, you won’t have to reset the nail as frequently, which is a common problem with some nail guns. It incorporates a tool-free depth of drive adjustment to ensure that it continues to drive nails at the same depth. These air nail guns are composed of high-quality materials that will last for years.

5. Metabo Framing Nailer

The Metabo HPT framing Nailer allows you to work more efficiently while exerting less effort. This tool has metal parts and a magnesium guide rail for strength and longevity.

It is designed to set a wide range of nails with pinpoint accuracy and maximum efficiency, occupying a unique niche between a straight-framing Nailer and a curved finish Nailer.

6. Metabo Palm Nailers

The Metabo HPT Palm Nailer is a palm-sized pneumatic nail gun that is simple to operate and handle.  It can drive nails from 2-1/2′′ to 3-1/2′′ long into the wood at 3,000 psi.

The HPT Palm Nailer features a 360-degree swiveling fitting for simple nailing in confined locations.  The cushion grip handle, which relieves fatigue when working for long periods, is one of its best characteristics. The HPT Palm Nailer is used in framing, carpentry, siding, roofing, fencing, and fence construction.

The Metabo HPT palm Nailer takes up little space in your tool bag or limited space while providing you with a pneumatic Nailer that is very lightweight for the job at hand.

This palm Nailer includes a 360° swivel fitting to accept a nail driver from any angle. The head swivels and pivots for precision nailing in confined locations. A pneumatic nail gun called the Metabo HPT Palm Nailer is small, light, and simple to use.

7. Is It Worthwhile To Invest In Metabo Tools?

Metabo tools are worthwhile. The top-of-the-range brand has long been acknowledged as having the highest quality and dependability by professionals and homeowners. DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, and Hilti tools can be compared in terms of quality and cost with the Metabo and Metabo HPT product lines.

Metabo’s newest batteries offer a long life of up to 87% and a better performance of up to 67%. These advancements can boost productivity for professionals and homeowners by allowing them to use the batteries for a long.


1. Are Metabo And Metabo HPT Similar Products?

Metabo and Metabo HPT are separate product lines. Metabo tools are utilized by metalworking and industrial specialists. Meanwhile, Metabo HPT (Hitachi Power Tools) caters to the needs of individuals involved in residential and multifamily development.

Metabo HPT replaced Hitachi power tools after Kiko Holdings Company split from Hitachi. Metabo and Metabo HPT have their headquarters in Japan. However, most Metabo products are still manufactured in Germany, while some Metabo HPT items are manufactured in China.

2. Who Uses Metabo Products?

Tradespeople and experts in several industries, including construction, metalworking, automotive, and woodworking, use Metabo products.


Despite having two different owners since 2015, Metabo’s tool line and quality have not diminished. You can still see this brand being used by professionals to do their jobs, and it still puts in just as much effort as the person using it.

Metabo tools are well worth the money if you want long-lasting tools. When compared to other leading brands, the warranty remains one of the finest. This company’s items are the best of their kind, and the others are equivalent to the top competitor brands.