How to Modify Your Golf Cart: 9 Great Changes to Make — and Why You Might Want to

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Whether you primarily use your golf cart for cruising around golf greens or getting around town, there are a number of modifications you can make to improve your experience. So, let’s explore nine great changes you could make and look at the reasons why you might want to.

1.   Upgrade the Tires to Traverse Challenging Terrains

Your first modification might be exchanging your golf cart tires for a set of off-road tires. More aggressive treads on off-road tires allow you to traverse more challenging terrains, such as rocky paths or muddy grounds.

Therefore, they would be fantastic if your golf games often take you off the beaten track or if you want to explore local rough terrains outside of golfing hours.

2.   Enhance the Seating Capacity if You Want to Travel with Friends

You may also want to increase the seating capacity in your golf cart. It can be achieved by extending the rear of your cart and adding an extra bench. This would suit you especially well if you often have family or friends joining you on your journeys, as the modification ensures everyone has a comfortable seat.

3.   Increase the Speed to Get Around Faster

If you want to get around faster in your golf cart, consider boosting the speed by upgrading to a larger motor and higher voltage battery power system. You can increase top speeds from about 10-15 mph (which is the standard speed of carts) to up to around 25 mph.

This option is worth considering if you use your golf cart outside of just golfing and enjoy feeling a breeze on your face.

4.   Lift Your Golf Cart for Greater Ground Clearance

For added style and off-roading capabilities, consider lifting up your golf cart with specially designed golf cart lift kits. They are available in various sizes and the extra clearance will enable you to navigate terrain hurdles with ease. This mod is ideal if you like traversing rough terrains in your golf cart.

5.   Install New Lights to Improve Visibility

Adding brighter LED lights or additional headlights can greatly improve visibility in lower light conditions. So, the next time you play golf till dusk, you will not struggle with visibility while returning back to your car or home.

This modification is ideal for golfers who enjoy playing late into the evening or traveling around local places after dusk. Just make sure you buy high-quality golf cart lighting, just like you would buy the best golf clubs and balls.

6.   Add Extra Storage for Your Specific Needs

The addition of extra storage compartments lets you carry more items in your cart with ease. Whether you add storage to house an extra set of clubs or store snacks for mid-round munchies, additional storage will benefit anyone who is looking to fully enjoy their day on the course without worrying about space.

7.   Improve Your Sound System to Enhance Your Ride’s Enjoyment

Consider installing a high-quality sound system, with water-resistant speakers and amped-up volume controls. Enjoying your favorite tunes while cruising along can surely amp up your golf cart experience. This modification would be great for music enthusiasts who want to add a little extra enjoyment to their rides.

8.   Customize the Bodywork for a Personal Touch

Get creative by customizing your golf cart’s bodywork, such as adding custom paint jobs or wraps. You can then show off your unique style during every ride. This modification is perfect for those who want their golf cart to reflect their personality and taste.

9.   Install Windshields for Added Protection Against the Elements

Lastly, if you frequently drive your golf cart in windy or rainy conditions, having a windshield installed can keep you dry, comfortable, and clean. So, do not overlook this practical modification.

A high-quality windshield will act as a barrier against harsh weather elements, ensuring you reach each hole dry and free from dust or debris. If you are a keen golfer who ventures out regardless of weather conditions, a windshield modification can be incredibly beneficial.

Final Thoughts

Modifying your golf cart can improve its functionality and versatility. You can also personalize it according to your individual aesthetic tastes and preferences. So, a well-modified golf cart can make your golfing experience more enjoyable, convenient, and fun!